Where to Buy Beef Bacon Online: Top Sources for Mail Order Delivery

Beef bacon has exploded in popularity for its incredibly rich, meaty flavor that pork bacon can’t match. But finding it in stores can be a challenge. Luckily, several top online mail order companies now offer premium beef bacon shipped right to your door. Here’s where to buy the best beef bacon online.

Why Buy Beef Bacon Online?

Ordering beef bacon online provides important advantages:

  • Wider selection – Online companies offer multiple beef bacon options not found locally.

  • Freshness – Beef bacon is shipped frozen to arrive cold and fresh.

  • Convenience – Home delivery means skipping the store trip.

  • Hard-to-find cuts – Mail order provides access to rare beef bacon cuts.

  • Price – Buying direct from small suppliers cuts out retailer markups.

Top Online Sources for Beef Bacon

These mail order companies produce stellar beef bacon worth ordering online:

Porter Road

  • 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised beef

  • Hormone and antibiotic free

  • Dry aged for concentrated flavor

  • Ships frozen from Tennessee

  • $13 per pound

Porter Road’s beef bacon is made from dry aged grass-fed beef for the ultimate meaty flavor. It ships frozen to maintain freshness.

Birdwood Beef

  • Grass-finished Angus crossbred beef

  • Locally and sustainably raised in Nebraska

  • USDA inspected and labeled

  • Ships frozen

  • $10.50 per pound

Birdwood Beef offers high-quality beef bacon from their pasture-raised Nebraska cattle. It’s grain finished for great marbling.

Crowd Cow

  • Grass-fed, grass-finished beef

  • Farm-specific selection

  • Ships frozen from small ranches

  • $8-$20+ per pound based on cut

Crowd Cow lets you choose from multiple small ranches. Excellent for high-end grass-fed beef bacon.

Wagyu Master

  • Premium Japanese Wagyu beef

  • High marbling for texture and flavor

  • Ships overnight frozen

  • Starts around $25 per pound

For luxury beef bacon, Wagyu Master carries top Japanese Wagyu brands like Miyazaki and Kobe (real Kobe beef bacon!).

Snake River Farms

  • American Wagyu and Black Angus

  • Wet aged on the bone

  • Ships frozen from Idaho

  • Starts around $25 per pound

Snake River Farms offers premium American-raised Wagyu and Black Angus beef bacon options.

Joyce Farms

  • Pastured, heritage breed beef

  • Uncured, hickory smoked

  • Ships frozen from North Carolina

  • Around $22 per pound

Joyce Farms produce artisanal, uncured beef bacon smoked over hickory. Available in limited batches.

Other Notable Beef Bacon Online Sellers:

  • Buckhead Beef
  • D’Artagnan
  • Double R Ranch
  • Legal Sea Foods
  • Nebraska Star Beef
  • Wild Fork Foods

Buying Grass-Fed vs Grain-Fed Beef Bacon

You’ll find both grain-fed and grass-fed beef bacon from online sellers. Each has pros and cons:


  • Leaner with a slightly chewier texture
  • More omega-3s and CLAs
  • Stronger “beefy” flavor
  • More expensive


  • More marbling for tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture
  • Sweeter, milder flavor
  • Lower cost
  • Faster weight gain lessens environmental impact

Try both grass-fed and grain-fed to decide which you prefer. Grass-fed packs a bigger flavor punch if you like bold beefiness.

Different Beef Bacon Cuts

Online butchers offer beef bacon from different primal cuts. Here are some you may see:

  • Navel – From the plate primal near the belly. Most common cut for beef bacon.

  • Short plate – Also from the plate primal. Very marbled with great texture.

  • Skirt bacon – From the flank. Chewier texture when sliced thin.

  • Flank bacon – From the bottom sirloin flap. Leaner and meatier flavor.

  • Chuck roll bacon – From the chuck primal. More marbling than flank.

Thickness can range from very thin deli slices to 1/4 inch or thicker slices. Try a variety to find your favorites.

How To Cook Beef Bacon

Beef bacon cooks up just like pork bacon. Here are some tips:

  • Grill or pan fry for crispy bacon. Use medium to medium-low heat to avoid burning.

  • Bake in the oven at 375°F on a rack lined sheet pan. Check often as beef bacon is lean.

  • Microwave in 30 second bursts, blotting excess grease. Stop before it crisps.

  • Boil beef bacon submerged in water for tender, juicy results without curling.

  • Chop and add toGround beef burgers, meatballs, etc. for incredibly beefy flavor.

  • Make amazing beef bacon bits by crisping then chopping into bits.

  • Render down and use beef bacon fat just as you would lard or duck fat.

Beef bacon is also great in place of pork bacon in any recipe like sandwiches, breakfast plates, or salads. Adjust cooking times as the leaner meat may take less time.

Why Choose Beef Bacon?

Here are some of the best reasons to get beef bacon delivered online:

  • Intensely rich, meaty flavor beyond just pork bacon

  • Tender, steak-like texture when cooked properly

  • No need to limit consumption due to processed nitrates or sugars

  • Versatility as a cooking ingredient or eaten on its own

  • Keto-friendly option with 0g carbs and high protein

  • Source from small farms with high animal welfare standards

The highest-quality beef bacon comes from small specialty online farms practicing ethical, sustainable farming. Ordering online lets you access these premium products.

Discover Delicious Beef Bacon Flavor

Beef bacon offers hardcore meat lovers a whole new pork-free bacon experience. Seared beefy flavor and tender meaty texture in every bite make it highly addictive! Satisfy your beef bacon curiosity by ordering from a top online supplier. Cook it up for breakfast, bake it as a snack, or enhance everything from burgers to salads with its rich savoriness.

Beef bacon- fantastic tasting


Does anyone make a beef bacon?

Naturally wood smoked Godshall’s Beef Bacon is an ideal choice for keto and paleo diets or for those who just love beef. This bacon cooks up crispy just like pork and has a meaty, smoky and savory flavor. It’s made with US Raised Beef, packed with 4 grams of protein and zero carbs per serving.

What is another name for beef bacon?

Also called navel brisket and beef plate, beef belly is the same cut of the pig traditional pork bacon is made from. As they have a similar fat composition, it can be used as a substitute for brisket to make beef navel pastrami and other salumi.

What cut of meat is beef bacon?

Simply put, beef bacon is a variation of regular bacon made from beef rather than pork. Pork bacon is generally made from sliced pork belly. Like traditional bacon, beef bacon can also be made from the beef belly. However, it can also be made from the brisket or round for leaner options.

Is beef bacon better for you than pork bacon?

Is beef bacon healthier to eat than pork bacon? Probably to some slight degree, but they both come for the one of the animal’s fattiest parts. Beef is known to be leaner than pork, but when it comes to belly cuts—which is what bacon happens to be—there’s really not much of a difference.

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