Where to Buy Turkey Tips: A Comprehensive Guide

Turkey tips, those flavorful, versatile chunks of boneless, skinless turkey breast, are a fantastic option for quick and delicious meals But where can you find these culinary gems? Look no further! This guide will help you navigate the world of turkey tips, pointing you towards the best places to buy them.

1. Stillman Quality Meats:

  • What they offer: Stillman Quality Meats provides two sizes of turkey tips: medium (up to 1 lb) and large (1+ lb). They also offer custom cutting instructions upon request.
  • Availability: Available year-round, but only for in-person pickup or direct shipping to Massachusetts addresses.
  • Price: $18 for medium, $22 for large.
  • Shipping: Free ground shipping for orders over $150 within their standard 2-day ground shipping zones.
  • Website: https://www.stillmanqualitymeats.com/products/turkey-tips

2. Dom’s Sausage:

  • What they offer: Dom’s Sausage offers three flavors of marinated turkey tips: Honey BBQ, Creamy Caesar, and Honey Mustard. Each package contains 1.5 lbs of turkey tips.
  • Availability: Available online with nationwide shipping.
  • Price: $16.99 per 1.5 lb package.
  • Shipping: Free shipping on subscription boxes. Otherwise, shipping costs vary depending on location and order size.
  • Website: https://domsausage.com/collections/turkey-tips

3. Your Local Butcher Shop:

  • What they offer: Many local butcher shops carry turkey tips, often with the option to choose your preferred size and cut. They may also offer custom marinades or seasonings.
  • Availability: Varies depending on the butcher shop. Call ahead to check availability and inquire about custom options.
  • Price: Varies depending on the butcher shop and the specific cut of turkey.
  • Shipping: Typically not available, but some butcher shops may offer local delivery options.
  • Website: Check your local listings or search online for butcher shops near you.

4. Online Grocery Stores:

  • What they offer: Some online grocery stores, such as Instacart and Amazon Fresh, may carry turkey tips from various brands and suppliers.
  • Availability: Varies depending on the online grocery store and your location.
  • Price: Varies depending on the brand and the specific cut of turkey.
  • Shipping: Delivery fees apply, and may vary depending on your location and order size.
  • Websites: https://www.instacart.com/, https://www.amazon.com/fresh

Choosing the Right Turkey Tips:

  • Consider your needs: Are you looking for plain turkey tips to season yourself, or do you prefer pre-marinated options? Do you need a specific size or cut?
  • Compare prices: Check prices from different sources to find the best deal.
  • Read reviews: See what other customers have to say about the quality and taste of the turkey tips.
  • Support local businesses: If possible, consider buying from your local butcher shop to support your community.

Turkey tips are a delicious and adaptable ingredient that can be used in countless ways, regardless of where you choose to buy them. So get creative, have fun, and enjoy the deliciousness!.

Expert’s Guide to Shopping for Turkey


What part of the turkey is turkey tips?

Turkey tips are essentially turkey tenderloins, sliced up into smaller pieces (tips). I always buy the full turkey tenderloins and they come in a 1-1.5lb package right near the chicken breast in my local market.

Are turkey tips white meat?

Turkey tips are chunks of white-meat turkey (turkey breast meat) that are marinated much in the same way that steak tips are, then grilled, often to the point of charring on the outside. As with steak tips, turkey tips can typically be found in bars, lounges, and pubs.

What size turkey tastes the best?

“In terms of ensuring that the breast meat is delicious and moist and the dark meat is cooked through, I think you’re going to get the best results from a 14-to-15-pound turkey, max.” Our advice: Go for a smaller turkey.

What kind of Turkey should I buy?

Classic Turkeys: These tasty, tender turkeys are a great choice for value, quality and flavor. Organic Turkeys: These birds receive organic, non-GMO feed and have specific requirements for the amount of access to the outdoors. If you’re looking to try something different this year, don’t miss our assortment of unique, special birds.

What temperature should a grilled Turkey TIP be?

Test the internal temperate with a instant-read probe thermometer – at this point, it should be around 145 degrees F (not quite cooked through). Remove your grilled turkey tips to a bowl, then slather on your favorite BBQ sauce. (*See some ideas below.)

How do you carve a Turkey?

Check out our Guide to Carving Turkey to master the technique. (Pro tip: To get familiar with where to make your cuts, try practicing on a whole chicken.) After carving, put breast meat slices in the middle with the drumsticks together to one side and the thigh meat together on the other. Then, at each end of the platter, place one wing.

How do you store a fresh turkey?

Our fresh turkeys are kept in a deep chill to maintain a crust of ice on the surface. This ensures that you can safely store your bird at home until you’re ready to cook. Keep your turkey deep-chilled (35°F) in the coldest spot in your fridge, turned down as low as possible, or store in a secondary fridge.

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