Where to Find Corned Beef Brisket on Sale for St. Patrick’s Day

Corned beef brisket is a traditional Irish-American dish commonly served on St. Patrick’s Day. The cured and brined beef takes on a distinctively salty, seasoned flavor perfect for holiday celebrations. While corned beef can be pricey, there are ways to find it on sale leading up to March 17th.

Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores and supermarkets will discount corned beef brisket in the weeks before St. Patrick’s Day to drive holiday meal shopping.

  • Aldi – Aldi offers corned beef brisket for prices lower than most competitors. Check weekly ads for any additional discounts.

  • Kroger – Kroger and its banners often run corned beef sales with digital coupons around the holiday. Sign up for an account to get deals.

  • Stop & Shop – Stop & Shop provides corned beef brisket and cabbage meal deals during holiday seasons. Browse the meat department for markdowns.

  • Food Lion – Food Lion’s MVP loyalty program sometimes offers exclusive discounts on corned beef in March. Earn additional savings.

  • Safeway – Occasional buy one, get one free promotions on corned beef can be found at Safeway leading up to St. Patrick’s.

Warehouse Stores

Bulk pricing makes warehouse clubs a smart place to buy corned beef brisket on a budget.

  • Costco – Around St. Patrick’s Day, Costco has offered over 2 pounds of corned beef for under $20. Look for holiday savings.

  • Sam’s Club – Sam’s Club provides special buys on corned beef packs along with other Irish meal essentials like cabbage and potatoes.

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club – Check BJ’s weekly Wow Deals for any promotions on corned beef brisket and meal kits for St. Patrick’s Day.

Online Retailers

Buy corned beef online and have it conveniently shipped to your door.

  • Amazon – Browse Amazon Fresh for deals on corned beef brisket from various brands. Filter by price for the best value.

  • Boxed – Boxed offers pre-cooked corned beef brisket at bulk pricing with free shipping on orders over $49.

  • Thrive Market – Thrive Market runs rotating sales on corned beef, often discounting around 25% off leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.

With some savvy shopping at major grocery chains, warehouse clubs and online retailers, you can easily find corn beef brisket at a discount to keep your St. Patrick’s Day feast budget-friendly.

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How much is a pound of corned beef?

Price Per lb: $5.99 15 lbs.

What is the best corned beef to get?

The flat cut, with its leaner meat and minimal fat cap, is ideal for the classic corned beef and cabbage dish. This brisket section is characterized by a more uniform thickness and less fat, allowing for a more predictable cooking process and easier slicing.

What is the cheapest cut of corned beef?

There are two cuts of corned beef; point and flat cut. The point cut is cheaper.

Is corned beef good for you?

The WHO classifies corned beef and other processed meats as potential carcinogens. Eating it regularly may increase your risk of developing colorectal cancer. Thus, it’s best to eat it infrequently.

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