Does Red Lobster Offer a Military Discount? A Complete Guide

We are working on validating Veterans Day discounts for 2024. Below is last year’s Veterans Day discount.

Many Red Lobster locations will likely give veterans, active military members, and reservists a free Walt’s favorite hand-breaded butterflied shrimp, fries, and coleslaw on November 11, 2023. If you’re hungry for seafood, this is the day to go. This is the discount they offered in 2022.

You should call ahead to make sure that the Red Lobster near you is one of the places that is taking part, and don’t forget to bring your military ID with you when you go.

Red Lobster is one of America’s most popular seafood restaurant chains, known for delicious dishes like lobster, shrimp, crab, and of course, their famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits. With its laidback atmosphere and affordable prices, Red Lobster is a great option for military service members and their families looking for a nice meal out.

But does Red Lobster offer any exclusive military discounts or deals? Let’s take a closer look at what military savings options are available

Overview of Red Lobster’s Military Discount Program

The good news is yes, Red Lobster proudly offers a military discount program as a token of appreciation for the sacrifices and service of military personnel and veterans.

The details of the discount vary a bit by location, but in general active duty, reservists, veterans, and family members can save 10-20% off their entire meal with valid military ID.

This military discount cannot be combined with other coupons or special offers. It is only valid for dine-in orders, not takeout or delivery. But it provides a nice way for military families to enjoy Red Lobster at a lower price point

When Is the Military Discount Offered?

Most Red Lobster restaurants provide the military discount seven days a week. But some locations reserve it for Military Mondays only.

Your best bet is to call your local Red Lobster ahead of visiting to confirm their specific military discount policies. Let them know you want to take advantage of the offer so they can explain any limitations.

Visiting on Military Monday is smart if you want to take advantage of the discount while avoiding any confusion. Plus you can take part in any additional Military Monday promotions or special menu items.

Who Qualifies for the Military Discount?

The following groups qualify for Red Lobster’s military discount upon showing valid military ID:

  • Active duty service members: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard

  • Reservists

  • Veterans

  • Retirees

  • Immediate family of active duty and veterans

Both restaurant servers and managers are trained to identify valid forms of military ID and apply discounts accordingly.

How Much is the Discount?

The amount of savings with Red Lobster’s military discount varies by location, but ranges from 10-20% off your total food and beverage order. Most restaurants offer 10% off.

Be sure to ask about the exact discount percentage when you call ahead to confirm military discount policies. This allows you to factor the savings into your budget.

While the discount may vary, any savings helps military families stretch their hard-earned dollars a bit further. 10% off a family dinner can add up to great value.

Valid Forms of Military ID

To receive the military discount at Red Lobster, be prepared to show a valid military ID upon ordering. This is required for the discount to be applied.

Valid forms of military ID include:

  • Uniformed services ID card

  • Uniformed services retired ID card

  • Current leave and earnings statement

  • Veterans ID card

  • Veterans designation on driver’s license

  • Veterans Health Identification Card

  • Veterans service organization card

  • DD214 discharge paperwork

Ensure your military ID is current and not expired. Bring a government issued photo ID as well for verification. And be ready to show your military ID card each time you dine to receive the discount.

Additional Ways Red Lobster Honors Military Service

In addition to the everyday military discount, Red Lobster offers other ways to give back to active duty personnel, veterans, and military families.

On Veterans Day, many locations provide free entrees or appetizers to veterans and active duty service members with military ID. Offers vary but can include free shrimp or desserts.

Red Lobster also partners with charities like Wounded Warrior Project® to donate meals during the holidays as a small token of appreciation for those who bravely serve our country.

Through their Seafood for Heroes program, Red Lobster has donated over 4 million pounds of seafood to first responders and military members.

Combining Discounts and Offers

It’s important to note that Red Lobster’s military discount cannot be combined with or stacked on top of other offers. These include:

  • Weekly specials and promotions

  • Coupon discounts

  • Dining club membership perks and points

  • Gift card payments

  • certificates

The military discount also does not apply to taxes or gratuity. But it does apply to the food and beverages in your pre-tax subtotal. You can add a gift card on top of the military discount to save even more.

