What Is Beef Topside? (with pictures)

How do you cook a topside beef joint?

Roast topside beef

Often referred to as the “poor man’s sirloin,” topside is a wonderful, affordable roasting joint that cuts into perfectly uniform slices. It can be served lightly pink. It tastes especially good when roasted and thinly sliced, and any leftovers go well in salads or sandwiches with horseradish mayo. For a centerpiece that is especially special, try our roast beef with caramelized onion gravy.

Braised topside beef

To cook the topside of the beef, cut it into large chunks and simmer it in a stew. If cooked for a sufficient amount of time, it should become soft and crumble. Topside would work in a lower-fat stew, casserole, or curry because it is leaner than other cuts and has less fat running through it.

Pot-roasted topside beef

In addition to slow-cooking the joint in stock to remove any toughness from the meat, pot roasting the topside, typically in a cast iron casserole, is a great idea because it requires less cleanup. Try adding wine to the stock before pouring it over the meat and vegetables, which should be seasoned with herbs and other flavors. The results are meltingly tender, and the juice that is released combines with the stock to make a deep, rich gravy that meat eaters will enjoy. Make our pot-roasted beef with French onion gravy yourself.

Slow cooker topside

You can use a slow cooker to stew or prepare topside as a fall-apart joint. For whole joints, make sure the meat is halfway submerged in liquid and follow our timings on the slow cooker recipe below. For stews, follow the stewing instructions and timings.

Our favourite topside beef recipes

Make our roast beef with red wine if you have the time to go above and beyond. Even though it’s easy to prepare, this opulent family meal is sure to be the talk of the dinner table. Serve with all your favourite trimmings.

Make our mouthwatering slow cooker beef topside with red wine gravy to utilize our favorite kitchen tool. The beef only requires 20 minutes to prepare, after which it is cooked slowly to bring out more flavor. If you don’t have a slow cooker, you can use an ovenproof pan instead (see our helpful tip below the recipe).

Combine classic flavours in our Victorian diable sandwich. The best way to enjoy this filling roast beef sandwich with capers, mustard, and gravy is warm, with additional gravy on the side. It’s pure, afternoon luxury. There is no better way to use any leftovers from the Sunday roast.

For a simple Christmas lunch, easily convert béarnaise sauce into flavor-infused butter. It tastes just as good and goes great with pepper-crusted roast beef.

See our list of the top 10 roast beef recipes for even more mouthwatering roasts and meaty crowd-pleasers.

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Beef Top Side


What is topside beef called in the USA?

Lean beef from the cow’s thigh (the rump), known as topside of beef (or Top Round as it is known in the US), is sometimes referred to as the poor man’s sirloin. Typically, it is offered boned, rolled, and tied, ready for roasting in the oven.

What is another name for topside beef?

Topside: Also known as buttock steak, topside of beef is a lean boneless cut from the top of the inside hind leg.

Is topside same as chuck?

Although these two roasts are both substantial, tough cuts of reasonably priced beef, the primary distinction between them is where on the animal they are cut. Compared to chuck roast, which is cut from the shoulder and has more fat, top round roast is taken from the back leg and is leaner.

What is topside beef best for?

Between the thick flank and the silverside, the topside emerges from the inside of the hind leg. The performance of topside is best when diced for slow cooking in a hearty casserole or braise because it is extremely lean.

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