What Cut Of Meat Is Italian Beef Made From?

chuck roast

Chuck roast is the classic choice

The type of meat used in an Italian beef sandwich is one of its distinguishing features. NPR claims that Italian immigrants in the early 20th century invented the sandwich. Many were left with only the tougher parts of the cow because they couldn’t afford or wouldn’t accept the more expensive cuts of meat. The traditional beef cut used in the sandwich, according to Well Plated, is a chuck roast. Typically, this portion is derived from the forequarters of cows, which are tougher and typically contain more sinew and bone than meat and fat.

The early creators of the dish chose to slow-cook the meat in its own juices to get around the toughness (via NPR) The result was a tender, thin cut of beef that was shred. Additionally, the beef’s flavor was enhanced by the addition of Italian seasoning. Top sirloin, top round, or bottom round can also be used, according to Well Plated, but the chuck roast is required to make a genuine Chicago-style Italian beef. Chicago-native and Food Network chef Jeff Mauro also uses the chuck roast in his recipe.

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What is Italian beef made of?

The most common beef cut used for Italian beef is chuck roast. But you could also use top sirloin, top round, or bottom round. Giardiniera. Italian beef is enhanced with a delicious mixture of pickled vegetables for that wonderful, traditional flavor.

What cut of beef for Chicago Italian beef?

Roasted, thinly sliced sirloin tip or top round beef is the main component of an Italian beef roast. It is seasoned with Italian herbs like oregano and basil, as well as spices like red and black pepper, and occasionally nutmeg and cloves.

What is Portillo’s Italian beef made of?

The tougher of the two (top and bottom) back-end round cuts, Portillo’s uses thinly sliced bottom round roast beef.

What is Italian sliced beef called?

The traditional Italian dish of beef carpaccio requires little preparation and is a classy appetizer or lunchtime dish. Because the beef will be served raw, select premium cuts of meat that have been properly aged to enhance flavor and texture.

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