What Is Better Flat Or Point Corned Beef?

Make no mistake about it. The point cut is the best cut of corned beef. In order to ensure juiciness, tenderness, and flavor, this cut has more marbling. Additionally, it has more fat, which preserves the corned beef’s moisture.

When it’s time to make that St. If you’re making corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day, one of the first questions on your mind probably is: Should I buy a point or flat cut? I learned the answer during my time in culinary school. But this was after several failed tries.

I’ll discuss why I believe the point cut is the best for corned beef in this article. Additionally, I’ll explain the difference between the point cut and flat cut and how to prepare your favorite St. Patrick’s Day corned beef.

If you’re looking for a more tender and juicy meat, the best cut of corned is point cut. It has more marbling and fat which is the reason why it’s more flavorful, soft, and juicy than flat cut. Both cuts are tough cuts of meat though, so they require low heat and slow-cooking methods.

Point Cut Brisket

A point cut has a lot of extra fat running through it, which is why it is called a point cut; when you cook it, it turns out juicy and tender. This is a good option if you intend to shred the cooked meat afterward. This cut has much less fat, but it’s still enough to keep the meat moist.

Flat Cut Brisket

The rectangular shape reveals that it is a flat cut. A flat cut is significantly leaner than a point cut. To keep the meat moist, it still has a substantial layer of fat on the bottom. Given that it looks more appealing than a point cut, this is the cut you will most frequently find in supermarkets.

The flat cut is your best option if you want brisket that will slice up nicely.

Which Is Best?

It just depends on what you are going to do. Point cut is slightly more tender and better for shredding (flat cut will also shred). But for corned beef I recommend the flat cut.

In the Good Eats episode “Pickled Pink”, Alton Brown choose a flat cut to make his own corned beef. I believe as he does that the flat cut is the best cut for corned beef. I prefer the flat cut as the point cut is too fatty for my tastes. I tend to get heartburn from really fatty cuts of beef.

At the supermarket, flat cut is more typical. Its nicer looking. There are many stores that sell both flat cut and point cut, but if they only sell one cut, it will probably be flat cut. If both cuts weigh the same, the flat cut will yield more usable meat because it contains less fat.

Did you know that in addition to brisket, round can also be used to make corned beef? Although I believe it has a more beefy flavor, brisket produces tender corned beef, which is why I choose it. Check out our post Corned Beef Brisket vs. Round to learn more.

Whichever cut you select, the cooking time remains constant. There are several ways to cook corned beef. Most of these are slow-cooking methods.

Slow Cooker Cook on low heat for 8 hours
Stove Top Simmer for 3 hours
Instant Pot [See our recipe] Cook at high pressure for 1 hour 25 minutes
Sous Vide [See our recipe] 24 hours at 152 degrees

Quick Brine Corned Beef

If your type of brisket doesn’t already come pre-brined, you’ll need to cure or brine it to get the flavor you desire. This can be done quickly (overnight or in 24 hours) using a dry rub that uses some dry aging techniques and a meat tenderizer. See my article on How to Quickly Brine Corned Beef.

Although it’s not the same as purchasing already cured corned beef, it still results in a tasty product.

What Is Better Flat Or Point Corned Beef?

Where to Buy Prime Brisket

I’ve noticed that Costco frequently sells prime beef brisket. I highlighted it in one of my posts about Costco food finds.

If you really want to splurge on some high quality brisket, I recommend checking out Porter Road. Top of the line, dry aged, pasture raised meat. Let them be your local butcher that delivers to your door! They also have the uncommon Pork Brisket cut. Its the pig equivalent and can be cooked low and slow like beef brisket.

Curing Your Own Corned Beef

The following are some items you might want to consider purchasing if you plan to cure your own corned beef.

  • Pickling Spices: You can probably just make your own spice blend if you have a well-stocked pantry. However, if you don’t and are looking for a good blend, try this Boston Spice picking spice blend. You must get your spices for corned beef from the East Coast, right?
  • Pink Curing Salt: You can use a pink curing salt to give your corned beef the traditional pink color.
  • Using a blade meat tenderizer will help your meat tenderize and break down more quickly, especially if you need to perform a quick cure. This is not the hammer your grandma uses. You push down on the device’s tiny blades into the meat.

I have answers to more of your corned beef-related queries, but I won’t say they aren’t corny.

To make ideal slices for corned beef sandwiches, try the Instant Pot method. One of my preferred recipes to prepare with corned beef is this

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What Is Better Flat Or Point Corned Beef?

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The Difference Between Flat Cut And Point Cut Corned Beef


What is the best cut of corned beef to buy?

For corned beef, the flat cut is preferred, but whole brisket is also frequently used. Make sure you choose the flat corned beef if you want to prepare the dish that looks the best. You can use either hash or corned beef to make reuben sandwiches and get excellent results.

Which is better corned beef flat cut or tip cut?

The flat cut is leaner. Because corned beef is produced at the brisket point, it is less expensive and has more fat, which keeps the cooked brisket meat moist. 2. Due to the higher fat content, the point cut’s beefy flavor is more potent than the flat cut’s, but it also has less meat and is more difficult to cook.

Which is better flat or point corned beef brisket?

Compared to the flat cut, the point cut is larger, thicker, and marbled with more fat and connective tissue. Because there is more flavor from the additional fat but less meat, it is typically ground into hamburger meat or shred for sandwiches. Love Brisket?.

Is flat corned beef tender?

There are two different cuts of slow-cooked corned beef and cabbage brisket: point and the leaner flat. Your corned beef may be tender and sliceable (flat cut) or extremely tender and crumbling apart (point cut) depending on which you choose.

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