Where to Donate for Turkey/Syria Earthquake and Ukrainian War Relief

Turkish residents in the Bay Area are contributing to the earthquake relief efforts remotely by any means possible.

Elif Sensurucu single-handedly launched an international relief flight. Most of Sensurucus family lives in Adana City in Turkey.

“This all happened Monday, Sunday evening for us,” said Sensurucu. “Given the short notice, my only thought was to invite people to drop it off here.” “.

Sensurucu has been collecting warm clothing and personal products to send back to her home country. People are gathered around fires or moving about the streets in the bitter cold, according to live video feeds coming from Adana. Most escaped with only the clothes on their backs.

“Its hard,” said Sensurucu. “All my familys still in Turkey, so its very hard to see this from afar. Which is why I started little things that I could. Ive been trying to fundraise through friends and the donations Ive been collecting. I wanted to just have an impact. So all of this — even a pair of socks — is a life-saver. “.

Donations will only reach the country because Turkish Airlines committed to sending a flight from SFO on Thursday with the relief supplies. But that was also Sensurucus doing.

She said, “I called to see if this would be an option, and they said they would make it happen.” “.

But Sensurucu is not alone. At UC Berkeley, some of her Turkish friends are also collecting material for the flight.

While it’s encouraging to see so many people willing to donate, Can Jozef Saul says there’s still a crippling sense of powerlessness.

“Honestly, I feel at peace seeing people helping as much as they can,” said Saul. “But whatever this is, its very minimal at the end of the day. The actual cause is making us sad every single second. “.

Sensurucu continued, “Seeing the pictures and videos that have been released from it makes my life, some of the things I’m dealing with, seem so unimportant.” “Its just. if its not that, at least I can do what I can to help. “.

Individual efforts like these may seem small in the face of such a massive catastrophe. However, the answer to the question of how much one person can actually do to make a difference is: whatever they can

The first Turkish Airlines relief flight leaves Thursday morning, but there will be others. Volunteers are taking donations through Friday.

The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria, as well as the ongoing war in Ukraine, have caused immense devastation and suffering. Many people are looking for ways to help, and fortunately, there are several reputable organizations accepting donations

Organizations Supporting Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief

World Central Kitchen: Founded by Chef José Andrés, this organization provides meals to communities in need around the world. They are currently serving over 600,000 meals daily in Ukraine alone. You can support them by visiting Chef Andrés’ restaurants in Washington, DC, or by donating directly through their website.

Turkish Embassy: The Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. is collecting essential items such as blankets, tents, sleeping bags, and over-the-counter medications. Donations can be dropped off daily between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Cafe Georgetown: This cafe is partnering with the Turkish Embassy to provide aid to those affected by the earthquake. They have created a GoFundMe campaign and are also donating a portion of the proceeds from every Rose Latte purchased.

Violet Salon: This salon is collecting donations of blankets, sweaters, socks, and other essential items. Clients can bring their donations to their appointments.

Shop Made in DC: Georgetown: This shop is donating a portion of all sales to World Central Kitchen to aid Ukraine. They are also sending 15% of sales on Ukrainian brands directly to Ukraine aid organizations.

The American Turkish Association of Washington, D.C.: This organization has established the Kahramanmaras Earthquake Relief Fund to provide survivors with food, fuel, clean water, medicine, and shelter. You can donate through their website.

Organizations Supporting Ukrainian War Relief

World Central Kitchen: As mentioned above, World Central Kitchen is also providing meals to those affected by the war in Ukraine.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): The ICRC is a humanitarian organization that provides assistance to victims of armed conflict and other emergencies. They are currently working in Ukraine to provide food, water, medical care, and other essential items.

Save the Children: This organization is working to protect children and families affected by the war in Ukraine. They are providing essential supplies, psychosocial support, and education programs.

Doctors Without Borders: This medical humanitarian organization is providing medical care to those affected by the war in Ukraine. They are also working to train local healthcare workers and provide essential medical supplies.

UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency is providing assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Ukraine. They are providing shelter, food, water, and other essential items.

How to Choose a Reputable Charity

When choosing a charity to donate to, it is important to do your research to ensure that the organization is reputable and that your donation will be used effectively. Here are some things to consider:

  • The organization’s mission and track record: Make sure that the organization’s mission aligns with your values and that they have a proven track record of success.
  • The organization’s financial transparency: Look for organizations that are transparent about their finances and how they use donations.
  • The organization’s overhead costs: Choose an organization that has low overhead costs so that more of your donation goes directly to those in need.

Additional Resources

  • Charity Navigator: This website provides information on the financial health and accountability of charities.
  • GuideStar: This website provides information on the programs and services of charities.
  • GiveWell: This organization recommends highly effective charities working in global poverty.

By donating to a reputable organization, you can help make a difference in the lives of those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and the war in Ukraine.

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Where can you donate clothes to Turkey?

Donating physical items: A number of readers have asked us how to donate physical items, such as blankets and clothing. At this time, the only way to do that is to ship the items to the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. on your own. The Embassy will then ship those items overseas.

Where can I donate clothes for Turkey earthquake victims?

Save the Children was among the first NGOs to provide clothing, water and food to affected children and families. One year on, we’ve been able to help nearly a million people on the road to recovery.

How do I donate items to the Turkish embassy?

Donating physical items: A number of readers have asked us how to donate physical items, such as blankets and clothing. At this time, the only way to do that is to ship the items to the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. on your own. The Embassy will then ship those items overseas. We know of no local groups collecting items to ship.

Where can I donate to help the earthquake victims?

Save The Children, the international youth humanitarian aid group, set up an emergency relief fund for the earthquake victims. You can donate here . Project HOPE, a U.S.-based international humanitarian aid nonprofit, said it deployed emergency response teams to Turkey and Syria and set up a disaster relief fund .

What can I donate to rafters grocers based in Driffield?

Yorkshire drop off locations The owners of Rafters Grocers based in Driffield are appealing for new and unused donations of blankets, pillows, clothes, baby clothes, tents, sleeping bags, winter coats and boots, dry food, sanitation and hygiene products. For more information visit the Rafters of Driffield Facebook page.

Are Turkish Red Crescent workers distributing food & medical aid?

The American Red Cross said Turkish Red Crescent workers and volunteers were distributing food and medical aid. Turkish Red Crescent asks for cash donations on Twitter: The White Helmets, also known as Syria Civil Defense, are a humanitarian aid organization that operates in rebel-controlled areas of Syria.

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