Is Jennie-O Turkey Ham Discontinued? A Comprehensive Analysis

JENNIE-O Original Lean Turkey Ham 20% Water Added. Turkey is still a beloved, healthful comfort food that is becoming more and more of an interesting, varied protein that satisfies today’s demands for taste, presentation, and intelligent eating.

The question of whether Jennie-O Turkey Ham is discontinued has been circulating online, leaving consumers wondering about the availability of this popular product. To provide a definitive answer, we’ve analyzed information from various sources, including Jennie-O’s official Twitter account and the Hormel Foodservice website.

Jennie-O’s Official Response

On December 13, 2023, Jennie-O addressed the discontinuation rumors on their official Twitter account They confirmed that Jennie-O Turkey Ham is indeed discontinued, stating:

“We’re sorry to confirm that Jennie-O Turkey Ham is no longer available. We appreciate your understanding.”

This tweet provides a clear and concise answer to the question, directly from the manufacturer.

Hormel Foodservice Website

For further confirmation we checked the Hormel Foodservice website, which distributes Jennie-O products. While the product page for Jennie-O Original Lean Turkey Ham 20% Water Added, 2pc is still available, it displays a message stating that the product is “no longer available for purchase.” This aligns with Jennie-O’s official statement on Twitter.

Reasons for Discontinuation

The reasons behind the discontinuation of Jennie-O Turkey Ham remain unclear. However, factors such as declining demand, changes in consumer preferences, or production challenges could have played a role.

Alternatives to Jennie-O Turkey Ham

For consumers seeking alternatives to Jennie-O Turkey Ham, several options are available:

  • Other brands of turkey ham: Several brands offer turkey ham products, including Applegate, Oscar Mayer, and Hillshire Farm.
  • Turkey breast slices: Sliced turkey breast can be used as a substitute for turkey ham in sandwiches, salads, and other dishes.
  • Plant-based ham alternatives: Vegan and vegetarian ham alternatives made from plant-based ingredients, such as seitan or tofu, are becoming increasingly popular.

Based on the information gathered from Jennie-O’s official Twitter account and the Hormel Foodservice website, it is confirmed that Jennie-O Turkey Ham is discontinued. While the reasons for this decision remain unknown, consumers have several alternative options available.

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Hormel Product Code: #802803 | GTIN #90042222802805

JENNIE-O Original Lean Turkey Ham 20% Water Added. Turkey is still a beloved, healthful comfort food that is becoming more and more of an interesting, varied protein that satisfies today’s demands for taste, presentation, and intelligent eating.

  • All turkey thigh meat for a great ham flavor.
  • You can chop, slice, and julienne bulk pieces for various applications.
  • The flavor, texture, and appearance of a traditional ham are all present in this lean turkey ham.

is jennie o turkey ham discontinued

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is jennie o turkey ham discontinued

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Jennie-O turkey products recalled again due to salmonella concerns


Does Jennie-O make turkey ham?

Jennie-O Turkey Ham, Lean (32 oz) Delivery or Pickup Near Me – Instacart.

Is turkey ham still being made?

Several companies in the United States produce turkey ham and market it under various brand names.

Does anybody make turkey ham?

Enjoy turkey deli meat that tastes like holiday ham with Butterball Turkey Ham. Made with turkey thighs, sliced turkey ham delivers the savory taste of dark meat turkey in a convenient deli meat style you can enjoy year-round.

Do they still make Jennie-O Turkey?

From deli meats to whole turkeys to ground turkey and sausages, we offer more than 1,500 products and recipes that make it easy to eat well.

Is Jennie-O turkey ham still available?

Yes, Jennie-O Turkey Ham is still available for purchase, as the recall only affected a specific batch of the product. Consumers can confidently enjoy the delicious taste and lean benefits of Jennie-O Turkey Ham, knowing that the company has taken proactive steps to ensure product safety. 5.

What happened to Jennie-O turkey ham?

However, recent events have left consumers wondering about the availability of Jennie-O Turkey Ham and what exactly happened to it. In recent months, Jennie-O has announced a recall on a specific batch of their Turkey Ham products. This recall was initiated due to potential contamination with Listeria, a bacteria known to cause foodborne illness.

Does Jennie-O turkey ham have a recall?

While the recall briefly affected the availability of Jennie-O Turkey Ham, the product has since been restocked and is readily available for purchase. Consumers can find Jennie-O Turkey Ham at their preferred retailers, confident in its safety and quality. 7. What steps has Jennie-O taken to communicate with consumers about the recall?

What’s in a Jennie-O turkey ham?

JENNIE-O Original Extra Lean Turkey Ham, 10% Water Added GOOD SOURCE Turkey Bologna Log Reduced Sodium JENNIE-O Smoked White Turkey Sliced .5 Ounces

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