Does Aldi Have Crab Meat? A Definitive Guide on Finding Crab at Aldi

A look at ALDI’s frozen Fremont Fish Market Crab Cakes: are they good or should you wait for the more expensive ones that are kept in the fridge?

Next on our list of ALDI special buys are oven-ready crab cakes from Fremont Fish Market! ALDI does sometimes have different kinds of frozen and refrigerated crab cakes, but I had never seen these multi-packs before. I bought a bag for lunch today because Middle School Guy loves crab cakes so much and it only cost $3. 99 for 5 seemed like a great price. Update — they’re up to $4. 99 as of their last 2023 appearance.

But keep in mind that even though the bag says one serving, I had two crab cakes for lunch and Middle School Guy easily ate three. You’d easily need two bags (plus a side) to feed a family of four.

For a short time, these multipacks of crab cakes can be found in the freezer section, but only while supplies last.

Crab is a delicious and versatile type of seafood that can be used in a variety of dishes. From crab cakes to crab legs and everything in between, crab meat adds incredible flavor and texture to any meal. With its sweet succulent taste and flaky texture it’s no wonder why crab is such a coveted ingredient. This has led many shoppers to wonder does Aldi have crab meat?

As one of the most popular budget-friendly grocery chains in the U.S., Aldi offers an extensive selection of quality foods at affordable prices. But does their product inventory include fresh crab or canned crab meat? This comprehensive guide will provide all the details on finding crab at Aldi.

An Overview of Seafood Options at Aldi

Aldi carries an impressive array of fresh and frozen seafood products Their seafood selection includes

  • Fresh salmon fillets
  • Fresh tilapia fillets
  • Frozen salmon burgers
  • Frozen cod fillets
  • Frozen shrimp and scallops
  • Canned tuna
  • Canned salmon
  • Smoked salmon portions
  • Fresh smoked trout

As you can see, Aldi offers a diverse range of fish and shellfish options. However, fresh crab and canned crab meat are noticeably absent from this list.

So does this mean that crab products are not sold at Aldi? Not necessarily. Keep reading to learn about certain seasonal items and location-specific factors that may determine crab availability at your local Aldi store.

Seasonal Products May Include Crab

One important thing to note is that Aldi frequently offers “Aldi Finds” – special weekly deals on seasonal, trending, and promotional items.

These Aldi Finds allow the store to provide a rotating selection of unique products for a limited time. The inventory turnover allows Aldi to offer new products while keeping their overall selection curated and prices low.

In the past, live cooked crab and canned crab meat have appeared as Aldi Finds during peak crab seasons. For example:

  • Around the holidays and New Year, baked crab cakes and crab-stuffed sole may show up as Aldi Finds.

  • During the summer months when crab is in peak season, live Dungeness crab and canned jumbo lump crab meat have been spotted.

So if you’re seeking crab,timing is key. Be sure to check the weekly Aldi Finds ads, especially around the holidays and summer crab season. Limited-time crab products may be in stock.

Geographic Location Impacts Crab Availability

Another key factor is geographic location. Certain regions will have greater access to fresh local crab than others.

For instance, Aldi stores located in areas like the Pacific Northwest, Maryland, and New England are more likely to carry fresh and canned crab from local fisheries when in season. Whereas Aldi locations in landlocked states may not.

If you live near major crab fishing hubs on the coasts, you’re in luck. Swing by your local Aldi during peak crab season and you may just score some premium fresh or canned crab.

But for many inland Aldi stores, crab is not a regular inventory item. However, you can always make a request. More on that next.

You Can Request Crab Products at Your Aldi

One great tip to keep in mind is that you can directly request specific products, like crab, at your Aldi store.

The store’s managers have some discretion when it comes to ordering inventory. Letting them know you’d like to see crab meat or other crab products in stock is a proactive step.

If enough customers ask for it, they may decide to carry canned or fresh crab on a regular basis or seasonally.

You can easily do this by:

  • Speaking to the manager at your Aldi location

  • Calling the store’s phone number and making your request

  • Completing an online product request form on the Aldi corporate website

This direct feedback from customers gives Aldi insight into the local product preferences and demands. If shoppers want crab, making the request is key to getting crab on the shelves.

So don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like easier access to fresh crab or canned crab meat from Aldi. The squeaky wheel gets the crab!

Third-Party Delivery Opens Up More Crab Possibilities

Another avenue to obtain crab products is ordering grocery delivery through a third-party service like Instacart.

You can order from Aldi through Instacart’s website or app. Since Instacart shops from multiple grocers, their shoppers can source products that may not be available at your local Aldi store.

For instance, a quick search shows fresh crab meat and canned jumbo lump crab meat available for delivery from Aldi via Instacart. Even if your Aldi doesn’t normally stock it.

Because Instacart pulls inventory from multiple stores, it expands the selection. So crab can end up in your Aldi order.

Third-party services open up more possibilities for getting coveted seasonal items or hard-to-find products from Aldi – like fresh crab.

Finding Crab Elsewhere: Alternatives to Aldi

Of course, Aldi isn’t the only place to purchase crab meat and other crab products. Even if seasonal items are limited.

If you’re really eager for crab, here are some other grocery stores that are known for their crab selection:

  • Costco: An afforable warehouse store that carries live crab and canned crab meat seasonally.

