TikTok’s Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom’s Complete Feud Timeline

At their pre-fight press conference, Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall got into a fight, but why do the two influencers disagree with one another?

In the run-up to their fight, things between Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom are becoming quite real. The two influencers got into a fight during a pre-fight press conference on May 18, which made people wonder why their relationship was so tense. It turns out that their animosity dates back to the moment that their fight was first reported. Article continues below advertisement.

How did the feud between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall start? Austin McBroom was the first to challenge Bryce Hall over social media for a fight in December 2020. In a now deleted Instagram post where he tagged Hall, the ACE family head wrote: “I heard all your excuses, you ain’t built for this.

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Beginning in late 2020, when Austin repeatedly challenged Bryce to a fight, there has been tension between the two.

Jake Paul was initially approached to engage in combat, but he declined. He thus made the decision to ask Bryce while he was there.

At the time, Bryce also declined the deal. He did, however, tell photographers in February 2021 that he would fight for $7. 5million payout and a $1. 5 million knockout bonus.

So, Austin offered him a counter deal.

Bryce posts screenshots of a text conversation on Twitter

Bryce tweeted screenshots of a text exchange he had with Austin on March 10th.

Bryce tweeted: “All this because I won’t accept his little fight and now he’s crying because he can’t pay his cleaning lady,” in response to Austin’s text challenge to fight again. ”.

“But you keep running…you’re all Twitter fingers, you wanna fight randoms out in public but too scared to fight me for millions,” Austin wrote in response to the screenshots. ”.

Bryce said, referring to his $7, “You know my terms… this isn’t 2016 anymore bud, I’m not fighting for the same amount as you.” 5million pay out and a $1. 5 million knockout bonus offer.

Perfect! I’ll take less and give you a million dollars more if you win, okay little boy?,” said Austin.

Bryce accepts Austin’s fight offer

A picture of a fight offer contract was uploaded to Instagram by Bryce a few days after he posted the screenshots.

“McBroom (Opponent)” and a $5 million figure were written on the paper.

“Now we’re talking… @austinmcbroom you FINALLY got my attention,” Bryce wrote as the caption for the picture. ”.

He then revealed that he had accepted Austin’s $5 million offer by publishing an Instagram Story of himself working out with the caption “first day of training.”

Austin then published the first official YouTube vs. TikTok boxing poster on March 18.

@BryceHall Instagram Story 15/3/21

So, do they actually have beef?

Despite the fact that they don’t actually have a beef, Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom have been threatening to fight for months.

They’ve never had any public feuds or disagreements. They probably didn’t even really know one another well before the fight offer.

However, since the YouTube vs TikTok event was announced, they have trash-talked each other a number of times, and they even got into a scuffle at a recent press conference.



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