The Biggest Lobsters Ever Hauled In: Tales of Record-Breaking Sea Monsters

Lobsters can grow to mammoth sizes if left alone long enough. While most end up on dinner plates once they reach legal size limits, every so often a fisherman snares a true leviathan that breaks records and makes headlines. These lobster behemoths capture our imaginations with their staggering proportions and advanced age.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most massive lobsters ever captured We’ll learn about the stories behind these oversized ocean dwellers, where and when they were found, who discovered them, and what became of them afterwards.

Larry the 15 Pound Lobster

In 2016, a Florida seafood restaurant came into possession of a lobster nicknamed “Larry” that weighed 15 pounds. This makes Larry one of the heaviest lobsters on record. At an estimated 105 years old, he had been surviving for decades in the waters off South Florida.

Restaurant staff considered keeping Larry as an attraction, But ultimately a group of animal activists intervened and raised $300 to purchase Larry He was shipped to Maine and released in the chilly northern waters more suited to his kind, Larry’s massive size and advanced age likely gave him immense breeding potential to pass on resilient genes

Dipper the 20 Pounder

Social media lit up in 2015 when images circulated of a Maine fisherman hoisting an astounding 20 pound lobster he had caught. This beasty beat Maine’s legal size limit of 5 inches from eyes to tail by a long shot. Nicknamed “Dipper” after the boat on which he was caught, the lobster was a local celebrity for a time.

Since Dipper had to be released promptly per regulations, his captors never had a chance to officially record and document his mammoth proportions. But based on photos, experts estimated Dipper may have been 50 years old or more. Hopefully he’s still out there cruising the Maine waters today.

Twenty Pound George

In 2008, a twenty pound lobster was pulled from the waters off Canada’s Newfoundland province. Dubbed “George” by the City Crab and Seafood restaurant that purchased him, this elderly crustacean became an internet darling when the restaurant’s owner enlisted PETA’s help in returning him to the wild.

At an estimated 140 years old, George earned fame as potentially the oldest lobster ever captured. After just 10 days in captivity, George was freed into Maine’s coastal waters amidst much fanfare. Experts say George likely survived for many more years due to his tremendous size and age.

Louie the Twenty-Two Pounder

For over 20 years, a lobster named Louie lived in a tank at Pete’s Clam Bar in New York. Fed well by restaurant staff over decades, Louie grew to the hefty weight of 22 pounds. That’s about the size of a robust house cat!

When a customer offered the owner $1000 to cook and eat Louie, he realized the crustacean had become too much of a local legend to sell. So in 2017 Louie was released into the waters of Long Island Sound, greeted by crowds of fans. Despite his advanced age, Louie’s long protected life in captivity gave him a strong chance of survival.

Twenty-Seven Pound Rocky

In 2012, a Maine shrimp trawler snared one of the heaviest lobsters ever recorded – a 27 pound beast nicknamed “Rocky.” His massive claws alone weighed as much as an average lobster’s entire body. Rocky was donated to the Maine State Aquarium for some weeks of fame before heading back to the sea.

Rocky’s extreme weight even compared to his length astounded lobster biologists. Researchers say most of Rocky’s heft came from fat stored in his colossal crushing claws, evolved for battling prey and rivals. Once back in the ocean, Rocky likely had to fight to reestablish dominance.

Chester the Clawesome Lobster

While not ranking in overall body weight, a Canadian lobster caught in 1977 is recognized by Guinness World Records for having the heaviest claws ever measured. Nicknamed “Chester the Clawesome Lobster,” this big boy’s claws tipped the scales at an incredible 44 pounds!

That’s heavier than a cinder block or an average third-grader. Chester became an overnight celebrity when photos of his baseball mitt-sized claws hit the press. After his record was documented, Chester was returned to Nova Scotian waters to continue flexing his unmatched strength.

The World’s Heaviest Crustacean

According to the Guinness Book, the largest lobster ever captured weighed 44 pounds and was snared off Nova Scotia in 1977. This humongous 45 pounder still stands as the official Guinness record holder for the Heaviest Crustacean In the World.

Rather than ending up as someone’s seafood dinner, the record-setting lobster was donated to a Halifax museum to become part of a marine life exhibit. Visitors could see that indeed this lobster was big enough to comfortably fill a toddler’s seat at the table!

Honorable Mentions

A few other epic lobsters deserve honorable mentions. A 51 pound specimen caught in Maine in 1926 was likely the longest on record at nearly 40 inches from head to tail. And modern rumors tell of 60 to 100 pound lobsters being hauled up, though never officially verified. One thing’s for sure – where lobsters can live long and grow large, more mammoth sea bugs will keep appearing to shock and amaze us landlubbers.

Why Lobsters Can Get So Huge

How do lobsters like Larry and Rocky reach such insane proportions? A few key biological factors allow lobsters to achieve massive size:

  • Their indeterminate growth pattern means they never stop molting and enlarging.

  • A low-calorie diet and cold water temperatures slow their metabolism.

  • Older lobsters get crafty at finding food while avoiding predators.

  • Natural selection favors larger size since big lobsters can mate more often.

  • Rare genetic mutations increase growth hormones in some mega-lobsters.

So lobsters are biologically primed to become true ocean monsters if they manage to evade fishermen and live long enough. The largest ever will likely always remain mysterious – hidden in the dark depths where no human will ever glimpse them. But once or twice a decade, a lobster that reaches mythic size gets hauled up in a net to surprise the world.

Protecting Old Lobsters

While feasting on giant lobster might sound tempting, most get released after weighing and documenting. Why? For one, their meat gets rubbery and deteriorates with age. More importantly, big old fertile lobsters are critical for maintaining healthy populations.

Fortunately, U.S. seafood regulations prohibit keeping lobsters over a certain size. By tossing back the grandparents of the lobster world, we ensure they can continue breeding and passing on hardy genes. So while gobbling down a 20-pounder might seem fun in theory, preserving these magnificent mammoth crustaceans is key to sustainable lobster fishing.

A Rare Treat

For all of us who love the succulent taste of lobster, these stories of enormous specimens being captured offer some guilty excitement. There’s something satisfying on a primal level about seeing a photo of a bona fide sea monster – even if we know it’s not meant for eating.

So the next time you crack open a typical 1 to 2 pound lobster tail at a beachside restaurant this summer, recall the legends of the giants like Larry and Rocky. Somewhere under the dark waves, these titans of the deep are still creeping along the rocky bottom, seeking prey and mates. Here’s to many more years of healthy ocean giants!

what was the largest lobster ever caught

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What is the heaviest lobster ever caught?

What is the biggest lobster ever caught? According to Guinness World Records, the largest lobster caught (officially called the Heaviest Marine Crustacean) was 44 pounds 6 ounces (20.14 kilograms) . The lobster was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada in 1977.

What is the biggest Barracuda ever caught?

What is the largest barracuda ever caught? The big barracuda weighed 46.4 kilograms– 102 pounds , 8 oz. –narrowly topping the current all-tackle IGFA world record, a 45.9-kilo (101-pound, 3 oz.) fish caught in the west African country of Gabon in 2002 by Dr. Cyril Fabre.

What is the biggest steelhead ever caught?

The longest steelhead ever caught appears to be a fish that angler Jeff Wissing caught on the Quinault River (Washington) in 2004. That massive fish measured 46 inches (!) and had an impressive 24 inches girth. What a majestic steelhead that fish must have been!

How big was the largest lobster ever recorded?

The largest lobster ever caught weighed a whopping 44 pounds and 6 ounces! This lobster was an astonishing catch made in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1977. This lobster was an astonishing catch made in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1977.

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