How to Make Pork Schnitzel: A Comprehensive Guide to a Crispy German Delicacy

Pork schnitzel, a beloved German dish, tantalizes taste buds with its crispy exterior and juicy, tender interior. This culinary masterpiece is surprisingly easy to recreate in your own kitchen, and with the right techniques, you can achieve restaurant-quality results.


  • 2 lbs boneless pork chops, trimmed and sliced into 1/2-inch thick cutlets
  • 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 Tbsp garlic salt, or sub with equal parts

Best & Easy PORK SCHNITZEL in 10 Minutes. German PORK SCHNITZEL. Recipe by Always Yummy!


What cut of pork is schnitzel made from?

To make German-style pork schnitzel, pork loin chops are pounded thin, breaded, and quickly pan fried until crisp and delicious. Adam Dolge is a recipe developer and test cook for many leading national food and lifestyle magazines and digital platforms.

What is schnitzel traditionally made of?

What Exactly is Schnitzel? Schnitzel is a dish that uses a very thin boneless cutlet from meat such as veal, pork, beef or chicken. The meat can be breaded and then deep fried or it can also be pan fried and then be used as breading or just be consumed without the bread.

What tool is used to make schnitzel?

when flattening meat for schnitzel or for stuffing, stick it in a plastic bag or you Saran wrap. And if you don’t have a meat mallet, a rolling pin or a heavy cast iron will do just fine.

What are the two types of schnitzel?

The dish’s name actually comes from the German word schnitt, which translates to “cut.” The most popular type of meat for schnitzel is veal (wiener-schnitzel) or pork (schweine-schnitzel), but you also see varieties made with chicken (hänchen-schnitzel), or turkey (puten-schnitzel).

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