where is antakya turkey on the map

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  • – TR – Hatay: Antakya (31040)
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Turkey-Syria earthquake ripped huge chasm in what was once an olive field near Antakya | ITV News

Is Antakya a French city?

Antakya, also known as Antioch, or more specifically Antioch-on-the-Orontes, is the capital of Hatay Province, which was annexed by Turkey after almost two decades of French rule in 1939.

What does Antakya mean?

Antakya ( Turkish pronunciation: [ɑnˈtɑkjɑ]; Local Turkish: Anteke ), modern form of Antioch ( Ancient Greek: Ἀντιόχεια, romanized : Antiókheia; Armenian: Անտիոք, romanized : Andiok; Latin: Antiochia ), is a municipality and the capital district of Hatay Province, Turkey. Its area is 703 km 2, and its population is 399,045 (2022).

What is Antakya famous for?

Antakya (Hatay), at the eastern end of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast ( map ), is famous for several things, chief among them the marvelous Roman mosaics in its Archeology Museum . More

Where is Antakya located?

Antakya was originally centred on the east bank of the river. Since the 19th century, the city has expanded with new neighbourhoods built on the plains across the river to the south-west, and four bridges connect the old and new cities.

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