Do Deer Follow Turkey? Unraveling the Mystery

One of the things I hear whitetail hunters talk about often is late-winter and spring scouting. Not shed hunting, but scouting. I dont know if my timing is off, or theirs, but I never see anyone spring scouting.

I think its sort of like the all-day rut sit. We all know the benefits, we all know we should, but most of us dont.

For many hunters, the season ends when it ends. It doesnt carry through prime antler time, and it certainly doesnt extend into green-up. Personally, by the time March ends, I’m ready to forget about deer for a few months. I cant, however, because part of my job involves figuring out how to kill mature bucks. I’ve made it my goal to try and do that, primarily on public land, so I find it impossible to imagine not going on spring scouting excursions. Advertisement.

This is why I almost always try to combine a spring turkey hunt with deer scouting whenever I go to an out-of-state location. Some bowhunters dont give turkeys much love, but Im not one of them. For me, it all started years ago on my first visit to northern Missouri when I was a high school student.

Hunting turkeys is practically a religion in that state, so we went on public land to take down some limb-hangers. Sometimes we did; oftentimes we didnt. It was legal, we found, to kill turkeys on public lands—even the old, cunning, long-bearded ones with hooks. And there were plenty of deer there as well.

We learned a lot from those early out-of-state trips, camping, and new ground hunting. I still think a lot of what we learned is relevant today, and I hunt deer ground with spring turkeys all the time. You can, too. Advertisement.

The methods used to take down public-land gobblers can also be used to take down bucks six or seven months later. Whitetails and turkeys make great hunting partners. First of all, if you think you’re going to arrow an easy bird straight past the parking lot, you’re probably going to be rudely awakened. You might, because turkeys can be pretty stupid, but you probably wont.

Hey there, fellow hunters! Ever wondered if deer follow turkeys? It’s a question that’s been pondered by hunters for ages and the answer, like most things in the wild isn’t a simple yes or no. But fear not, because I’m here to break it down for you, using my knowledge and some expert insights.

The Turkey-Deer Connection: A Tale of Two Senses

Turkeys and deer, both masters of their domain share a unique relationship in the wild. While they might not be BFFs, their movements can tell us a lot about what’s happening in the woods.

Turkeys: The Eyes in the Sky

These feathered friends boast incredible eyesight, making them excellent sentinels of the forest. When they’re on the move, it often means they’re feeling safe and secure. This can be a good sign for deer as well, indicating that the area is free of immediate danger.

Deer: The Noses on the Ground

On the other hand, deer rely heavily on their sense of smell. If they catch a whiff of something amiss, they’ll likely steer clear. On the other hand, they may feel more at ease if they observe turkeys flying around carelessly, indicating that all is well.

So, Do Deer Follow Turkeys?

The short answer is: sometimes. It all depends on the specific circumstances.

Factors to Consider:

  • Wind: If the wind is blowing in the right direction, deer might be able to smell turkeys before they see them. This could make them more cautious about following.
  • Terrain: The lay of the land can also play a role. If there’s thick cover, deer might be more likely to follow turkeys, as they’ll feel more protected.
  • Individuality: Like humans, deer have different personalities. Some might be more adventurous and willing to follow turkeys, while others might be more cautious and stay put.

The Bottom Line:

While there’s no guaranteed answer to whether deer follow turkeys, their movements can provide valuable clues about the overall situation in the woods. By observing both species, you can gain a better understanding of their behavior and make more informed hunting decisions.

Bonus Tip:

When you go deer hunting and you happen to spot turkeys, observe their behavior closely. If they appear at ease and unperturbed, there’s a good chance the deer is close by.


Every hunting trip is an adventure, and part of the fun is figuring out the puzzle of the woods. So, keep your eyes peeled, your nose to the ground, and your mind open to the possibilities. And who knows, you might just stumble upon the perfect spot to bag that trophy buck.

Happy hunting!

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do deer follow turkey

today’ deer follow Turkey’s….


Will a turkey call attract deer?

I began to yelp, cluck and purr softly, imitating the sounds of a turkey feeding peacefully. The next thing I knew, deer were practically coming out of the woodwork! The deer all appeared within 30 minutes after calling, with several does and a couple of young bucks arriving first.

Will turkey and deer feed together?

I came across these deer and wild turkeys feeding together along what was one of my favorite outdoor haunts in my teen years. As I took these photos I thought back to the very first time I came across deer and wild turkeys together. At the time I thought it merely happenstance and simply savored the moment.

Do turkey decoys attract deer?

“In fact, I am so convinced that the presence of the turkey decoys make deer even more relaxed around the deer decoy that I often set up the turkey decoys even if I am not looking for a turkey.”

What is the symbiotic relationship between deer and turkey?

Turkey and deer have a really cool, symbiotic relationship…. turkey have great eyesight and can see colors, deer have a wicked good sense of smell. When they are in close proximity to each other, it increases their odds of detecting danger quickly.

What is the relationship between Deer and turkeys?

By definition, symbiosis isn’t what we might label the relationship between deer and turkeys. Yet the wild turkey and the whitetail deer are two of North America’s most sought after creatures, with pursuit being from man and natural predators alike.

Do whitetail deer and wild turkey work together?

Yet the wild turkey and the whitetail deer are two of North America’s most sought after creatures, with pursuit being from man and natural predators alike. That being said, I find it not only interesting, but understandable as to why the high strung whitetail and the skittish wild turkey oftentimes work together.

Do food plots for deer benefit turkeys?

Food plots for deer certainly benefit turkeys, but you can greatly enhance your spring hunting by following a few of these specific steps. (John Hafner image) If you manage hunting property, whether it’s a 50-acre family farm or a multiple-member lease, wild turkeys likely figure into your plans – at least to an extent.

What is the difference between deer & turkey breeding season?

Spring Turkey Breeding Season These periods represent the holy grail for deer and turkey hunters, but although they share similarities, they also have stark differences. The annual reproductive rituals of deer and turkeys — the autumn rut and spring breeding season, respectively — receive more attention from hunters than any other periods.

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