How To Make Patties From Ground Beef?

Let’s face it, meat is expensive nowadays. especially if you are trying to eat healthier or are watching your weight It is possible but challenging to find lower-fat, healthier ground beef at the grocery store to make ground beef patties for burgers. You can make your own ground beef patty for burgers by using your preferred beef (Kobe, grass-fed, or commodity) and following the recipe instructions in the following guide, which is provided in great detail step by step:

Temperature Matters

It’s customary to thaw meat before cooking, but when making hamburgers, break that tradition.

Warm hands and a warm hamburger will cause the grill’s fat to melt too quickly, resulting in a dry burger.

Keep the ground beef chilled until you’re ready to season and shape it into patties, at which point you can either grill it right away or cover it with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.

How To Make Patties From Ground Beef?

Handle That Meat Mixture with Care!

Ground beef consists of both lean meat and fat. The intention is for the two pieces to adhere to one another when pressed.

Overworking the patties will result in a crumbly, dry hamburger. The key to tender burgers is to handle the beef as little as possible. Put the beef in a sizable bowl and gently stir in any seasonings. Don’t spend more than 30-45 seconds mixing.

Senior Editor Summer Miller suggests taking a tablespoon of the mixture, pressing it between your palms, and then turning your hand over to see if the beef is thoroughly mixed. If the meat holds together when pressed into patties, it has been thoroughly mixed. 0:33.

How Big?

Make the hamburger patties an inch thicker and an inch bigger than the bun because they will slightly shrink when cooked. An ideal starting point is a four-inch patty because most buns are around three inches.

When shaping burger patties for the first time, trace the desired-sized circles onto parchment paper to eliminate any guesswork.

How to Shape Burger Patties

Burger patties can be formed ingeniously thanks to senior editor Summer Miller’s invention:

How To Make Patties From Ground Beef?

Start with a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Place five-ounce heaps of beef on the parchment paper after moistening your hands to prevent the meat from sticking.

How To Make Patties From Ground Beef?

With one hand’s palm, gently press the center of each mound, and with the other, cup the beef and help it form a circle.

How To Make Patties From Ground Beef?

The finished product should have a lip of about half an inch around the edge and a depression, or dimple, in the middle of the patty.

That indentation guarantees the final product will be a perfectly flat hamburger because burgers puff up in the center when grilling (and shrink everywhere else)!

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How do you make ground beef stick together for patties?

Eggs are not required to bind homemade burgers; they are not necessary. Eggs are required in other ground beef recipes, such as those for these low-carb meatballs, to help bind the ingredients together because they also call for dry ingredients like bread crumbs and onions.

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