How to Say “Roast Pork” in Spanish

Spanish Translation: cerdo asado

Pronunciation: [ˈθeɾ.ðo aˈsa.ðo]

Additional Information:

  • Part of Speech: Noun

Puerto Rican Pernil – Easy Step-by-Step Recipe


What is pork meat called in Mexican Spanish?

In Spanish-speaking countries, la carne de cerdo, which is “pork meat” in Spanish, is just one of many meat options available at a butcher’s shop, or la carnicería. The following bulleted list contains popular types of meat in Spanish, along with their English translations: pork is cerdo.

What is the Spanish name for pork?

While puerco is pig, there is a different name for the meat, just like in English. Pork is el cerdo. My two favorite types are carnitas, the moist little bits of pork shoulder, and al pastor, which is marinated and sliced pork slow-cooked on a spit, often with a hunk of pineapple on top.

What is pork loin in Spanish?

pork loin – translated from English to Spanish lomo de puerco m [Mex.]

What is pork shoulder in Spanish meat?

Pernil is a popular Puerto Rican dish made by roasting a seasoned pork shoulder until it’s tender and delicious.

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