  • Publix: Grocery chain dominant in the Southeast U.S. Publix is famous for their fresh seafood counters stocked with local crab.

  • Wegmans: Northeast and mid-Atlantic supermarket chain with renowned seafood departments. They carry fresh crab meat and many crab-based prepared foods.

  • Whole Foods Market: National upscale supermarket with extensive fresh seafood selections, including fresh crab when in season.

  • Asian Markets: Local Asian supermarkets will frequently stock fresh and frozen crab year-round.

Don’t limit yourself if Aldi’s crab selection doesn’t satisfy your craving. With some flexibility and clever shopping, you can find delicious crab meat at other grocery purveyors.

Get Creative: Make Your Own Crab Creations

Another option is to embrace your inner chef and prepare your own crab creations at home.

Rather than seeking out pre-made crab cakes or crab dip, put your DIY skills to work.

When fresh or canned crab meat is available at Aldi or other stores, buy it and whip up homemade dishes:

  • Make crab cakes from scratch by mixing lump crab meat with bread crumbs, egg, and seasonings. Pan fry them to crisp, golden perfection.

  • Craft a stellar crab dip by blending crab meat with cream cheese, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and Old Bay seasoning. Serve with crackers or veggie dippers.

  • Stuff mushrooms with a crabmeat filling for an easy yet elegant appetizer.

  • Top a fresh garden salad with jumbo lump crab meat and dress it with an Old Bay vinaigrette.

With a basic crab recipe, you can prepare restaurant-worthy crab dishes at home even when the ingredients are limited. Getting creative in the kitchen can help you get your fill of crab regardless of what’s in stock at Aldi.

Crab Lovers, Rejoice – Aldi Has You Covered

While selections may be restricted based on season and location, Aldi does their best to satisfy even the most discerning crab lovers.

Keep an eye out for holiday crab specials and summer seafood sales when Aldi is most likely to carry products like canned crab meat and crab cakes.

Consider geographic factors if you live near major crab fishing regions. Stores in these areas are more likely to stock fresh local crab.

And don’t hesitate to make a request if you want easier access to crab. The store managers have the ability to order inventory to match customer demand.

Third-party delivery services like Instacart also open up more possibilities for hard-to-find items from Aldi – like crab.

While Aldi may not have an endless crab selection year-round, they do their best to provide quality seasonal crab when they can. But expanding your shopping horizons and exercising your DIY spirit both go a long way if you’re seeking crab.

So embrace your flexibility and creativity, keep an eye out for Aldi’s special crab deals, and you’re sure to end up with delicious crab on the table!

does aldi have crab meat

A Fremont Fish Market oven ready crab cakes review

Fremont Fish Market crab cakes can either be made in the oven or in a deep fryer. I put ours in the oven, which takes 24 to 30 minutes at 350 degrees. The deep fry instructions say to fry at 350 degrees for 4 1/2 to 5 minutes.

I think you could also use an air fryer to cook these, but the bag doesn’t say how to do that. Please comment if you give it a try, with the timing that worked for you.

These are nice, thick crab cakes that actually browned up fairly nicely in the oven. A little fresh lemon juice made their mild flavor pop, and these were a nice change of pace if you’re in the mood for a quick seafood meal that you can heat up and eat.

ALDI crab cakes are also made with sustainable seafood, and you can read more about this on their site. The bag notes that this is a wild caught product of the USA:

  • Crab FAO: 77, Gulf of California, catch method: Pots
  • Pollack FAO: 67, Pacific Northwest, catch method: Trawl

Unlike some other ALDI frozen seafood products, these do not appear to be processed in China.

At this price, no: ALDI Fremont Fish Market crab cakes are not made from 100% real crab. They have crab, fake crab, and fish flakes in them, and most of their flavor comes from fillers and additives rather than the crab itself. This makes the claim on the bag that they are “restaurant quality” a little questionable. (If you like your crab cakes with more real crab and less filler, keep an eye out for ALDI’s more expensive Specially Selected crab cakes to come back. ).

There were also some chewy bell pepper pieces inside these crab cakes, but the breading was nice and crunchy.

Does Aldi sell imitation crab

Does Aldi have good meat?

via It’s not too good to be true. Their meat is just as good as other grocery stores at a fraction of the price. There are so many reasons to love Aldi! If you’re a regular shopper, you’re no stranger to the amazing Wednesday meat deals. Pork chops for $2.99 a pound? Chuck steak for under $20?

Does Aldi sell lump crab meat?

I found lump crab meat at my Aldi for 11.99!!! An update after you use it would be great!! I’ve personally not found Aldi seafood worth the amount I save as I think it’s low quality far from grade A or even B. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Is Aldi beef good?

While it sells grass-fed organic meat, most ground beef is not labeled with a USDA grade, meaning it’s lower quality. It also has a tendency to be overground, making it a little mealy. Their steaks, however, are mostly Black Angus USDA Choice, and of good quality. Aldi’s ground beef is not great for burgers, but it will work for meatloaf.

Are Aldi meats are Grade USDA?

The fact is, Aldi’s meat is mixed when it comes to quality. While you may be lucky to get your hands on some grass-fed beef, most meats aren’t labeled with USDA grade. A crowd favorite, however, is USDA Choice Black Angus Beef from Aldi. [ 1]

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