How Long to Pressure Cook Beef for Tender, Juicy Results

Pressure cooking is a fast and convenient way to cook beef to tender perfection. But how long should you pressure cook cuts like roasts, brisket, and stew meat? Follow these timing guidelines for great results every time.

Pot Roast

For pot roasts like chuck, rump, or bottom round, follow these general pressure cooking times:

  • 1 pound roast: Cook for 20 minutes
  • 2 pound roast: Cook for 40 minutes
  • 3 pound roast: Cook for 60 minutes

The rule of thumb is around 20 minutes per pound. After cooking, allow 10-15 minutes for natural pressure release before opening the lid.

Pot roasts should be very fork-tender when done. If needed, you can add 5-10 more minutes of cook time.


A 2-3 pound brisket typically takes 45-60 minutes at high pressure. For a very large brisket up to 5 pounds, cook for 1-1.5 hours.

When properly pressure cooked, the brisket should be fall-apart tender and shred easily with a fork. If it seems tough, pressure cook for 10-15 minutes more.

Short Ribs

For meaty beef short ribs, cook for 20-25 minutes per pound of ribs.

  • 2 pounds short ribs: Cook for 45-50 minutes
  • 3 pounds short ribs: Cook for 60-75 minutes

The ribs should be extremely tender when done. If needed, pressure cook for another 10-15 minutes.

Stew Meat

For bite size stew meat chunks, cook for 15-20 minutes at high pressure, depending on thickness.

Small 1-inch pieces may only need 12-15 minutes. Larger 1.5-2 inch chunks may need 18-22 minutes.

The beef should be fall-apart tender, not chewy. Add a few more minutes if needed.

Ground Beef

For dishes like chili, meat sauce, or meatballs, cook ground beef for only 6-10 minutes at high pressure.

Any longer can make the texture mealy or mushy. Quickly release pressure after cooking.

Tips for Pressure Cooking Beef

  • Sear beef first – Browning adds lots of flavor. Do this in the pressure cooker pot if possible.

  • Cut uniform sizes – For stews and larger cuts, uniform sizing helps ensure even cooking.

  • Add some liquid – 1-2 cups of broth or water is needed to create steam and pressure.

  • Allow natural release – Releasing pressure naturally keeps meat moist and prevents undercooking.

  • Use a thermometer – Confirm beef reaches 205°F for well-done cuts like brisket or roasts.

  • Check for doneness – Meat should be very tender and shred/pull apart easily when fully cooked.

  • Adjust time if needed – Add 5-10 minutes more cook time if beef seems underdone and tough.

With the right timing, pressure cooked beef turns out incredibly flavorful, juicy and tender. Keep these guidelines handy whenever cooking beef in your Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, or other electric pressure cooker.

Now let’s look at specific timing and tips for common pressure cooked beef recipes:

Pressure Cooker Pot Roast Times

Pot roasts take about 20 minutes per pound to become fork tender:

  • 2 pound chuck roast: Cook for 40 minutes
  • 3 pound rump roast: Cook for 60 minutes
  • 4 pound bottom round: Cook for 80 minutes


  • Sear roast first for maximum flavor
  • Add carrots, potatoes, onions, celery
  • Allow 10-15 minute natural release before quick releasing

Pressure Cooked Brisket Times

  • 2 pound brisket flat: Cook for 45 minutes
  • 3 pound brisket: Cook for 60 minutes
  • 4-5 pound whole brisket: Cook for 75-90 minutes


  • Generously season brisket with salt, pepper, spices
  • Add 1 cup broth or beer
  • Allow full natural pressure release, up to 30 minutes

Pressure Cooker Short Ribs Times

  • 2 pounds short ribs: Cook for 45-50 minutes
  • 3 pounds short ribs: Cook for 60-75 minutes
  • 5 pounds short ribs: Cook for 90-110 minutes


  • Add tomatoes, chili sauce, vinegar, wine
  • Sprinkle ribs with flour to thicken braising liquid
  • Allow at least 10 minutes natural release

Instant Pot Beef Stew Times

For 1-inch beef stew meat chunks, cook for:

  • 15 minutes for chewier meat
  • 18 minutes for tender meat
  • 20+ minutes for fall-apart meat


  • Brown meat first for added flavor
  • Sauté aromatics like garlic, onions, carrots
  • Quick release pressure after cooking

Pressure Cooker Chili Times

For ground beef chili, cook for:

  • 6 minutes – slightly chunky texture
  • 8 minutes – more tender, saucy texture
  • 10+ minutes – very soft, thicker texture


  • Brown ground beef before adding other ingredients
  • Quick release pressure to avoid overcooking
  • Simmer after pressure cooking to thicken chili

Now that you know how long to pressure cook all the major beef cuts, you can easily nail the timing for tender braises, stews, roasts and more. With the right pressure cooking times, you’ll achieve amazing beef dishes any night of the week.

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How long do you cook 2 lb of meat in a pressure cooker?

Typically, it’s about 20 minutes per pound of meat. Rest & Release: Let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes, then use the quick-release button.

How long does meat have to pressure cook?

Heat oil in the pressure cooker and sear the meat on all sides. Season the roast, then add the broth, sauce, and onion. Seal the lid. Reduce the heat to low and cook on full pressure for 30 minutes.

How long does it take to cook a 2 pound beef?

Let beef sit at room temperature for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before beginning this recipe. If your roast is not at room temperature, the cook time will be longer. Regardless of the size of your roast, aim to cook at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for 20 minutes per pound.

Can you pressure cook beef to make it tender?

Both slow cookers and pressure cookers do a good job of tenderizing tough meat, but each makes meat more edible in a different way.

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