Lean Ground Beef, 1 Pound Calories, Carbs & Nutrition Facts

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Beef, ground, 80% lean meat / 20% fat, raw, 1 lb
Protein (g) 77.88
Energy (kcal) 1152.14
Sugars, total (g) 0
Fiber, total dietary (g) 0
Calcium, Ca (mg) 81.65

How Much Protein Does 1 lb of Ground Beef Have?

One lb of ground beef has about 25% protein, which amounts to 77.88g of protein [1].

However, this changes if you opt for lean ground beef. In order to get enough protein, you only need a small amount of lean ground beef. 5% lean beef has about 24 g of protein per dish For instance, 22g of protein are in 3 oz of lean beef.

An average adults recommended daily protein allowance is 0.8 per kg of body weight, or 0.36 g per pound [2]. In other words, an average man should have 56g of protein per day, and a woman should have about 46g.

However, your daily protein requirements also depend on your calorie needs.

How Many Calories are in 1 lb of Ground Beef?

There are 1506 calories in 1 lb of ground beef. However, beef that%E2%80%99s 80% lean has significantly fewer calories %E2%80%94 1152, and a fair amount of these calories is attributed to fat [3]

The recommended daily values for calories are 2500 for men and 2000 for women, so beef has a high percentage of daily values.

How Much Fat is in 1 lb of Ground Beef?

Approximately 136g of fat are present in 1 lb of ground beef. However, if you have beef that%E2%80%99s 80% lean, it%E2%80%99ll have fewer fats %E2%80%94 about 90 72g of fat.

Most of the calories in ground beef come from fat. 3 oz serving of beef that%E2%80%99s 85% lean has 13g of fat

The American Heart Association advises limiting the consumption of total saturated fat from 5 to 6 percent of daily values because 5g of these are unhealthy saturated fat. This also includes fatty acids.

Put into perspective, a quarter-pound hamburger has approximately 6 7g to 10g of saturated fat per serving size.

Trans fat also belongs to unhealthy fats. 1 lb of ground beef has about 8g of trans fat, while 80% lean has 5 88g of trans fat.

However, lean fats like monounsaturated fat (6 grams) and polyunsaturated fat (0 grams) are also present in ground beef. 4 grams).

Health Benefits of Ground Beef

Ground beef has several health benefits:

  • Rich in vitamins %E2%80%94 Here%E2%80%99s how much vitamin 80% lean ground beef has: Iron: 8 8 Selenium: 18. 1μg Zinc: 5. 5g B6 Vitamin: 0. 36mg Vitamin C: 0mg Vitamin E: 1. 86mg .
  • Immune system booster — Ground beef contains a number of vitamins, including Vitamins C, E, and A. Together with zinc, these vitamins aid in maintaining a strong immune system in your body.
  • Iron is needed by the body to produce red blood cells, and ground beef is a good source of heme iron [4]. Eat heme iron to prevent anemia and other low iron-related health problems.
  • Hormone production is aided by selenium and vitamin B, which also support thyroid function [5].
  • Protein aids in the synthesis and maintenance of muscle tissue as well as the development of bones, muscles, skin, and blood.

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How Much Protein Should I Eat a Day?

You should eat 50 to 175g of protein a day. This depends on your overall daily calorie breakdown.

What Are the Nutrition Facts of 80/20 Ground Beef?

Nutrition facts of 80/20 ground beef are 0g carbs, 24g fat, 20g protein, and about 290 calories [6].

What Is the Nutritional Information of 1LB Ground Beef?

Nutritional information for 1lb ground beef is:

  • 1152 calories
  • 0 sugar
  • 0 dietary fiber
  • 81.65mg calcium
  • 71.11mg magnesium
  • 1224.72mg potassium
  • 303.91mg sodium
  • 0 Vitamin C
  • 322.06mg cholesterol

How Much Ground Beef Should You Eat?

I listed nutrition facts for lean and regular beef. These two are both abundant in vitamins, sodium, fiber, potassium, calcium, and other nutrients.

To determine your calorie requirements and how much total fat and protein you should eat, you should speak with a nutritionist. The recommended daily intake of ground beef protein ranges from 50 to 175 grams depending on your needs.

Make sure to purchase meat from reliable sources if you’re searching for healthy beef options. I order mine from ButcherBox, whose high-quality meats are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, without any added hormones and antibiotics

When you purchase meat from reliable sources, you can be sure that it will provide you with the greatest health benefits, and you can anticipate your daily requirements for calories, proteins, and vitamins.


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How Many Calories In A Pound Of Lean Ground Beef?

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How Many Calories In A Pound Of Lean Ground Beef?

The BEST Type of Ground Beef to Get on a Fat Loss Diet


How many calories are in 1 lb of cooked 93% lean ground beef?

There are 881 calories in Cooked Ground Beef 93% Lean / 7% Fat – 1 lb (454g)

How many calories in 1 lb lean ground beef cooked and drained?

There are 798 calories in 1 pound of Ground Beef (90% Lean / 10% Fat) * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet

How many calories are in lean cooked ground beef?

There are 311 calories in a 1/2 pound of Ground Beef (95% Lean / 5% Fat)

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