How Long to Grill Beef Fajitas for Maximum Flavor

When the weather is nice, firing up the grill to make sizzling beef fajitas is a fantastic idea. But to get perfect fajitas at home, it’s important to know exactly how long to grill the meat and veggies. This guide covers grill times, temperatures, and tips to help you master grilled beef fajitas.

Benefits of Grilling Beef Fajitas

Grilling imparts incredible flavor into steak and veggies. Here’s why it’s a great cooking method for beef fajitas:

  • Enhanced Flavor – The grill’s high heat caramelizes and chars the beef and veggies, adding delicious smoky flavor.

  • Fast Cooking – The direct heat cooks foods quickly at high temp. Fajitas can be ready start to finish in 30 minutes.

  • Fun and Festive – Grilling fajitas is interactive and fun for a crowd. Everyone can build their own.

  • Lighter Fare – Grilled fajitas don’t require much added fat. The meat is flavorful on its own.

  • Easy Entertaining – Just grill the meat and veggies, provide tortillas and toppings, and let guests assemble their own.

How Long to Grill Beef for Fajitas

The trick is grilling the beef just until medium doneness – not past that point or it will be chewy. Follow these guidelines:

For flank or skirt steak:

  • 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick: 8-10 minutes total
  • 1 inch thick: 10-12 minutes total

Grill times are for medium doneness. Adjust up or down slightly based on thickness and preferred doneness.

For boneless beef cubes:

  • 1-inch cubes: 6-8 minutes total

What Temperature to Grill Beef Fajitas

For flank or skirt steaks: Heat grill to medium-high heat, around 400°F to 450°F.

For boneless beef cubes: Heat grill to medium heat, 350°F to 450°F.

The key is grilling over direct heat. You want hot enough heat to sear the meat, but not so hot that it burns the outside before the inside cooks through.

If grilling skewers of cubed beef, consider doing a two-zone fire and searing them over direct heat before moving to indirect heat to finish cooking.

Step-by-Step Grilling Directions

Follow these steps for perfectly grilled fajita meat:

  1. Prepare Meat: Cut flank or skirt steak into sections if needed. Or cube beef and skewer if desired.

  2. Make Marinade/Rub: Coat meat in a homemade or store-bought fajita marinade or dry rub. Let sit 15-30 minutes.

  3. Grill Steak Pieces: Grill 4-5 minutes per side over direct medium-high heat for flank/skirt steak. Grill cubed beef 6-8 minutes, turning occasionally.

  4. Rest Steak: Remove steak from grill and let rest 5-10 minutes before slicing across the grain into strips.

  5. Grill Vegetables: Grill peppers, onions, etc to desired doneness during the last 10 minutes the meat is cooking.

  6. Slice and Serve: Add grilled beef strips and veggies into tortillas with desired fajita toppings!

Tips for Flawless Grilled Fajitas

  • Use a ridged grill pan or grill basket for veggies. It prevents smaller pieces from falling through grates.

  • If using wooden or bamboo skewers for cubed beef, soak in water 30 minutes before grilling to prevent burning.

  • Choose corn or flour tortillas. Grill or warm them briefly before serving for best texture.

  • Set out toppings like guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese, cilantro so guests can customize their fajitas.

  • Add a squeeze of lime over grilled steak and veggies before serving for a tangy burst of flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cut of beef is best to grill for fajitas? Flank and skirt steak are ideal cuts for fajitas. They stay tender when grilled to medium doneness.

Can I marinate the beef overnight? Yes, marinating 8-12 hours can further tenderize and add flavor. Just refrigerate the meat during marinating.

Should I grill the veggies and meat separately? It’s fine to grill them together, just be sure to place veggies on the cooler side of grill if needed.

How do I know when the beef is done grilling? Use a meat thermometer to test for 130°F for medium doneness. Or slice a piece to check if cooked through.

Is it necessary to rest the meat after grilling? Yes, resting allows juices to redistribute so meat doesn’t lose moisture when sliced. Always rest grilled steaks 5-10 minutes.

Grilled Beef Fajita Recipe Ideas

Once you’ve mastered the basics, get creative with flavors! Here are some tasty grilled beef fajita recipes to try:

  • Fajitas with Chimichurri Sauce – Top with this fresh Argentine herb sauce

  • Tequila Lime Fajitas – Marinate beef in tequila, lime juice, garlic, cumin

  • Spicy Jalapeño Fajitas – Add diced jalapeños to the veggies and sliced on top

  • Fajitas with Avocado Crema – Top with a cool cilantro-avocado drizzle

  • Beer Fajitas – Use beer instead of oil/water when marinating the meat

The options are endless when it comes to putting your own spin on flavorful grilled beef fajitas!

Now that you know exactly how long to grill fajitas for tender, juicy results, it’s time to fire up the BBQ! Impress family and friends with your grilling skills by serving up sizzling fajitas all can enjoy.

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