Friends: The One Where Joey Gets Stuck With a Turkey on His Head

This episode of Friends aptly titled “The One with All the Thanksgivings,” is a hilarious Thanksgiving special filled with flashbacks and unexpected twists.

The Story Unfolds:

As the friends gather for Thanksgiving dinner, they decide to share their worst Thanksgiving experiences. The stories range from Chandler learning about his parents’ divorce to Phoebe losing arms in past lives.

Joey’s Turkey Trouble:

One particularly memorable story involves Joey getting a turkey stuck on his head. While trying to scare Chandler with the turkey Joey accidentally gets it lodged leading to a hilarious struggle to remove it.

Monica’s Worst Thanksgiving:

Monica reveals her worst Thanksgiving, which involves an overweight teenage Monica comforting a heartbroken Rachel. The story takes an unexpected turn when Monica accidentally severs Chandler’s toe with a knife while trying to impress him with her cooking skills.

Chandler’s Big Revelation:

In a surprising twist, Monica learns that Chandler’s toe loss was a result of her calling him “fat” years ago. This revelation leads to a heartfelt apology from Chandler and an even more surprising confession: “I love you.”

Behind the Scenes:

This episode was a special one for the Friends team. It marked the fifth Thanksgiving special and incorporated a unique flashback approach, allowing the audience to see the characters in their younger years. The episode also featured guest appearances by Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles, who played Monica and Ross’s parents.

Critical Acclaim:

“The One with All the Thanksgivings” was a critical and commercial success. It received high ratings and was nominated for several awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Costume Design for a Series.

A Fan Favorite:

This episode has become a fan favorite, consistently ranking high in polls about the best Friends episodes. Its combination of humor, heartwarming moments, and unexpected twists makes it a truly memorable Thanksgiving special.

Joey Gets His Head Stuck in a Turkey | Friends


What episode of Friends does Joey put a turkey on his head?

“The One with All the Thanksgivings”
Friends episode
Episode no.
Season 5 Episode 8
Directed by
Kevin S. Bright
Written by
Gregory S. Malins

Who were the turkey on their head in Friends?

In our third-favorite Friends Thanksgiving episode, The One With All the Thanksgivings, Cox’s character Monica Gellar infamously wears a turkey over her head with sunglasses and a hat and dances for the late Matthew Perry’s character Chandler Bing in order to ask for forgiveness.

What year did Joey get his head stuck in a turkey?

As the six friends are telling stories about the past Thanksgivings, they reveal Joey got his head stuck into a turkey back in 1992, while in The One with the Flashback (1996) it is revealed that Joey moved in Chandler’s apartment in 1993, meeting the rest of the friends (except Rachel) then.

Who wore the turkey hat on Friends?

Courtney Cox has several famous moments from her decade as Monica on Friends, but the one that haunts her online (especially this time of year) is the one in which she dances with a turkey on her head to make Chandler laugh.

Did Joey get Monica’s turkey stuck on his head?

Friends – Joey got Monica’s turkey stuck on his head! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

Does Joey get a turkey stuck on his head?

In the flashback where Joey gets the turkey stuck on his head, Joey complains that it smells bad and Phoebe replies “Of course it smells bad; you have your head in a dead animal.” In ” The One Where Chandler Gets Caught ” this flashback is reused, but this time Phoebe’s reply is “Of course it smells bad; you have your head up a turkey’s ass.”

Why did Phoebe and Monica pull the turkey off Joey’s head?

Unsuccessful at pulling the turkey off Joey’s head, which he had put on to scare Chandler, Phoebe enlists help from Monica, who needs to bring the turkey to feed a dinner party at her parents’ house. Phoebe and Monica continue to pull at the turkey off of Joey’s head until Chandler arrives and is scared by Joey.

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