What is Ground Beef Sirloin?

Ground beef is a kitchen staple used in many classic American dishes like burgers, tacos, chili, meatloaf, etc. But there are different types of ground beef you can buy. One you may see at the grocery store is ground sirloin. So what exactly is ground beef sirloin and how does it differ from regular ground beef?

Where Ground Sirloin Comes From

Ground sirloin is made by grinding meat from the sirloin section of a beef cow. The sirloin refers to the hip and rear-end region of the animal. It sits between the round primal cut and the short loin primal cut.

Within the sirloin there are several subprimal cuts that may be used for ground sirloin:

  • Top sirloin – Most common cut used for ground sirloin
  • Bottom sirloin
  • Tri-tip
  • Ball tip roast
  • Flap meat

These sirloin cuts are rich in flavor because they get a good workout during the cow’s life. The top sirloin in particular provides very tender, beefy-tasting ground meat.

Key Attributes of Ground Sirloin

Here are some of the defining qualities of ground sirloin compared to regular ground beef:

  • Very lean – Ground sirloin contains around 90% lean meat and only 10% fat. It is much leaner than regular ground beef.

  • Low fat content – The fat percentage of ground sirloin ranges from 7% to 14%. Regular ground beef can have up to 30% fat.

  • Uniform texture – Made from a single cut, ground sirloin has a more consistent texture. Ground beef uses meat from different areas.

  • Beefier flavor – Ground sirloin has a robust, concentrated beef taste. Regular ground beef may be diluted with less flavorful cuts.

  • Rich color – Ground sirloin has a darker color while regular ground beef can be more pinkish-red.

  • Higher price – Due to its prized cut, ground sirloin costs about $1-2 more per pound than regular ground beef.

Best Uses for Ground Sirloin

The extra leanness and concentrated flavor of ground sirloin make it ideal for certain cooking applications:

  • Burgers – Excellent for grilling juicy beefy burgers. The leanness prevents a greasy burger.

  • Meatballs – Lean ground sirloin makes light, flavorful meatballs. Shape and bake, grill, or simmer in sauce.

  • Meatloaf – Adding some bacon or ground pork keeps it moist. The beefy taste shines through.

  • Tacos – Browned ground sirloin stands up well in a taco with lots of flavorful toppings.

  • Chili – Uses the meaty flavor and lean texture. The sauce keeps it tender.

  • Pasta sauce – Cooks up nicely for a Bolognese or meat sauce over pasta.

  • Stir fries – Quick cooking on high heat. Pair with lots of veggies and bold seasonings.

For dishes with a lot of sauce or bold flavors, ground sirloin provides a nice canvas of beefy flavor without too much greasiness.

Potential Drawbacks of Ground Sirloin

While ground sirloin has some advantages, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Can dry out – Lack of fat means ground sirloin can become dry if overcooked. Use care when cooking.

  • Less flavor – Some find it less richly flavored than fattier ground chuck or beef.

  • Dense texture – The leanness makes ground sirloin denser rather than loose and crumbly when cooked.

  • Not ideal for burgers – Burgers made only with ground sirloin may be dense and dry. Consider blending with ground chuck or beef.

  • More expensive – The higher cost may limit willingness to use it over regular ground beef.

With careful cooking, the drawbacks can be minimized. Focus on flavorful seasonings and sauces to complement the premium ground sirloin.

Buying and Storing Ground Sirloin

When shopping for ground sirloin, follow the same selection and storage guidelines as regular ground beef:

  • Check the expiration date and pick the freshest option.

  • Look for a bright red color without brown or gray spots.

  • Make sure the packaging is well sealed with no tears or leaks.

  • Refrigerate immediately and use within 1-2 days, or freeze for later use.

  • Thaw frozen ground sirloin in the fridge overnight before using.

  • Cook ground sirloin thoroughly to an internal temperature of 160°F.

Ground sirloin provides a leaner, more concentrated beef flavor than regular ground beef. With its premium cut source, ground sirloin works great in dishes where you want the beefiness to shine through. Use it for burgers, meatballs, chili, Bolognese sauce, and more. Just take care not to overcook it due to the lower fat content. Follow these tips to enjoy quality ground sirloin and appreciate the differences from regular ground beef.

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What is difference between ground beef and ground sirloin?

Ground Sirloin vs Ground Beef Ground sirloin is the leanest type of ground beef, which makes it appealing as a healthy protein option. Ground beef, on the other hand, has a higher fat content which makes it a better choice for hamburger patties.

Is ground beef sirloin good for tacos?

What’s the best ground beef for tacos? Ground round or ground sirloin—these are leaner versions of ground beef, so they don’t have as much flavor on their own. That makes them perfect for cooking with lots of herbs and spices, as you do when making taco filling.

What are the 3 types of ground beef?

In the grocery store, the four major varieties of ground beef (a.k.a. “hamburger meat”) are Ground Round, Ground Sirloin, Ground Chuck and Ground Beef.

Is lean ground beef sirloin?

Ground sirloin is the leanest type of ground beef, at a 90 percent lean meat to 10 percent fat ratio. This ratio can vary, so be sure to closely examine the packaging before purchase. One of the most delicious types of ground beef, ground sirloin is an excellent option for those looking for a healthier meat.

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