How Much Freezer Space For 1 2 Beef?

Idealistically, you will have a walk-in freezer to hold entire cows, but if you’re working out of your home kitchen, that might not be practical for you if you want to store a lot of beef in your freezer. However, nothing prevents you from packing your freezer with beef steaks; the only query is how big of a freezer you require.

You will need a freezer that is between 3 and 5 cubic feet, 5 to 7 cubic feet, 8 to 10 cubic feet, or 18 to 20 cubic feet, depending on whether you want to store an eighth, a quarter, a half, or an entire cow.

I invite you to read on for more information on freezer capacities and how much beef they can hold. I’ll go over the best practices for long-term meat storage in the sections that follow, as well as the best freezer sizes based on how much meat you want to store.

for upright and chest freezers

I’ve provided measurements for both upright and chest freezers, depending on available space and personal preference.

  • Small (5–9 cubic feet), upright dimensions of 21–25′′ x 55–60′′ x 22–26′′, and chest dimensions of 29–38′′ x 32–34′′ x 22–27′′
  • Medium (10–16 cubic feet), upright dimensions of 23–30′′ x 60–73′′ x 27–30′′, and chest dimensions of 54–65′′ x 33–36′′ x 24-28′′
  • Large (17 cubic feet), upright dimensions of 27-33″ x 64-76″ x 29-30″ and chest dimensions of 72-84″ x 31-34″ x 27-32″

Look around at your local FB buy sell trade for discounted freezers if you don’t want to pay full price for your freezer. Four of our six freezers are second hand.

You can always paint your used freezer with appliance paint or, even better, chalk board paint and write a description of what is inside on the front if you can’t stand the golden color. See link below on how to paint your freezer.

Having learned from experience, I prefer to keep all of our beef separate from other foods. In the sea of beef, pies, ice cream, and frozen lasagnas can get lost.

In the absence of sufficient baskets to maintain order, we cut out card board dividers and arranged them perpendicularly to create “walls” to divide the product.

When your freezer is nearly empty, take advantage of the opportunity to defrost and clean it because some freezers accumulate ice throughout the year. Simply take out remaining items and place in cooler. Then unplug your freezer, and let it thaw. Continue blotting up excess water and giving it a thorough cleaning with fresh water and rags. Put your items back in the freezer, but if it’s empty, leave the door open until it’s time to restock it to prevent odors.

Freezer Storage: Half Side of Beef


How big of a freezer do I need for a side of beef?

According to a general rule, one cubic foot of freezer space is needed for every 35–40 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. When the meat is packaged in unusual shapes, leave a little more room.

How much meat will a 20 cu ft freezer hold?

If your cows hanging weight is 700 pounds, youll be taking home 60% of packaged meat weighing 420 pounds Approximately 20 cubic feet of freezer space is required for this much meat.

What size freezer for 400 lbs meat?

Typically 10 to 16 cubic feet in size, medium freezers can store up to 400 lbs. of food.

How many pounds of meat will fit in a 7 cubic foot freezer?

As a general rule, you should account for 35 lbs of meat per cubic foot of freezer space when determining whether something will fit there. A typical kitchen refrigerator/freezer combo is about 7 cubic feet, so if it were completely empty (unlikely), you could fit 245 lbs. in there.

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