What To Serve With Beef Tenderloin?

Has a meat eater ever declined an invitation to a dinner party where beef tenderloin was scheduled to be served in the world’s history?

The “tender” in tenderloin is no joke, either. When cooked well, (i. e. Don’t overcook it! ), because this lean piece of beef is incredibly tender and succulent.

The source of filet mignon steaks, beef tenderloin, isn’t the cheapest cut of meat, so you should show it as much love as you can.

Naturally, the side dishes you serve with beef tenderloin should also be lavish. And no, we’re not just talking about lobster tails!.

Whether you’re cooking beef Wellington for a family reunion or a romantic dinner for two, picking the right sides can make or break your meal.

First off, we advise not to shy away from classic pairings like a hearty, starchy baked potato or meaty stuffed mushrooms.

However, there is also no reason to overlook trying out less common sides, such as braised fennel or savory and sweet roasted pears.

It just gets better and better when you serve that gorgeous piece of beef with the ideal accompaniment.


My family has been serving beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner for many years.

Since filet mignon originated from this tender cut of beef, we all adore it, and we all have different opinions about the ideal side dish.

It makes a delicious holiday meal that’s always a treat.


You can find the entire article, the recipe for my beef tenderloin, and an unbeatable au jus/red wine sauce here.

  • whole beef tenderloin
  • coarse salt
  • black pepper
  • vegetable oil
  • fresh rosemary
  • a few tablespoons of butter
  • Reliable instant-read meat thermometer
  • If your skillet isn’t oven safe, use a large baking sheet instead.
  • Before cooking the beef on the counter for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, bring the beef to room temperature.
  • Invest in a good, realiable instand-read thermometer. Click HERE for the one I use.
  • Cut a whole tenderloin in half when you cook it. This will give you the most even cooking experience. You can even cook half and freeze the other half.
  • Season generously with coarse sea salt (not table salt).
  • When you bring the roast home, ask your butcher to trim and tie it so that it is prepared to cook. The silver skin, a very tough connective tissue, will also be removed.
  • To finish cooking, sear in a skillet that can be used in the oven. Transfer the meat to a baking sheet if you don’t have a skillet that can be used in the oven.
  • Any juices left in the skillet should be saved to make the red wine au jus.
  • Let the beef rest 15-20 minutes before slicing. This lets the juices reabsorb into the meat.

Below you’ll find my Beef Tenderloin recipe. You can find the complete recipe here, which also includes a straightforward red wine au jus that is excellent with roast beef.

Before cooking, allow the beef and the butter to come to room temperature on the counter for one to one and a half hours.

Preheat the oven to 425°.

The meat should be thoroughly dried with paper towels before being liberally seasoned with salt and pepper on all sides and the ends.

Warm the vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat before carefully adding the seasoned tenderloin to the skillet.

Sear the meat on all sides and ends.

Place whole rosemary sprigs on top of the roast and butter, then place the skillet in the oven.

NOTE: If your skillet is not oven-safe, put the meat on a baking sheet that has been lightly oiled. Don’t clean the skillet while making the red wine sauce!

Roast for 15-20 minutes, or until a thermometer inserted in the roast’s center reaches a temperature that is approximately 5° below the desired temperature (see temperature chart below).

After the beef has finished roasting, place it on a cutting board with a groove, cover it loosely with aluminum foil, and allow it to rest for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, slice the roast into thick slices that are between 1/3 and 1/2 inch thick, then place it on a large platter to serve.


  • RARE – 120-130°F
  • MEDIUM RARE – 130-135°F
  • MEDIUM – 135-145°F

NOTE #1: the internal temp of the beef will continue to rise about 5° after it’s removed from the oven for the final serving temperature.

NOTE#2: For best results, I don’t recommend cooking this cut of beef any more than ‘medium’.


The delectable side dishes listed below are the ideal complement to your beef roast.

Of course, the sides that you and your family enjoy the most are the best sides.

Sour Cream Horseradish Sauce

With only 2 ingredients, this recipe makes a delicious side dish. You control the spice level. It’s every bite creamy and delicious.

In a small bowl, combine 1/2 cup sour cream and 2-3 tablespoons of pure horseradish sauce (drain the liquid from the horseradish to prevent your sauce from being watery).

Refrigerate until you’re ready to serve it.

Creamy, rustic mashed potatoes with crumbled goat cheese (or blue cheese), brown butter, and fresh sage

This dish uses no-peeled potatoes and has a fantastic flavor combination that is rustic and earthy.

Sliced Yukon gold potatoes and sweet potatoes are combined in a tasty side dish with a creamy gruyere cheese sauce.

Bake until bubbly and golden.

My preferred method for fresh green beans that cook to perfection in just six minutes without blanching or draining

It’s less of a recipe and more of a method for preparing fresh green beans. Add a small amount of butter and salt after the beans are finished cooking.

This recipe is so delicious that even those who swore they didn’t like brussels sprouts love it.

The brussels sprouts are glazed with an irresistible maple syrup Dijon mustard glaze after being roasted to tenderness with crispy, caramelized exteriors.

Golden scallops that have been pan-seared to a restaurant standard are drenched in a fantastic lemon garlic butter sauce.

The entire dish is ready in under 10 minutes and makes a delicious surf and turf meal!

This recipe was developed on a chilly, rainy day when I had a supply of frozen salmon and the minimal amount of sweet corn, potatoes, and herbs required.

Make it in just 30 minutes and don’t look back. It would make a great starter or introduction to this beef tenderloin because it is packed with layers of creamy, comforting flavor.

This traditional potato salad is something I’ve been making for more than 40 years. My family and I never get tired of it!.

It can’t be beat: tender potato bites, hard-boiled eggs, crispy bacon, and real mayonnaise. Make it a day ahead (it helps all the flavors come together).

Readers call it “amazing!”

With beef, caramelized onions and mushrooms always go well together.

They go well with traditional beef tenderloin and a good Pinot Noir or other red wine.

This recipe is fantastic with grilled steak, so keep it handy for grilling season as well.

Baked in a muffin pan with two kinds of melted cheese and golden, crispy edges are buttery thinly sliced potatoes.

They are delicious as a side dish or with a dollop of sour cream!

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What To Serve With Beef Tenderloin?

What to Serve with Beef Tenderloin

  • Sour Cream Horseradish Sauce
  • Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes
  • Yukon Gold Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin
  • Fresh Green Beans
  • Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts
  • Garlic Butter Scallops
  • Fresh Salmon Chowder
  • Potato Salad
  • Caramelized Mushrooms and Onions
  • Muffin Tin Potato Stacks

BEEF TENDERLOIN ROAST | easy, foolproof recipe for Christmas dinner


What to serve with tenderloin steak?

WHAT TO SERVE WITH BEEF TENDERLOIN:Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes. Yukon Gold Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin. Green Beans. MAPLE Bacon Brussels Sprouts. Garlic Butter Scallops. Potato Salad. Caramelized Mushrooms and Onions. MUFFIN TIN POTATO STACKS:

What do you eat with beef filet?

Potatoes Roasted to perfection may be the most popular side dish to accompany beef tenderloin. You really can never go wrong with potato dish recipes. These crispy roasted potatoes from Erren’s Kitchen are especially great. They have a crispy exterior and a soft, tender interior.

What to do with the chain of a whole beef tenderloin?

For roasting, this is known as the “chain,” and it should be removed. Pull it away from the other meat by grabbing the end closest to the tapered side of the tenderloin. It should be very simple to remove, requiring only a small snip with the tip of your knife to do so.

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