Who Did Jenni Rivera Have Beef With?

What transpired between Chiquis Rivera and her deceased mother Jenni that caused them to become estranged prior to Jenni’s death?

Fans around the world have been shocked and saddened by Jenni Rivera’s tragic passing not only because she was a beloved reality TV star and music legend, but also because she was the mother of five children. Despite having close relationships with all of her children, her relationship with her eldest child, Chiquis, was the most contentious and, as a result, the most well-known.

One of the saddest times in the singer’s difficult life—she was known as “Diva de la Banda”—was when she thought her oldest daughter was seeing her then-husband, former baseball player Esteban Loaiza.

Unfortunately, the two never got a chance to reconcile. Here is everything we know about the mother and daughter’s conflict, so what actually happened?

What happened between Jenni Rivera and Graciela Beltrán?

According to Graciela, Jenni was responsible for making her life miserable for at least 18 years. The singer, who once worked with Jenni’s father, Don Pedro, on the Rivera record label, claims that he forced her to sign dubious contracts and stole royalties from her; Jenni flatly denies these allegations.

Before long, there were clips of Graciela calling Jenni “arrogant, selfish, envious, and jealous because I was the girl she always wanted to be” circulating all over Spanish-speaking media.

According to Univision, things got out of hand when Jenni dedicated a concert to her ex-husband, who had just passed away, and Graciela objected to the dedication. Article continues below advertisement.

Given that the singer had previously attacked her ex, Graciela criticized Jennis’ decision to dedicate her performance to him, saying that it was extremely phony of her to do so.

At a press conference in Mexico City, Jenni decided to let loose because she thought Gracielas’ meddling and criticism were “heartless.” She cut sharply to the press in Spanish, saying, “Were not at the same level.” “And that’s not something I’m saying; ask the managers of the radio stations, the businesspeople who organize the dances, or the media.” “.

The beef between these two would likely continue even after the untimely and unexpected death of the Diva de la Banda, as one can imagine Jennis’ public statement only served to heighten tensions.

Graciela then claimed that Jenni hardly existed to her because of her music. She then appeared on Don Francisco’s show to defend herself, claiming that Jenni was “manipulating [her] words.” “Article continues below advertisement.

Jenni was inspired by that action to create a narrative song called “Los Ovarios,” which translates to “Ovaries” and is dedicated to her adversary. What a fuss you’re making about me / How uneasy you must be, some choice lyrics, “.

Gracielas response was to criticize Jennis appearance. Around that time, she said on the radio, “She doesn’t like herself, and she’s obsessed with changing her body.”

Not even death stopped the beef between Jenni Rivera and Graciela Beltrán.

As you can see, there were still a lot of issues between these two that needed to be addressed in person, but Jenni Rivera’s tragic passing prevented that from ever happening.

However, Graciela did use Twitter to assert that since she was still alive, she could top the success that Jenni had previously experienced. “NUNCA no existe cuando se habla del futuro. She wrote, “I go VIVA so my chance of getting much more Legos than Ella is greater.

As Graciela’s criticism of the star outraged Jennis fans, the argument between these two rivals quickly devolved into one between Graciela and Jennis supporters.

However, Graciela asserts that her tweets were “misinterpreted,” taken out of context, and that they “don’t have anything to do with Jenni Rivera.” “AdvertisementMore from Distractify.

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Así fue el pleitazo entre Graciela Beltrán y Jenni Rivera


Why was Chiquis and Jenni fighting?

Before the fight, Josie was divorced by Jenni and Chiquis because he was violent. She found out he had molested Rosie, Chiquis, and Jenni’s younger sister.

What happened between Lupillo Rivera and his family?

The altercation between them became so ugly that Gustavo severely lost his temper. Gustavo took a baseball bat and struck the SUV where Lupillo’s wife and kids were waiting after a heated argument with Lupillo. Lupillo went so far as to say that he felt sorry for his brother despite Gustavo’s sincere apologies.

Why did Jenni Rivera dedicate Paloma Negra to her daughter?

Due to rumors that her husband had been unfaithful, Jenni Rivera wrote this song as a dedication to her daughter Chiquis.

Who did Jenni Rivera leave her wealth to?

Rivera’s assets were placed in a trust for her other four children after she passed away. The trust was reportedly managed by her sister, Rosie Rivera.

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