OC Fair: A Culinary Adventure Awaits!

It’s wild, it’s wackier than ever, and it’s back for another year. Of course we’re talking about OC Fair food for the 2022 season.

This year at the fair, you’ll find some of the old (crazy) standards. (Think fried Oreos, bacon-wrapped fried pickles, and basically everything fried. A few even crazier things (Cap’n Crunch on a chicken sandwich? Yes, continue reading) are what’s new. ).

The fair, which runs from now through August 14, like almost all county fairs, features outrageous foods. Each year the fair’s foodmasters try to outdo themselves with the next crazy concoction. And even though we don’t support any of these options as healthy foods in and of themselves, we will refer to the entire OC Fair culinary experience as enjoyable. Which, by the way, is exactly what those chefs hope you get out of it.

One of the most noticeable food vendors at the event, Chicken Charlie, told us, “I love watching people approach the booth and their reactions. That’s the best part of the fair for me.”

We got to see some of the newest fair foods for 2022 thanks to Melissa’s Produce, Chicken Charlie, and the Midway Gourmet, two of the top vendors of fair foods.

The OC Fair is back in all its glory, and with it comes a smorgasbord of mouthwatering food that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. From deep-fried Twinkies to bacon-wrapped turkey legs, the fair offers a dizzying array of culinary delights, some outlandish, others classically delicious

A Foodie’s Paradise: Exploring the OC Fair’s Culinary Delights

Whether you’re a seasoned fairgoer or a first-timer, navigating the OC Fair’s food scene can be overwhelming. But fear not, fellow gastronomes, for we’ve compiled a guide to help you chart your culinary adventure:

1. Brace Yourself for Sticker Shock: Inflation has hit the fair so be prepared to shell out a few extra bucks for your favorite treats. An ear of corn will set you back $8 while a bacon-wrapped turkey leg will cost a whopping $30.

2. Nacho Average Cheeseburger Fries: If you’re looking for a unique and decadent dish, head to Tasty Burgers for their Nacho Average Cheeseburger Fries. This $18.75 monstrosity features a cheeseburger cut into four pieces, a cup of melted cheese sauce and a bed of French fries. While the burger is decent the real star of the show is the perfectly cooked fries.

3. Bacon-A-Fair: A Bacon Lover’s Paradise: For those who can’t get enough of bacon, Bacon-A-Fair is a must-visit. Their OC Fair exclusives include Candied Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly Bites and a Maple Bacon Smoothie. While the $16 pork belly bites might be a bit pricey, the $16 smoothie offers a satisfying blend of maple and bacon flavors.

4. Taste of the Fair: A Foodie’s Dream: The real foodie deal is every Thursday, when all 100+ food booths participate in Taste of the Fair. For just $4, you can sample a variety of dishes, from BBQ Pork Sundaes to deep-fried bacon-wrapped pickles.

5. Must-Try Delights: Here are some of the must-try dishes we recommend:

  • Chuckwagon’s 3 oz. BBQ Pork Sundaes: A tasty and satisfying treat for just $4.
  • Chicken Charlie’s deep-fried bacon-wrapped pickle: A fun and flavorful snack for $4.
  • Tasti Chips with Locas Topping: The classic Tasti Chips with a spicy kick for $4.
  • Bacon-A-Fair’s bacon bomb: A small but flavorful cheeseball wrapped in bacon and fried, served with fries for $4.

6. Plan Your Culinary Adventure: To help you navigate the OC Fair’s food scene, check out the list of participating food stands and their Taste of the Fair menus: https://ocfair.com/oc-fair/things-to-do/taste-of-fair-food-menus.

7. Don’t Forget the Fair Essentials: While indulging in the culinary delights, don’t forget to check out the fair’s other attractions, including the exhibitions, table setting competition, and carnival rides.

8. OC Fair Dates and Tickets: The OC Fair runs through August 13th. For ticket information, visit https://ocfair.com/oc-fair.

9. Share Your Culinary Experiences: We encourage you to share your OC Fair food experiences with us on social media using the hashtag #ocfairfood.

Biggy’s Cap’n Crunch Chicken

Next we met The Midway Gourmet, a. k. a. Dominic Palmieri, who has been called “a certified evil genius. ” (That’s how you know where this is headed. More than a dozen OC Fair food stands, such as Biggy’s, Enzo’s Pizza, Corn Shack, Sweeties, Big Dogs, Fried A Fair, and Mustards, are available at The Midway Gourmet.

