Turkey and Dressing Sandwiches: A Dubuque Delight

Have you ever heard of the legendary Turkey and Dressing Sandwich? This unique culinary creation hails from the heart of Dubuque Iowa and has become a beloved local tradition. While its origins may not be as clear-cut as some other culinary inventions, the sandwich’s popularity speaks volumes about its deliciousness.

The Birthplace of a Delicious Tradition:

While the exact invention of the Turkey and Dressing Sandwich remains a bit of a mystery, one thing is certain: Cremer’s Grocery, a Dubuque institution since 1948, played a pivotal role in its rise to fame. It was at a Sacred Heart Church festival in 1973 that Cremer’s introduced their version of the sandwich, captivating the taste buds of the community.

From Festival Treat to Year-Round Staple:

The overwhelming popularity of the sandwich at the church festival led to its inclusion on Cremer’s regular menu, making it a year-round treat for Dubuque residents The combination of succulent turkey and flavorful dressing, sandwiched between slices of fresh bread, quickly became a favorite post-holiday meal for many.

A Local Treasure:

Despite its local acclaim, the Turkey and Dressing Sandwich remains a hidden gem outside of Dubuque. Its availability is primarily limited to the city, making it a true taste of Dubuque’s culinary heritage.

Beyond the Sandwich: A Culinary Journey through Dubuque’s History:

The story of the Turkey and Dressing Sandwich is just one chapter in the rich tapestry of Dubuque’s culinary history. From the iconic Hotel Julien Dubuque’s memorable meals to the 24-Hour Cabbage Salad, the city boasts a unique and flavorful culinary landscape.

Join the Iowa Potluck:

If you’re looking for an opportunity to experience the flavors of Dubuque firsthand, consider attending the upcoming potluck event on September 7th at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library. Hosted by Darcy Maulsby, author of “Culinary History of Iowa,” the event promises a delicious journey through Iowa’s culinary heritage, featuring classic Dubuque recipes and local culinary delights.

Unveiling Dubuque’s Culinary Secrets:

To delve deeper into the culinary secrets of Dubuque, be sure to visit Cremer’s Grocery, a local institution since 1948. This iconic establishment offers not only the famous Turkey and Dressing Sandwiches but also a variety of other delicious treats and local favorites.

Embrace the Local Flavor:

Whether you’re a Dubuque native or simply passing through, be sure to embrace the local flavor and try the legendary Turkey and Dressing Sandwich. This unique culinary creation is a testament to the city’s rich culinary heritage and a must-try for any food enthusiast.

Additional Resources:

Join the culinary adventure and discover the deliciousness of the Turkey and Dressing Sandwich, a true taste of Dubuque, Iowa!

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Turkey Sandwich with stuffing and Cranberry

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