Why Did Subway Get Rid Of Roast Beef?

The loss of the popular pair of meat options has now left a lot of customers with bad tastes in their mouths. Online comments suggest that customers who spoke with Subway franchisees and employees relayed that high prices for the meats prompted the discontinuation.

Customers and franchisees have questioned Subway’s strategy

During the early stages of the pandemic, Subway was one of many restaurant chains that reduced the number of menu items available, along with McDonalds, Panda Express, and Taco Bell.

However, Subway managers wanted to bring back the two sandwiches when restrictions were lifted in some US regions to appease customers who had been calling for the return of the two premium subs on social media.

“The customer reaction was horrendous,” the franchisee said. “People were pissed off that those two items were gone. They should have brought them back sooner, but they didn’t But this year, they finally announced that they were bringing them back. “.

“I wont eat at Subway again until they bring back Roast beef,” reads one recent comment on Subways Facebook page. “I thought it was a temporary thing but the restaurant I was at today said it was a forever thing. So I said thats the stupidest thing I heard today. I canceled my order and walked out.”

The decision to ditch rotisserie chicken and roast beef is not the only strategy that franchisees say has come from the top without support from the operators that own 100% of Subway locations across the US

Last June, many franchisees refused to participate in a heavily-hyped two-for-$10 sandwich deal. Franchisees told Insider they have also pushed back on the companys decision to require stores to pre-pandemic hours of operation, despite sales slumps and difficulty staffing locations.

The top-down strategy is attributed by some franchisees to CEO John Chidsey, who was hired in November 2019.

He has trouble communicating with franchisees, according to a second franchisee, who spoke to Insider. This source also requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media by the company. “Its obvious that he thinks franchisees are his employees. “.

Franchisees “are an important and influential part of our business,” a Subway representative told Insider. “.

In order to foster long-term growth and evolve our business together, the company said in a statement, “We encourage and maintain an open line of communication with our franchise investors, which has recently included navigating through a global pandemic and changes to our menu.” As we continue to develop and transform, we pay close attention to the opinions of both franchisees and customers. “.

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Why Did Subway Get Rid Of Roast Beef?

Why Did Subway Get Rid Of Roast Beef?

Subway POV Roast Beef


Why did Subway discontinue the roast beef sandwich?

The franchisee claimed that they were removed from the menu because they were the two most expensive proteins available. (This franchisee requested anonymity because they were not authorized by the company to comment on the choice; however, Insider is aware of their identity.) ).

Does Subway not have roast beef anymore?

After discontinuing the two proteins last year, Roast Beef and Rotisserie-Style Chicken will once again be available at Subway. The company claims that beginning in the fall of 2021, roast beef will be brought back in the form of new Premium Angus roast beef.

What meat did Subway get rid of?

Customers are furious after Subway abruptly pulled chicken breast from its menus, asking, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

What is Subway discontinuing?

People are only learning about the sandwich chain’s discontinuation of oven-roasted chicken breast now, several months later.

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