“The best part of the fair is that there’s something for everyone,” Palmieri told us. “We are always trying to make something impactful that will ‘wow’ your taste buds. ”.

oc fair turkey leg

One of Palmieri’s most outlandish creations that’s new this year is the Cap’n Crunch chicken sandwich ($15. 32). It’s crispy, extra-thick fried chicken with a raspberry-honey sauce drizzle and Cap’n Crunch cereal on top. It’s perfect for sweet-salty lovers, with a strong emphasis on the “sweet. ” (Don’t tell; we enjoyed the sandwich more without the cereal. ).

oc fair turkey leg

Another new sandwich for this year is the Nashville Hot Chicken ($15. 32), served with pickles and fries. And of course, you can get just about everything with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos at Biggy’s. You can choose from the Big Daddy Corn Dog ($16. 37), Cheeto’s Turkey Leg ($22. 51), Cheeto Burger ($17. 40), Cheeto Chicken Sandwich ($17. 40), Cheeto Curly Fry ($17. 40), Hot Cheeto Fry ($14. 39), Hot Cheese Tots ($14. 39), or Hot Cheeto Cheese Pickles ($10. 21). (Palmieri is the only fair vendor in the country with official licensing from Cheetos and Cap’n Crunch. ).

Chicken Charlie’s Kool-Aid Chicken

Chicken Charlie, a. k. a. Charles Boghosian, has been selling OC Fair food for the past 37 years. One of his biggest claims to fame is that he is credited with creating the fried Oreo. He has three booths at the fair named after himself.

oc fair turkey leg

Of course, his stands sell fried Oreos ($9), along with fried Twinkies and fried cookie dough. 95). But this year, you’ll also find …a Kool-Aid chicken sandwich ($17. 95, served with pickles and fries). Yes, it’s crispy fried chicken, marinated in bright red Kool-Aid. (And it’s tasty – like sweet fried chicken. ).

oc fair turkey leg

What else does Charlie have up his sleeve? There’s a Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich ($13. 95), which is a chicken sandwich with a Krispy Kreme donut for a bun. And for those who want to go all out, there’s the $15 Krispy Kreme ice cream chicken sandwich. 95) – same thing but with a scoop of ice cream.

Next, looking at side dishes, we want to call your attention to the fried bacon-wrapped pickles ($12. 95) – juicy and salty. And for a surprisingly light and crispy meatless choice, we like the fried avocado spears ($12. 95), served with a tasty ranch dressing dip.

oc fair turkey leg

Some fun facts: Charlie has a total of 220 people working at his three booths at the fair. Additionally, he uses 90,000 pounds of chicken thighs, 200,000 pounds of rotisserie chickens, three semi-truckloads of French fries, and four semi-truckloads of oil for the three Southern California county fairs he attends each year.

Best Bacon wrapped Turkey Leg at the OC Fair


Can you bring food to the OC Fair?

Outside food and beverages are permitted if stored in factory-sealed receptacles. (No cans, glass, outside alcohol or hard-sided coolers.)

Do they sell alcohol at the Orange County Fair?

Beers of the World Welcome to our area here at OC Fair & Event Center’s year-round program where you can choose from a variety of 30 different beers from a number of countries from around the globe.

Are turkey legs sold at fairs or festivals?

Turkey legs sold at fairs or festivals are an intersection of spectacle and culinary tradition. Here’s the lowdown on how they get their unique taste, texture, and color. Published Nov. 22, 2023. When it comes to fair and festival food, few items match the popularity and novelty of the colossal turkey leg.

Are fair turkey legs a ham?

Admittedly, I’m among those who’ve doubted that fair turkey legs are actually turkey. But the ham comparison is no coincidence. According to Sedley, whose parents founded the King Richard’s Faire in 1982 (the event is named after her father), the turkey legs are cured and smoked much in the same way as a city ham. Here’s how they’re made.

Where can I buy wine at the OC Fair?

Award-winning wines judged by professional winemakers and winery principals are featured at the Courtyard and are available for purchase by the glass. The Orange County Wine Society is proud to be a partner of the OC Fair and host of their wine competitions for the past 45 years.

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