Where to Buy Dino Beef Ribs: The Best Places to Get These Meaty Delights

Dino beef ribs, also known as plate ribs, are a beef lover’s dream. These meaty ribs come from the belly of the cow and include a long portion of rib bone overlain with incredibly tender and flavorful meat. Dino ribs can range in thickness but are always packed with pure beefy flavor in every bite. If you love sinking your teeth into tender, juicy ribs, dino beef ribs are a must-try.

But where can you find these precious beef ribs to enjoy? There are a few great options for buying dino ribs online or in stores. Here is an overview of some of the best places to buy dino beef ribs.

Online Stores That Sell Dino Ribs

One of the most convenient ways to buy dino ribs is through online stores that ship them right to your door. Here are some of the top online stores that sell dino beef ribs:

Flying B Bar Ranch

Flying B Bar Ranch (https://shopflyingbbar.com/products/dino-ribs-plate-ribs) is a family-owned ranch in Colorado that sells their grass-fed beef online, including dino ribs. Their dino ribs come in a range of sizes from 3.5-4.99 lbs up to 7.5-9 lbs packs. The ribs are nicely marbled and full of flavor.

Flying B Bar Ranch vacuum seals each order and ships it with insulation and dry ice to ensure it arrives frozen. The free ground shipping on orders over $150 makes it easy to stock up. This is a great source for premium dino ribs online.

Capital Farms

Capital Farms (https://capitalfarms.com/products/dino-rib%3Fselling_plan%3D5170692336%26variant%3D44064197542128) is another online ranch store that sells dino plate ribs from grass-fed cows. They offer around 5 lb packs for a good price.

The ribs ship frozen from their ranch in Missouri with expedited frozen shipping. Capital Farms has tasty dino ribs available at a budget-friendly price point for stocking up.

Iowa Meat Farms

Iowa Meat Farms has a nice selection of dino beef ribs available online. They sell packs ranging from 3 lbs up to 10 lbs in size. You can choose between CAB premium Black Angus ribs or Wagyu-influenced beef ribs for extra richness.

They have fast processing and shipping with vacuum-sealed frozen packs. Iowa Meat Farms ships dino ribs nationwide, so you can enjoy these premium cuts no matter where you live.

Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms offers American Wagyu dino ribs that bring next-level marbling and buttery richness. They sell packs of ribs up to 4 lbs for a treat.

The ribs can be shipped expedited frozen or sent fresh and unfrozen within two days. Snake River Farms ribs are on the pricier side but provide an amazing wagyu beef rib experience.

Porter Road

Porter Road has pasture-raised dino beef ribs available in 3 lb packs for purchase online. Their ribs come from beef that is free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs for quality meat.

The ribs are well-marbled and meaty. Porter Road ships them vacuum-packed and frozen with free shipping on orders over $100. They are a trusted source for organic, high-end dino ribs.

Butcher Shops and Meat Markets

Visiting a high-quality local butcher shop is another excellent option for finding great dino ribs. Many butcher shops source from local ranches and farms to provide specialty cuts. Here are some tips for finding dino ribs at butcher shops:

  • Check with butchers at farmer’s markets to see if they can specially source dino plate ribs for you.

  • Look for whole animal butchers in your area that work directly with farms. They often have unique cuts available beyond what’s at the grocery store.

  • Ask your butcher ahead if they can pre-order dino ribs for you and call when available. Ribs sell out fast!

  • High-end butcher shops like those attached to restaurants may offer dino ribs. Be prepared to pay a higher premium.

  • Establish a relationship with a butcher to let them know you’re interested in buying dino ribs when they get them in stock.

When speaking with your local butcher, you may hear dino ribs called plate ribs, beef ribs, or back ribs. Use all these terms when inquiring about availability. With some persistence, you can often find these coveted ribs through specialty butcher shops.

Order from Your Local Farm or Ranch

If you live near cattle ranches or farms, look into whether you can buy dino ribs directly from the source. Many smaller scale farms that sell grass-fed beef offer specialty cuts like plate ribs for sale.

Check websites of local farms to see if they sell dino ribs or take custom orders. You may also be able to visit their farm store if they have one. ordering directly from a farm is a great way to get ultra-fresh dino ribs.

You can also call or email local farms that sell beef and ask if they have dino ribs available. Developing a relationship with a farm is worthwhile for getting access to these prized cuts.

Check with Your Local Restaurant Supplier

Restaurant suppliers are another potential source for finding dino beef ribs, since they provide meat for chefs and restaurants. Search for restaurant food suppliers or meat purveyors in your area and call to ask if they have dino ribs in stock or could source them for you.

Be prepared that you may need to buy a larger quantity like a full slab to order through a restaurant supplier. But if you have freezer space or are planning an epic bbq party, it could be worth it!

