How to get rid of beef curtains without surgery

What does beef curtains mean?

Beef curtains is vulgar slang for the vulva. It is frequently used for particularly pronounced vaginal lips.

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Where does beef curtains come from? Taste

Beef curtains can be found as early as 1988, and thanks to references from obscure rock bands and bad comedies, they almost became mainstream in the middle of the 1990s. By 2002, the term had been added to Urban Dictionary, and in 2007, it made its Twitter debut.

Why beef curtains? Hey, you asked. The phrase compares the vaginal lips (labia majora) to fleshy, foldy drapery, similar to slices of roast beef, when they are lengthened or stretched in some way. Thus, a common example of this slang in the US is roast beef curtains.

Azealia Banks and Remy Ma’s beef in late 2017 brought the phrase to the public’s attention. Remy Ma leaked texts during the argument in which Banks reportedly complained about her beef curtains. In the days that followed, Banks uploaded a sexy photo of herself to Instagram with the caption: “For the record…I don’t have beef curtains.” ”.

Examples of beef curtains

It is typically very objectifying and degrading to refer to a woman’s vulva as “beef curtains,” especially since it may imply that promiscuity caused the “condition.” ”.

However, as we saw with Banks, some women might use the phrase in a more frank, self-deprecating discussion of their own genitalia. Lottie Lomas, a writer for the HuffPost, humorously referred to her postpartum vagina as “beef curtains” in 2015: “My labia or “beef curtains” (as one boyfriend fondly called them) drooped so far between my legs that they really could have used their own bra to hold them in.” ”.

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Beef Curtain in Sex Education

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