What Goes With Beef Chuck Roast? 25 Tasty Side Dishes

Beef chuck roast has outstanding rich, meaty flavor. But what are the best side dishes to pair with this budget-friendly cut of meat? With its tender texture after slow cooking, chuck roast deserves hearty, comforting sides to match.

Read on for 25 of the top options to round out your perfect chuck roast dinner, from classic roasted vegetables to cheesy potatoes, fluffy breads, fresh green salads and more.

Satisfying Starchy Sides

  • Mashed potatoes – Russet or red potatoes mashed with butter, cream, and garlic
  • Scalloped potatoes – Sliced potatoes baked in a creamy cheese sauce
  • Roasted baby potatoes – Tossed in olive oil, garlic, and rosemary
  • Potato gratin – Thin sliced potatoes layered with cream and cheese
  • Macaroni and cheese – A classic comfort food pairing
  • Rice pilaf – Herb seasoned rice with onions and vegetables
  • Polenta – Creamy soft cornmeal mush
  • Cornbread – Especially good with a chili-rubbed roast

Hearty Roasted Vegetables

  • Roasted carrots – Finely cut and tossed in brown sugar, thyme, and garlic
  • Honey glazed carrots – Glazed with a sweet honey butter sauce
  • Roasted parsnips – Earthy and sweet like carrots but starchier
  • Maple glazed Brussels sprouts – Brussels sprouts oven roasted with sweet maple syrup
  • Roasted cauliflower – Florets oven roasted with curry powder and cumin
  • Roasted root vegetables – Potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsnips

Warm Breads and Rolls

  • Dinner rolls – Light, fluffy yeast rolls like Parker House or crescent rolls
  • Biscuits – Buttery Southern-style baking powder biscuits
  • Cornbread – Especially good with a chili or barbecue seasoned roast
  • Garlic bread – A crusty baguette spread with garlicky butter

Bright Vegetable Sides

  • Steamed green beans – Topped with sliced almonds or crispy bacon
  • Glazed carrots – Steamed baby carrots glazed in brown sugar sauce
  • Creamed spinach – Saucy, garlicky spinach made with heavy cream
  • Sauteed zucchini – Quick sauteed zucchini rounds

Fresh Green Salads

  • Wedge salad – Wedges of iceberg lettuce topped with creamy blue cheese dressing and bacon
  • Caesar salad – Romaine lettuce tossed in garlicky Caesar dressing and croutons
  • Spinach salad – Baby spinach with strawberries, feta, and poppyseed dressing
  • Kale salad – Kale massaged with lemon juice and olive oil

More Hearty Pairings

  • Coleslaw – Shredded cabbage and carrots in a mayo or vinegar dressing
  • Potato salad – Cold diced potatoes tossed in a creamy dressing
  • Pasta salad – Rotini, veggies, cheese, and Italian dressing
  • Baked beans – Sweet, smoky beans flavored with bacon or ham

Easy One-Pot Additions

Many pot roast recipes cook root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery right in the braising liquid. This adds extra flavor and eliminates extra pans to wash.

Some great options include:

  • Potatoes – Red or Yukon gold potatoes add starchiness
  • Carrots – Slender whole carrots cook down into tender bites
  • Onions – Quartered onions soften and impart flavor
  • Celery – Slightly bitter celery balances the richness
  • Mushrooms – Meaty mushrooms absorb juices beautifully

Seasonal Produce Side Dishes

During summer and fall, churn out vegetable-focused sides featuring the best fresh, seasonal produce:

  • Summer squash – Quick saute yellow squash and zucchini
  • Corn on the cob – Brush with herb butter before grilling
  • Tomato salad – Sliced heirloom tomatoes with burrata cheese
  • Peaches – Grilled peaches served with a drizzle of honey

When cooler weather arrives, heartier roasted veggies and potatoes are perfect:

  • Pumpkin – Cubed, tossed in cinnamon, cumin, chili powder, roasted
  • Sweet potatoes – Halved, drizzled with oil, roasted
  • Pomegranate arils – Sprinkle over green salads
  • Cranberry sauce – Tart, smooth sauce adds brightness

Comfort Food Classics

Some all-American sides never go out of style. These favorites partner perfectly with fork-tender beef chuck roast:

  • Baked beans – Smoky, sweet beans often made with bacon or ham
  • Coleslaw – Shredded cabbage and carrots in creamy dressing
  • Cornbread – Especially good alongside chili or barbecue spiced roasts
  • Mac and cheese – The ultimate comfort food pairing
  • Potato salad – Chunky diced potatoes in tangy mayo dressing

Make-Ahead Dishes

Sides you can prep ahead help make chuck roast dinners easier:

  • Potato gratin – Assemble layered potatoes and cream the day before
  • Scalloped potatoes – Cut potatoes and make sauce a day ahead
  • Pasta salad – Make a day in advance for flavors to meld
  • Roasted vegetables – Cut up vegetables and store in bags with oil and seasoning

With so many delicious options, from savory to sweet and simple to decadent, you could enjoy a different side each time you make chuck roast. Experiment with new and seasonal produce as well as tried-and-true classics.

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What is beef chuck roast best for?

Chuck Roast 1 Chuck is used for a ​pot roast or, when cubed, stew, because the connective tissue melts as the chuck braises and self-bastes the beef, making it very tender. Other roasts cut from the chuck are Boston Cut and English Roast or Cross Cut.

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