Where To Buy A Side Of Beef Near Me?

Barrita and Jeff Shanks of Lima, New York, are pleased to sell beef that was raised entirely naturally on their own Seven Bridges Farm. Our beef is tender, juicy and full-flavored with less fat. Place your order online and make arrangements to pick it up at the market or the farm; it’s cleaner and more satisfying.

Barrita and Jeff Shanks of Lima, New York, take great pride in providing all-natural beef that was raised on their own Seven Bridges Farm.

On our Seven Bridges Farm, all-natural beef is raised without the use of growth hormones or regular antibiotics. Every head of cattle we feed can be traced back to the first day of life on our farm; it is fed only natural grains and forage that are free of pesticides and contain NO animal byproducts.

Purchasing all-natural beef means providing your family with the best. To provide our customers with the highest quality beef, this innovative strategy makes use of the best environmental and health practices. As soon as you taste our beef, you’ll recognize the difference. This is nature’s perfect combination of nutrition and taste.

Our beef is tender, juicy, full-flavored beef with less fat. It’s cleaner and more satisfying beef!.

PRICing (based on hanging weight)

The animal’s hanging weight is its weight before it is processed into steaks, hamburger, roasts, etc. This is going to be more than just what you take home with you. To create the various cuts of beef, the animal’s fat, bone, and other waste are removed during processing. Therefore, the meat will weigh less when it is packaged and boxed than when it was hanging. For instance, when you pick up your beef, a quarter weighing 200 pounds hanging will weigh about 120 pounds when you take it home. By ordering items that are typically discarded, like soup bones or dog bones, you can increase the amount of food you take home.

To fully customize your whole, half, or quarter, first fill out our form (see the tutorial video below). Once you’ve placed your order, visit our store to make the deposit.

Once the entire animal has been sold, we will deliver the animal to a USDA butcher.

The process of hanging, packaging, and freezing the animal takes about two weeks after the butcher receives it.

When your beef is ready and packaged, we will let you know when you can pick it up at the farm or choose to have it delivered.

Order Form Tutorial

Please visit www for more information. youngmanfarms. com/store to pay your deposit. Verify your junk mail folder if you don’t immediately receive a response from us.

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How much is one side of beef?

You will receive around 220 pounds of beef with a side of beef. 100 pounds of the beef are made up of ground beef, and the remaining weight is made up of steaks, roasts, ribs, brisket, and soup bones.

What is the average cost of a half side of beef?

Price of a Half a Cow At the time of writing (December 2022), a half a cow typically costs between $1700 and $2,400, including shipping.

How many pounds is a side of beef?

An average beef carcass weighs about 600 pounds. A side usually weighs slightly over 300 lbs. Here, we’re talking about the carcass’ hanging weight or gross weight.

What do you get when you buy a side of beef?

The meat from one side of a cow is exactly what it sounds like—a side of beef. The rancher or supplier you choose will have an impact on the specific beef cuts and weight you receive. The majority of suppliers of side of beef will cut the meat into different portions, including ground beef, roasts, and well-known steaks like ribeye and new york strip

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