What to Look for with Dino Ribs

Once you find a source for dino ribs, look for a few key qualities when choosing your slab:

  • Marbling – The ribs should have beautiful marbling distributed throughout the meat. This adds flavor and tenderness.

  • Meat to bone ratio – Look for ribs with a good amount of thick, juicy meat coating the bones. The ribs shouldn’t be too bony.

  • Size – Be sure the slab size matches what you need. Average dino ribs may be 2-4 lbs per slab.

  • Freshness – Fresh never-frozen ribs are ideal if you can find them. Otherwise look for frozen vacuum-sealed packs without any freezer burn.

  • Reputation – Buy from reputable sellers with good reviews and transparent sourcing. This ensures you get the highest quality ribs.

Following these tips will help you select the perfect dino ribs to indulge in.

How to Cook Dino Beef Ribs

Once you get your hands on the treasured dino ribs, you’ll want to cook them properly to enjoy their full beefy glory. Here are a few top cooking methods:

  • Smoking – Smoking dino ribs low and slow results in fall-off-the-bone tender smoked beef ribs with incredible flavor. Cook for 4-8 hours at 225°F.

  • Grilling – You can grill dino ribs over indirect heat for 2-3 hours until cooked through and charred with grill marks. Baste frequently with bbq sauce.

  • Baking – Bake dino ribs in the oven at 300°F for 2-3 hours until fork tender. Coat with spices, sauce, or dry rub before baking.

  • Slow cooker – Add dino ribs to a slow cooker with sauce or seasoning and cook on low heat for 6-8 hours until ribs are pull apart tender.

  • Sous vide – For the most tender dino ribs, cook them sous vide at 155°F for 24-48 hours before searing.

No matter which cooking method you choose, dino ribs reward you with luscious meat that melts off the bone. They are worth the effort to track down and make a perfect entree for backyard bbq feasts.

Where to Find Deals on Dino Ribs

Dino ribs can get pricey due to their coveted status among hardcore meat fans. Here are some tips for finding deals on dino beef ribs:

  • Check online stores for any coupon codes to save money on your order. Sites will often run holiday weekend sales.

  • Buy in bulk quantities. You can get a discounted per pound price if you buy a whole slab or multi-pack of ribs.

  • Look for lesser known farms selling dino ribs on their direct website for competitive pricing.

  • Buy frozen dino ribs to save money versus having them shipped fresh.

  • Find a local butcher that offers discount prices compared to premium online retailers.

  • Time your purchase right after major holidays when demand is lower and sales are happening.

  • Check restaurant suppliers for bulk pricing, but be prepared to buy large quantities.

Following these strategies can help you get your dino rib fix without breaking the bank!

Are Dino Ribs Worth It?

Dino beef ribs undoubtedly come with a hefty price tag, which begs the question – are they really worth buying? Here are a few good reasons why these prized ribs are worth seeking out:

  • Flavor – Dino ribs have incredibly beefy, rich flavor in the meat that you just can’t get from standard spare or back ribs.

  • Tenderness – When cooked right, the meat falls completely off the bone with a tender texture.

  • Size – The huge size of dino ribs gives you plenty of delicious meat to sink your teeth into.

  • Fun factor – These almost novelty sized ribs make an awesome centerpiece for backyard barbeques and parties.

  • Versatility – Dino ribs work well for smoking, grilling, baking, or braising. There are lots of cooking options.

While not an everyday indulgence, buying dino ribs once in a while is worth it for any beef lover. The experience of eating these monstrous meaty ribs is an absolute treat.

Get Your Fill of Dino Ribs

Dino beef ribs may take some searching to track down, but they provide an incredible, rich beef eating experience that can’t be missed. With so many online stores, butcher shops, and direct farm options, you can get your hands on these gems with a little effort. Bring on the grill and get ready for a beefy feast when you sink your teeth into perfect dino ribs. Happy rib hunting!

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What cut of meat are dino ribs?

Plate short ribs come from the lower portion of the 6th – 10th ribs that sit between the brisket in front and the flank steak behind it. These ribs are long and meaty, at about 12 inches in length (some people refer to these as ‘dinosaur ribs’ or ‘dinosaur beef ribs’).

What is the difference between beef back ribs and dino ribs?

Dino ribs are back ribs taken from the primal area of the cow, these are the same ribs you get the prime rib (and arguably, ribeye) cuts. Super meaty, fatty, full of flavor, and super tender. These cuts, along with the back pate ribs that are sold as dino ribs.

Why are beef ribs hard to find?

Short beef ribs are easy to find at the butcher counter; however, full beef ribs are a bit more elusive. Not only is this because the portion sizes can be a bit comical, but it’s also due to the fact that they’re expensive.

Does Costco sell bone in beef ribs?

USDA Prime Beef Bone-In Short Rib, Sliced, 5 lb avg wt | Costco.

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