Tipping Expectations with the Discount

When using the military discount, keep in mind that Red Lobster servers depend on tips as part of their compensation. Be sure to still tip based on the full pre-discount bill amount.

The discount is meant to save you money, not reduce the server’s tip. Tipping on the total bill is a nice way to share the savings.

Saving Extra with Coupons and Deals

While you can’t combine the military discount with regular Red Lobster coupons, you can still unlock additional savings through:

  • gift certificates – Add on top of your military discount for extra savings

  • Birthday freebie – Get a free dessert on your birthday

  • Eclub – Join the email club for exclusive offers

  • Ordering appetizers only – Take advantage of lower priced shareable apps and sides

  • Lunch specials – Visit at lunch to take advantage of lunch combo deals

  • Split entrees – Order one entree to share for a lower price

Every dollar counts for military families trying to stretch budgets. So be sure to ask your server for any additional deals that could stack extra savings on your discounted meal.

Saving on Takeout Orders

Keep in mind that Red Lobster’s military discount only applies to dine-in orders, not takeout or delivery. But you can still save money by:

  • Ordering takeout at lunch – Takeout offers overall lower menu prices

  • Splitting family meals for takeout – Turn individual entrees into group meals

  • Using takeout coupons and promotions – Take advantage of any offered discounts

  • Picking up your order – Skip delivery fees by grabbing takeout yourself

  • Joining the eclub – Unlock free delivery and other takeout perks

Takeout deals combined with cheaper lunch menus can help cut costs if you need to grab Red Lobster to-go. Just know the military discount won’t apply.

Military Discount Restrictions

While Red Lobster aims to honor military service through this discount program, there are a few limitations to note:

  • Valid for dine-in only, not takeout orders

  • Only eligible on food and beverages, not retail purchases

  • Cannot be combined with additional coupons or promos

  • Varies by location and subject to manager discretion

  • May have exclusions on certain holidays

  • Requires showing valid, non-expired military ID

  • Applies to pre-tax subtotal only, before gratuity

  • Servers should be tipped on full non-discounted total

Following any restrictions is important to maintain a positive experience using your military discount.

How to Use the Military Discount

Taking advantage of a Red Lobster military discount is easy:

  • Verify eligibility – Confirm your military status qualifies

  • Call ahead – Check on specific policies and discount amount

  • Gather military ID – Have a valid, current ID card ready to show

  • Pick optimal times – Visit on Military Monday or during lunch/off-peak hours

  • Request discount – Notify host and server you wish to use military discount

  • Present military ID – Provide valid ID when ordering to apply discount

  • Review receipt – Ensure discount is correctly applied before paying

  • Tip on full amount – Tip based on total pre-discount bill

Taking a few quick steps ensures you unlock the full value.

Make the Most of Your Military Discount

As a small token of thanks for your service, Red Lobster is proud to offer military discounts to our brave service members and veterans. Taking advantage provides a nice opportunity to enjoy delicious dining out with added savings.

does red lobster give a military discount

Bring Your Military ID

To get the discount, you must show a valid military ID that shows you are in the armed forces or the Department of Defense. It must be issued by the United States Department of Defense.

Here are a few commonly accepted proofs of military service:

Wearing your uniform is another easy way to identify yourself as a service member (if your service permits). You should call ahead to make sure that your restaurant will accept a uniform as ID on its own.

does red lobster give a military discount

Red Lobster Veterans Day Deal

does red lobster give a military discount

MerchantRed Lobster Veterans Day Deal

Offer Type Participating Locations

Requirements Valid Military ID, Proof of Service

Who Qualifies? Active-Duty, Veterans, Reservists


As a way to thank veterans, active-duty military, and reservists on Veterans Day, Red Lobster gives them free vouchers for Veteran Shrimp. m. to 4:00 p. m. , with proof of service or valid Military ID. Vouchers can be redeemed starting Monday, November 13, through Sunday, December 10.

Red Lobster also participates in Military Mondays at select locations in the continental U. S. All active-duty military personnel receive 10% off their meal every Monday. Just show your military ID. It is not valid in conjunction with any other offer, discount or coupon.

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