A Turkey for Thanksgiving: Fun Activities and Resources for Kids

Savor some entertainment with these captivating exercises and materials derived from Eve Bunting’s endearing children’s book “A Turkey for Thanksgiving”!

Unveiling the Story: A Turkey for Thanksgiving

The endearing story “A Turkey for Thanksgiving” follows a young turkey named Jake as he makes his way through the Thanksgiving season. Jake is scared that he will end up the main course, but Mrs. Maggie assures him that he will be safe. Jake observes the preparations as Thanksgiving draws near and discovers the true significance of the occasion—thanksgiving and family unity.

Engaging Activities for Little Gobblers

1, Sequencing Shenanigans:

  • Cut and Paste: Print out pictures from the book or draw your own to create a sequencing activity. Have your child arrange the pictures in the correct order of events.
  • Storytelling Sequence: Let your child retell the story using simple sentences or pictures. Encourage them to focus on the key events and characters.

2. Creative Gobbledygook:

  • Turkey Disguise: Gather materials like feathers, construction paper, and googly eyes to create a disguise for Jake. This activity encourages creativity and imagination.
  • Thanksgiving Feast: Let your child create a miniature Thanksgiving feast using play food, construction paper, or even real ingredients. They can pretend to be Mrs. Maggie preparing the meal or Jake enjoying the festivities.

3. Literacy Gobble-fest:

  • Vocabulary Voyage: Introduce new vocabulary words like “grateful,” “feast,” and “tradition” using the book as a springboard. Create flashcards or play word games to reinforce these words.
  • Character Connections: Discuss the characters in the story and their motivations. Ask your child questions like “Why is Jake scared?” or “What does Mrs. Maggie teach Jake about Thanksgiving?”

4. Thanksgiving Gratitude Gobble:

  • Gratitude Jar: Create a gratitude jar where your family can write down things they are grateful for each day. This activity promotes a sense of thankfulness and appreciation.
  • Thankful Turkey Craft: Cut out a turkey shape from construction paper and have your child write or draw things they are thankful for on the feathers. Hang the turkey up as a reminder of all the good things in life.

Additional Resources for Gobble-tastic Fun:

  • Teachers Pay Teachers: Discover a treasure trove of “A Turkey for Thanksgiving” resources, including worksheets, lesson plans, and activities.
  • Pinterest Board: Explore the “A Turkey for Thanksgiving” Pinterest board for more creative ideas and inspiration.
  • Read Aloud Videos: Find read-aloud videos of “A Turkey for Thanksgiving” online to enjoy the story together as a family.

Grab hold of these materials and organize a joyful, educational, and appreciative Thanksgiving celebration!

How to Use it in Your Classroom

Before you read the story, help the students access their prior knowledge of Thanksgiving:

  • How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?
  • Do you have any special foods at Thanksgiving?
  • Do you have special guests come for Thanksgiving?

The story begins with Mrs. Moose getting reading for Thanksgiving dinner and wishing she had a ‘turkey for Thanksgiving. Mr. Moose is determined that she shall have her turkey and sets out to find one for her.


  • Why do you think Mrs. Moose wants a ‘turkey for Thanksgiving?.
  • Why do most people want a ‘turkey for Thanksgiving?

a turkey for thanksgiving activities

Each student should receive a copy of the Free Book Companion Flap book so they can illustrate or write about the stories:

a turkey for thanksgiving activities

Mr. Moose is joined by many friends in his search.


  • Does it look like Mr. Turkey wants to be found?
  • What hints in the image lead you to believe that?

(He is hiding and has posted signs to deter the hunters.)

There is a surprise ending when Mr. Moose brings home the turkey for Thanksgiving!

Your students will be quite relieved as Mr. Turkey is invited to join the family and friends AT the dinner table, not FOR dinner.

a turkey for thanksgiving activities

AFTER READING: Reflecting & Extending LearningUse the

I find that beginning with a story helps students learn better because it stimulates their imaginations, which in turn motivates them to learn in other academic areas!

The Turkey Fractions activity, which is a part of a larger unit on fractions, is one of my favorite falltime activities. Click the image below to view more of this creative way to incorporate math during this busy time of year.

These Turkey fractions also make a stunning fall bulletin board!

a turkey for thanksgiving activities

Are you looking for an engaging Fall Craftivity with educational value!

Here it is! Your students will love interacting with fractions with this hands-on turkey feather fraction craftifity!

I have also included 2 Anchor Posters to use as you review/teach fractions. If your time is limited, I have included a quick print & make option.

Task Cards: Do you know how many interesting things you can do with them? Isn’t it great how versatile they are?

  • Math Centers
  • Solve the Room / Math Movers
  • Scoot
  • Quiz Quiz Trade
  • Differentiate
  • Enrichment
  • Around the World
  • Use with Game Boards
  • Early finishers

a turkey for thanksgiving activities

Turkey Hand Ideas For Thanksgiving! ✋ | Arts and Crafts for Kids | Danny Go!


What is the theme of a turkey for Thanksgiving?

Moose {wanted} wanted a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner {so} so Mr. Moose said he would find one. He went in search of a turkey and with the help of his friends he {finally} finally found one and brought him home to dinner. theme – Things may not always be what you think.

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