What Is Ground Beef Sirloin?

One of the most popular cuts of ground meat, which is taken from various parts of a cow, is ground sirloin.

For instance, ground sirloin comes from the loin of the cow, whereas ground beef can also come from the chuck, brisket, etc. Years of experimenting with various types of ground meat have led me to the conclusion that ground beef tastes juicier and is ideal for burgers and tacos due to its high fat content.

However, because ground sirloin has a leaner fat content, it tastes better in dishes like chili, Bolognese, and others that you prepare with other ingredients. You’ll learn more about these ground meats in today’s article, and by the end, you’ll know which one wins!

What is ground beef?

Beef that has been ground into long, thin noodles-like pieces using a meat grinder is what is known as ground beef. Ground beef must only contain a specific amount of fat in order to comply with food law regulations regarding its composition. Here in the US, companies can add additional beef fat to their hamburgers but not to ground beef, and any ground beef can contain up to 30% fat

There are 3 different types of ground beef:

  • Ground chuck (the fattiest cut, typically 20-25% fat)
  • Ground round (usually around 15% fat)
  • Ground sirloin (lean, usually around 7-10% fat)

If you buy %E2%80%9Cground beef%E2%80%9D in the store, it%E2%80%99s usually chuck, but may be made from other cuts such as shank or brisket, so can have a fat percentage of up to 30% If it%E2%80%99s called %E2%80%9Chamburger meat%E2%80%9D, it will have a high-fat percentage, typically in the 25-30% range

What Is Ground Beef Sirloin?

What is ground sirloin?

As we saw above, ground sirloin is a kind of ground beef. Because it is the leanest type of ground beef, it may just be referred to as “lean ground beef” instead of ground sirloin. Because it is so lean, ground beef in this form is the healthiest and most expensive.

What Is Ground Beef Sirloin?

Ground Sirloin vs Ground Beef: Head-to-Head Comparison

Ground sirloin is the best choice if you want to consume the most protein in your diet while also consuming the fewest calories possible. Here’s how they compare for 4oz:

  • Ground Sirloin Calories: 200 (99 from fat)
  • Fat: 11g (4.5g is saturated)
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Protein: 23g
  • Vitamin A: 0%
  • Vitamin C: 0%
  • Calcium: 0%
  • Iron: 15%
  • Ground Beef Calories: 308 (177 from fat)
  • Fat: 20g (7.4g is saturated)
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Protein: 31g
  • Vitamin A: 0.2%
  • Vitamin C: 0%
  • Calcium: 2.4%
  • Iron: 18%

Ground beef may be the best option if you want to maximize the amount of protein it contains and aren’t too concerned about calories or fat content. Choose your ground beef according to the recipe you want to prepare, which we’ll go over in more detail shortly, unless you’re on a diet.

When you compare the nutritional contents of the two (20g for ground beef per 4oz and 11g for ground sirloin per 4oz), you can see that choosing ground sirloin over ground beef results in you eating half as much fat per pound. Although fat isn’t always bad, it is something to take into account when selecting the type of beef to use in your recipes.

Unfortunately, fat adds flavor, which is why butter is said to make everything taste better. It’s not often good for us, but it’s true. Because of this, ground beef typically outperforms sirloin in terms of flavor. However, since ground sirloin doesn’t exactly lack flavor, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference unless you sat down with both and tried a bite of each.

There is not much of a texture difference between ground beef and ground sirloin, and this is again due to the fat content. Because of its higher fat content, ground beef has a softer texture than ground sirloin, which is chewier.

When it comes to price, ground sirloin is around $5. 70 per pound, while ground beef is around $4. 30 per pound. Because ground sirloin contains higher-quality meat than ground beef, which can vary in quality depending on the brand, there is a price difference. The cost will also vary depending on the meat’s quality, as grass-fed beef will always be more superior and therefore more expensive.

What is ground beef best for?

Ground beef lends itself well to recipes that need to “stick” together because of its high fat content. For example:

Additionally, since the leanness of ground sirloin can cause it to dry out, it’s best for recipes that you intend to cook for a prolonged period of time without much sauce.

Here are a few of our favorite ground beef recipes:

What Is Ground Beef Sirloin?

What Is Ground Beef Sirloin?

What Is Ground Beef Sirloin?

What is ground sirloin best for?

For chili, Bolognese, tacos, and other dishes that you prepare with sauce and other ingredients, ground sirloin works best. It’s also best for browned and crumbled beef.

Here are some of the best ground sirloin recipes:

Korean Ground Beef and Rice Bowls

What Is Ground Beef Sirloin?

Crispy Ground Beef Tacos

What Is Ground Beef Sirloin?

Sloppy Joe Baked Potatoes

What Is Ground Beef Sirloin?

Alternatives to Ground Beef

Here are some different options you can take into consideration if you want to experiment with your recipes and try something new or if you want to eat more lean white meat in order to stay healthy:

  • Ground bison – Bison is the best substitute because it tastes like beef but is leaner.
  • Check the label before using ground chicken, as it is typically a leaner option to chicken and a good way to try your favorite ground beef recipes with chicken (like chili or tacos). On occasion, they grind the skin along with the lean chicken, which raises the fat content.
  • Ground turkey is one of the tastiest and typically healthiest types of ground meat available.

Try combining the mince with an egg or some egg whites for recipes that typically call for fattier ground beef if you want to use any of these leaner substitutes. It provides the mince with more structure, more protein, and more flavor.

How to Make the Perfect Hamburger Patty

Ready to make the best hamburger patties? If you%E2%80%99re choosing ground beef to make burgers, you generally want a high-fat content, so opt for ground beef or ground chuck (around 20% fat is about right)

If you want to add a little flavor, you can mix in some finely chopped chilies or onions, but make sure everything you mix in is small so that your patties will stick together properly.

When the ground beef is prepared, wet your hands a little to prevent the beef from sticking to them and form all of the ground beef into equal balls. The balls should then be flattened to the desired thickness using the palm of your hand or a spatula, and then shaped with your fingers. You can also use a burger press if you prefer. Check out our 9 Tips for Smoking Burgers to ensure you get the best results once they’re in the right shape before cooking.

When it comes to ground sirloin vs ground beef, it generally comes down to personal preference, your health goals, and the recipe you’re planning to make. If you’re a lover of beef and have yet to try cooking your favorite recipes with a wood pellet grill, where have you been? We’re biased, but everything really does taste better when it’s been cooked on a wood pellet grill. If you’re ready to up your grilling game, it’s time to join the Z Grills family.

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Ground Sirloin Smashburgers from Welcome Home Beef


Is ground sirloin considered lean?

Ground sirloin, for example, is ground beef sourced from the sirloin area of the animal, and typically falls at the 90% lean/10% fat content Other source grinds include ground round (typically 85% lean/15% fat) and ground chuck (typically 80% lean/20% fat)

Is ground sirloin better than Angus?

Because they contain more fat, the Angus burgers are, in my opinion, tastier and a great option for the grill. I hope that answers your question. The Sirloin burgers are also good, but leaner and thus less flavorful.

What is the benefit of ground sirloin?

High-quality protein, which is crucial for muscle growth, repair, and general health, is abundant in ground beef. Good source of iron: Ground beef contains a significant amount of iron, an important mineral for maintaining healthy red blood cells and preventing anemia.

What are the 3 types of ground beef?

It may be classified as prime grade, choice grade, or select grade. Prime grade – indicates it comes from well-fed, young cows. It’s the highest grade and likely had lots of marbling. Below that but still of high quality, juicy, and flavor is choice grade. Select grade – will be leaner and less juicy.

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