How To Open Corned Beef?

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You can get your recommended daily intake of protein from corned beef, which also makes a delicious meal or snack. But how do you open those funky looking cans?.

Since corned beef cans are square in shape, using a standard can opener can be challenging. The metal key that opens each can around the sides as opposed to the top, as it does with cylindrical cans, should be attached to the side of the can.

In this article, we will go into greater detail about how to open a corned beef can and how to do so if the key is lost. We’ll also give you advice on whether or not to open a corned beef can that has been damaged and explain why corned beef cans have keys in the first place.

Introduction: How to Open a Can of Corned Beef.

How To Open Corned Beef?

I’m almost 40 years old, and despite trying for my entire life, I’ve never been able to open a can of corned beef. Sounds deplorable I know but its true. Today however has marked a glorious change. Yes, I know there will be a ton of crazy comments to come, but I just have to share this information with others who are in my former state of ignorance and have finally opened a can of corned beef. This may be the dumbest instructable I have ever published or the dumbest instructable ever, but this is how I do it.

Step 1: Removing the Key.

How To Open Corned Beef?

This is where I went wrong for so long. I needed to remove the damn key. Prepare for action by prying it out with a spoon or knife.

Step 2: The Correct Orientation.

How To Open Corned Beef?

The T of the key must line up with the base of the can as shown to achieve the mystical position. I used to try to roll it as the can was packaged. Yes folks, I will read the comments soon enough.

Step 3: Roll It Baby!

How To Open Corned Beef?

To the non-dialect speaking community, we would say, “Roll it baby!” or, in our island culture, “Roll it gyal!” A nice uniform roll keeping the T of the key on the base will produce pain-free results.

Step 4: All Done!

How To Open Corned Beef?

How To Open Corned Beef?

For the rest of the world, this is a no-brainer because the can is open and the beef is exposed. For my single brain cell, it was a puzzle. What a day, what a lovely day! So much so that I can spray paint my mouth silver. For almost 40 years I could not open a can of corned beef without using a can opener or hacksaw. After feeling so proud of yourself, the corned beef is now used as dog food. I love my doggies, but why is that something that looks like dog food? Also I cant stand corned beef. Never liked the stuff. I hope I have helped someone out there!.

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Additionally, chill the tin for a while before opening. Makes it easier to slide out whole.

Hash is a good way to use the corned beef; it tastes better that way.

Is it dangerous to open a corn beef can with a knife?

We simply occasionally consumed the product, which is not bad in moderation. I’ve been opening those cans since childhood, so I can’t say that I have any special skills here. I’ve saved the keys and will come up with some useful applications for them. One use is for twisting small wires and flat springs. Use the fork-shaped end to open and close jewelry links by cutting off the end where the slot begins.

I’ll turn 35 tomorrow, and this is the first time I’ve used that damn key without cutting my hand pretty darn close. Thank you! LOL.

Oh my god, you saved my life! I’ve struggled my entire life to open a can of corn beef, so thank you so much.

Thanks man. Used this instruction today.

I’ve been scratching my head in an attempt to understand how or why it had that damn key as I approach the age of 35.

That didnt work. It would not budge. Same as usual

Thank you, thank you from my own single cell brain.

Made in Brazil! Hey!!

The goal is to go slowly and avoid pushing yourself.

Some foreign made corned beef has an “off” taste.

Granny, to me they all taste off.

Your first (and only) error is that you keep purchasing corned beef in cans. I can’t get enough of the stuff, so try some and you might like it too.

—or pastrami; you will never go back.

My problem is that while I’m in the supermarket, I forget to look for the key.

Then, without any tools, I find myself in a hotel 1,000 miles from home, and we all know that a can opener won’t operate around those corners. Then what ?.

Can someone answer that ?

Really sharp meat cleaver. Wham!

How to Open Canned Corned Beef …even if the key breaks


How do you open corned beef without a key?

5. You don’t have to throw away your corned beef because you misplaced the key; here’s how to open a can of corned beef without the key. Like you would with a regular key, you can clamp onto the can’s tab with a pair of scissors or pliers and roll it.

Why is corned beef opened with a key?

The majority of soldiers are aware that corned beef tins are designed in such a way that when a section is removed using the key, the large end will fit over the small end and create its own container, keeping the remainder of the corned beef fresh. If you don’t believe me then try it.

Do you cook corned beef with lid on or off?

You will cover the pan or wrap the roast in aluminum foil to prevent it from drying out because corned beef requires moist heat to cook. Check the liquid as it cooks, replenishing it if needed. You can add vegetables during the last hour of cooking.

Do you rinse corned beef or don’t rinse?

It’s best to rinse corned beef before cooking it, so yes, you should. Rinsing it aids in removing the excess salt, preventing an overly salty dish from being produced. Don’t worry about rinsing off all the flavor!.

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