Finding Delicious Beef Shank Near You

Beef shank is an affordable, flavorful cut of meat that is great for soups, stews, braising and other slow cooking methods. The shank comes from the leg of the cow and contains lots of collagen, which breaks down into rich gelatin when cooked low and slow. This gives finished dishes like osso buco a luscious texture. This article will cover where to find beef shank for sale near you.

What is Beef Shank?

Beef shank refers to meat from the leg of the cow, specifically the portion between the knee and ankle. It contains muscles, fat and lots of connective tissue. There are two main sections:

  • Foreshank – From the front legs. More muscular. Good for stews.

  • Hindshank – From rear legs. More tendons/ligaments. Best for osso buco.

Shank can be sold whole or cross-cut into rounds. The cross-cut pieces make a nice single serving size.

Benefits of Cooking with Beef Shank

There are many advantages to using beef shank in the kitchen:

  • Inexpensive price – Shank is a budget-friendly cut.

  • Flavorful – The meat has lots of beefy flavor.

  • Collagen – Breaks down into gelatin, giving great mouthfeel.

  • Nutritious – Provides protein, vitamins, minerals.

  • Versatile – Great for soups, stews, braising, stocks.

  • Tenderizes – Long cooking times make it fall-apart tender.

Where to Buy Beef Shank

You have several options for where to find beef shank near you:

Grocery Stores

Look for beef shank in the meat department of grocery stores. It may be with the other beef cuts or near the soup bones. Foreshank and hindshank may be sold.

Butcher Shops or Meat Markets

Ask your local butcher if they carry beef shank. They can prepare it how you prefer – whole or cut into rounds.

Big Box Stores

Large warehouse stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, etc will often stock beef shank along with their other meat offerings. Check the freezer section.

Online Stores

Order beef shank online for delivery from online retailers like Walmart Grocery or speciality meat stores.

Farmers Markets

Ask vendors at your local farmer’s market if they have beef shank for sale. It may be available seasonally.

Direct from Farms

Check with local cattle farms or ranches to see if they will sell beef shank directly to consumers. This ensures it is fresh.

What to Look for When Buying Beef Shank

Follow these tips when selecting beef shank:

  • Type – Choose foreshank or hindshank depending on intended use.

  • Cut – Whole or cross-cut into rounds. Get size needed for recipe/meal.

  • Meat color – Should be bright reddish-purple, not brown or gray.

  • Fat – Some fat cap on the meat is good for flavor.

  • Texture – Meat should be firm. Avoid any very soft spots.

  • Expiration date – Pick packages with furthest out sell-by or use-by dates.

  • Packaging – Select well-sealed packaging without tears or leaks.

  • Quantity – Buy amount needed for planned recipes to avoid waste.

How Much Beef Shank to Buy

Beef shank can vary in size quite a bit. In general:

  • Foreshank – Can be 3-5 pounds each

  • Hindshank – 5-7 pounds or more when whole

  • Cross-cut rounds – Around 1 pound each

For soups and stews allowing 1 pound per 2-3 servings is a safe estimate. Adjust amounts as needed based on appetites.

Prices for Beef Shank

Beef shank is very budget friendly, usually between $2-$4 per pound. Prices may vary slightly based on cut, whether bone-in or deboned, and where it is purchased. Always compare unit prices. Bulk packages at warehouse stores can be cost effective if you use a lot.

How to Store Beef Shank

  • Refrigerate – Keep fresh beef shank stored in the refrigerator until ready to use.

  • Freezer – For longer storage, wrap tightly and freeze for up to 6 months. Thaw in fridge before using.

  • Use-by date – Cook fresh shank by sell-by date or freeze for later.

  • Storage container – Keep in original packaging or wrap in plastic wrap or bags.

  • Food safety – Discard if you notice any off odors, stickiness or sliminess.

Easy Beef Shank Recipes

Beef shank is ideal in recipes like these:

  • Hearty shank and vegetable soup
  • Classic osso buco with risotto
  • Slow cooker pot roast with shank
  • Red wine braised beef shanks
  • Beef shank birria tacos
  • Asian beef shank adobo
  • Smoky BBQ beef shanks
  • Italian beef shank ragu over polenta

Tips for Cooking Beef Shank

  • Low and slow – Braise, simmer, cook on low overnight in soups, stews.
  • Moist heat – Keeps meat tender and allows collagen to break down.
  • Covered – Retains moisture. Leave lid on during braising.
  • Add liquid – Use broth, wine, tomatoes, etc to keep moist.
  • Aromatics – Onion, garlic, herbs enhance flavor.
  • Seasonings – Keep seasoning simple to let beefy flavor shine.
  • Skimming fat – Remove some surface fat for healthier finished dish.
  • Accompaniments – Serve over rice, pasta, polenta. Use broth for sauce.

Make Delicious Meals with Beef Shank

Beef shank is an underutilized cut of meat that can add rich flavor and tender texture to budget-friendly meals. With a little prep and slow cooking, shank becomes fall-apart tender and yields a luscious collagen-rich broth perfect for soups and gravy. Look for affordable beef shank at grocery stores, butchers, warehouse clubs or online and whip up nourishing stews, braises and soups.

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What is beef shank called in the store?

The shank cross cut is the only real cut, but it goes by different names. These include the beef fore shank and the beef Osso Bucco cut. Shank meat is generally cut horizontally in thin slices. The cut resembles a steak with a leg bone circle.

What is the best replacement for beef shank?

Although other tough cuts braise nicely, chuck roast is the most affordable, and widely available which makes it the perfect substitute. You might even look for a bone-in chuck roast to stand in for the shank if you want to get the additional flavor and nutritional value that comes from bone-in cuts.

Are beef shanks cheap?

Low cost per pound (less than $3/lb Steakhouse and $4/lb Organic) Easy. Just braise (slow cook) it, or, get a little more creative.

What is shank meat called?

The beef shank is the leg portion of a steer or heifer. In the UK, the corresponding cuts of beef are the shin (the foreshank), and the leg (the hindshank).

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