What Kind Of Ground Beef For Burgers?

With the arrival of summer, many home cooks are preparing to fire up their grills, and with the grilling season comes an abundance of hamburgers. The quality of your beef is one easy factor that can make all the difference if you want to make this year’s burgers the best ever. The final product will only be as good as its ingredients, whether you favor creative flavor combinations (like this quesadilla burger) or are a purist for a traditional cheeseburger.

Even though it may seem like a simple dish, making a juicy, flavorful burger can be difficult. If you don’t select the right breed of beef, your burgers may turn out to be too dry or bland. When purchasing ground beef to make your burgers, experts recommend keeping in mind two main rules. Prior to cooking, you must first select the best beef cut and ensure that it has the appropriate amount of fat. Second, it’s crucial to take into account when the beef was most recently ground.

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Where You Get Your Beef Matters

What Kind Of Ground Beef For Burgers?

Let’s Talk Fat ContentGo to any grocery store and you’ll see many forms of ground beef; anything from 70/30 all the way up to 93/ This is the ratio of lean meat to fat. A 70/30 blend is going to be 70% lean meat and 30% fat. That means 93/7 has almost no fat. Do not think for one minute you’re going to get a juicy, mouthwatering burger with a 93/7 blend. It’s too lean and with burgers, you need some fat. You just have to have it.Right about now, you’re probably thinking, “So what is the best blend?” I wish I had a simple answer for you but where is the fun in that? The piece of info I like to keep in mind before selecting a specific blend is two-fold:

  • What temperature are you going to cook the burgers at?
  • How are you cooking them?
  • If I’m going for a medium-rare burger I don’t need to have as much fat to keep them juicy. For this, I’ll probably go with an 80/20 blend. If I’m going for medium-well, get a 70/30 blend. Well-done burgers will dry out quickly so get a mix with a high percentage of fat, something along the lines of 60/40. That way there will still be some fat in the burger after it’s cooked so hopefully, it will still be juicy.

What Kind Of Ground Beef For Burgers?

Choosing a Cut of BeefYou want to start with

Which Kind of Ground Beef is Best for Burgers?


Which is better 80 20 or 90 10 ground beef?

If the recipe calls for only beef, choose 80/20 or 85/15 instead of 90/10. The majority of recipes call for 70/30 or 80/20 ground beef, which results in burger patties that are rich, juicy, and have a good crust on the outside. However, look for 85/15 if you prefer a burger that doesn’t require ten napkins.

What is the best ground beef for burgers lean or medium?

For a tasty burger, get ground beef thats labeled around 20% fat (which means 80% lean) or more Avoid using extra-lean ground beef because beef is what makes burgers what they are, as it will cook up tough and dry. In addition to fat content, freshly ground coffee is always great, especially if it is made to order or in-store.

Is ground beef round or chuck better for burgers?

Chuck is the traditional burger meat and is typically the most flavorful due to the fact that it contains the most fat. The leanest of the three is ground round, with sirloin falling somewhere in the middle. Although sirloin has a fantastic flavor, it is the most expensive.

Is 93 lean ground beef good for burgers?

93/7 lean ground beef is on the Good For You List and complies with USDA lean beef standards. 90/10 is a good substitute for 93/7 if your store doesn’t carry it. To ensure that you get all the healthy nutrients found in beef without consuming additional saturated fat, try to select the option with the lowest fat content.

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