Where to Buy Beef Plate Short Ribs

Beef plate short ribs, sometimes called dino ribs, are a popular and flavorful cut of beef perfect for grilling or slow braising. If you want to cook up these meaty, tender ribs, the first step is finding a good source to buy them. Here are some tips on where to find high-quality beef plate short ribs for your next barbecue or dinner.

What Are Beef Plate Short Ribs?

Short ribs come from the brisket plate primal located under the front rib section of the cow. This area supports much of the animal’s weight, so the connective tissue needs prolonged cooking to become tender.

Plate short ribs are cut across the bones into shorter sections, usually 4-6 inches long. They contain a good amount of fat marbling and rich beefy flavor. The term “dino ribs” comes from how massive the cut looks.

Short ribs can be braised or grilled. Slow cooking tenderizes the meat while grilling adds smoky char. Either preparation results in finger-licking good ribs loaded with beefy flavor.

Where to Buy Beef Short Ribs

Finding high-quality beef plate short ribs involves selecting the right source:

Butcher Shops

A local butcher shop or meat market is a top option for buying short ribs. Advantages include:

  • Butchers can provide advice on selecting the right ribs. Look for good marbling.

  • You can inspect thickness and quality firsthand.

  • Butchers may be able to source grass-fed or local beef options.

  • Custom cutting to your desired thickness is available.

  • Support small local businesses in your community.

Grocery Stores

Well-stocked grocery stores often carry short ribs, typically 3-4 bone sections.

  • Look in the fresh meat department or freezer section.

  • Inspect for adequate fat marbling and thickness of at least 1-inch.

  • Short ribs are often sold pre-seasoned for grilling. Check the ingredients.

  • Vacuum-sealed short ribs can be conveniently stored for later use.

Online Butcher Shops

Buying beef short ribs online offers wider selection and potential cost savings:

  • Online butchers provide detailed descriptions of rib quality.

  • Specialty cuts like Wagyu or dry-aged are available.

  • Thickness can be customized, with options up to 3-inch cuts.

  • Price per pound is often cheaper buying in bulk quantity.

  • Prime grade and grass-fed beef may be offered.

  • Flash freezing locks in freshness when ribs are shipped.

Direct from Farms or Ranches

Purchasing beef directly from local cattle farms is the ultimate farm-to-table experience.

  • Highest quality beef raised in your area.

  • Supports small family farms.

  • Custom ordering for thickness and portions.

  • Can specify type of cattle breed.

  • More control over how cattle are raised and fed.

  • Requires coordinating delivery or pick-up.

What to Look for When Buying

Keep these tips in mind when selecting beef short ribs:

  • Grade – Higher grades like Prime or Choice ensure good marbling. Lower grades can be overly tough.

  • Thickness – 1 to 1.5 inch thickness is ideal. Thinner ribs dry out on the grill.

  • Marbling – Look for ample white fat streaked through the meat for added moisture and flavor.

  • Portion size – Sections of 4 to 6 ribs ease prep. Larger plates may need to be cut.

  • Appearance – Choose ribs that look moist and reddish-pink with a fresh meaty aroma.

  • Labeling – Check for details on grade, cut, quantity and use-by date.

How Much to Buy

Allow 1 pound of beef short ribs per person, which provides a generous portion. Other estimating tips:

  • Full beef plate sections are around 6 pounds. This feeds 4 to 6 adults.

  • Individual 3 to 4 bone sections are typically 1 1/2 to 2 pounds each.

  • Plan for 1/2 pound bone-in ribs per person if serving a larger meal with sides.

  • Purchase extra for leftovers since short ribs freeze well for several months.

Top Places to Buy Beef Short Ribs

Here are some excellent sources for purchasing quality beef plate short ribs, either in-store or online:

  • Local butcher shops – Ask for a thick-cut beef plate short rib section.

  • Specialty grocers – Check meat departments at stores like Whole Foods or Central Market.

  • Online butchers – Companies like Crowd Cow, Porter Road, and Snake River Farms.

  • Big box stores – Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s often stock fresh short ribs.

  • Meat wholesalers – Restaurant suppliers like Wild Fork Foods offer bulk pricing.

  • Ranchers or feedlots – Source direct from local beef producers.

Beef plate short ribs may not be the most popular cut, but their rich meaty flavor makes them worth seeking out. Follow these suggestions on where to find top quality short ribs for the ultimate hearty barbecue meal.

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