Why Did KSI and Deji Have Beef? A Breakdown of the Online Family Feud

In late 2018 and early 2019, a major online feud erupted between YouTube stars and brothers KSI and Deji Olatunji. This very public familial conflict, dubbed the “KSI vs Deji YouTube drama”, unfolded across diss tracks, YouTube videos, and social media.

In this article, we’ll breakdown what led to the beef between the two, the key events that transpired, and how the brothers eventually reconciled.

Background on KSI and Deji

  • KSI and Deji are brothers from Watford, England. Their parents are from Nigeria.

  • Both rose to fame in the early 2010s as gaming YouTubers and members of the Sidemen group.

  • KSI has over 30 million YouTube subscribers. He’s also pursued boxing and music.

  • Deji has about 10 million subscribers. He makes comedy videos, vlogs, and music.

  • Despite collaborating frequently early on, the brothers have grown apart in recent years as their channels and popularity diverged.

What Sparked the Beef?

In November 2018, things first escalated when:

  • Deji released a diss track against Randolph, a friend of KSI’s.

  • The track included private information about KSI that infuriated him.

  • KSI responded in a video asking their parents why Deji could access his bank statements.

While under the surface tensions had been building for some time, this incident kicked off an ugly back and forth between the siblings.

The Christmas 2018 Fight

On Christmas Day 2018, tensions boiled over into a physical altercation:

  • At their family home, KSI and Deji got into a shouting match that turned violent.

  • Deji claims KSI threatened to break down his door and smash his computer.

  • KSI allegedly tried to fight Deji, who barricaded himself in a room.

  • Police were called, but no arrests were made.

  • Both brothers recorded parts of the encounter from their perspectives.

This confrontation and the release of accusations that followed marked the peak of the drama.

Deji’s Side of the Story

In May 2019, Deji broke his silence with a tell-all video entitled “Bye”, in which he:

  • Claimed KSI had been abusive and threw objects at him for years.

  • Accused KSI of sleeping with a girlfriend of Deji’s in 2015, causing him depression.

  • Said KSI tried to steal multiple girls Deji liked over the years.

  • Alleged KSI allowed Randolph to use private information against Deji.

  • Revealed he had suicidal thoughts over the bullying.

Deji used the video to allege years of mistreatment from his brother and unleash many pent up grievances.

KSI’s Response and Refutation

KSI hit back with his own 1 hour plus video to deny Deji’s claims and share his perspective:

  • He played down the Christmas 2018 fight as exaggerated.

  • He denied sleeping with any of Deji’s girlfriends.

  • He asserted Randolph only used public information in his diss tracks.

  • He offered to help Deji mental health-wise if needed.

  • He accused Deji of playing the victim and spreading lies for sympathy.

KSI directly disputed many of Deji’s most damaging accusations against him and characterized Deji as manipulative.

Aftermath and Eventual Resolution

The explosive back and forth took months to fully resolve after the initial fireworks:

  • Both brothers lost subscribers during the feud.

  • Deji released another video in July 2019 that reignited tensions briefly.

  • By early 2020, KSI said he was open to reconciling with Deji.

  • Later in 2020, the pair had an emotional on-camera reunion, hugging it out.

  • Today, they are on good terms again and make videos together occasionally.

While tensions lingered for quite a while, the brothers were eventually able to patch things up after talking through their issues.

Why Did KSI and Deji’s Relationship Deteriorate?

Based on what both have said, a few key factors contributed to the demise of KSI and Deji’s once close sibling bond:

  • Competitiveness – As two gamer brothers who found YouTube fame, rivalry and jealousy brewed.

  • KSI’s criticisms – Deji felt constantly criticized and put down by his more successful older brother.

  • Shifting interests – As their content and audiences diverged, they grew apart.

  • Outside influences – Friends like Randolph helped drive a wedge between the two.

  • Failed interventions – Their parents were unable to mediate and repair their damaged relationship.

While brothers, the pressures of YouTube stardom and outside voices seemed to pit them against one another unfortunately.

Lessons Learned From the KSI vs Deji Feud

The very public explosion between KSI and Deji provides some valuable takeaways:

  • Family issues should be resolved privately whenever possible.

  • “Exposing videos” often make situations worse rather than better.

  • Listen first before reacting in anger during conflicts.

  • Criticism, even from loved ones, can deeply damage relationships.

  • Time, communication, and forgiveness are key to overcoming rifts.

At the end of the day, their relationship as brothers proved stronger than any online drama.

The saga between KSI and Deji illustrates how YouTube fame and family can become a combustible mixture at times. Thankfully, they were ultimately able to move past the toxicity and rebuild their brotherly bond once again.

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