Understanding the Ongoing Beef Between Kanye West and Drake

The complicated feud between hip hop icons Kanye West and Drake has puzzled fans for years. What exactly sparked and continues to fuel the beef between two of rap’s biggest stars? This thorough overview provides context around the origins, key flashpoints, and current status of the drama between Yeezy and Drizzy.

Background of Kanye and Drake’s Relationship

  • Kanye West and Drake initially had a friendly mentor-mentee dynamic.

  • Early in Drake’s career, Kanye took the young artist under his wing and helped promote his music.

  • They collaborated on various songs and publicly complimented each other’s work.

  • However, underlying tensions bubbled beneath the surface as both artists’ careers skyrocketed.

When Did Kanye and Drake’s Beef Start?

  • In 2010, a minor conflict arose after Kanye contributed to Drake’s song “Find Your Love” only to have his verse removed.

  • Drake’s rise and his rivalry with Kanye’s protege Kid Cudi also contributed to initial frictions.

  • During a 2016 tour rant, Kanye criticized Drake for not publicly endorsing Kanye’s latest album.

  • Increasing creative differences and competition planted the seeds for their beef.

Key Events That Escalated the Feud

  • December 2018 – Kanye goes on a Twitter tirade accusing Drake of threatening him and his family. This marked a major turning point.

  • December 2019 – Drake seemingly disses Kanye on songs from his album. Kanye responds by leaking a private phone call with Drake.

  • August 2022 – Kanye shares Drake’s home address on Instagram in a deleted post as their beef reignites.

  • October 2022 – Kanye attacks Drake in interviews, accusing him of being controlled by Jewish media executives.

  • November 2022 – Drake subtly calls out West on new songs amid antisemitism controversy.

What Fueled Kanye and Drake’s Falling Out?

Several factors help explain the declining relationship between West and Drake:

  • Competitive rivalry – Their simultaneous rise as hip hop elites bred an intense competition between the two.

  • Musical differences – Kanye took issue with Drake’s singing and pop influences diluting hip hop.

  • Personal conflicts – Drama over leaked songs, public call-outs, and perceived disloyalty damaged their trust.

  • Mental health issues – Kanye’s bipolar disorder likely contributed to erratic, aggressive behavior toward Drake.

While the tipping point is unclear, tension had been simmering beneath their cordial public friendship for years.

Kanye’s Perspective on the Beef

From Kanye’s point of view, Drake betrayed their creative partnership and friendship. Specific pain points include:

  • Drake publicly distancing himself from Kanye creatively and personally.

  • Drake failing to give Kanye sufficient acknowledgement for elevating his career.

  • Drake sneak dissing Kanye and People close to him in songs and interviews.

  • Drake allegedly capitalizing on inside information shared privately by Kanye.

Kanye also feels Drake gets preferential treatment from the music industry and media due to racial dynamics.

Drake’s Stance on the Feud

Drake seems confused and frustrated by Kanye’s attacks since 2018. His responses suggest he views the feud as:

  • Unprovoked on his part.

  • Driven by Kanye’s mental health issues.

  • Detrimental to both artists’ careers and the hip hop community.

  • Unfair given his early support of Kanye’s work.

While Drake has avoided direct confrontation recently, he continues to subliminally address Kanye on new songs.

Attempts to Resolve the Beef

The former friends have made some overtures toward reconciliation, but tensions persist:

  • September 2018 – West apologizes to Drake on Twitter following earlier scathing tweets.

  • October 2018 – Drake agrees to meet up with West in Wyoming to squash the conflict. Details of this encounter are unclear.

  • December 2021 – Drake and Kanye are photographed together at a Dave Chappelle concert, signaling a potential truce.

  • November 2022 – Drake downplays feud rumors but acknowledges issues with West in an interview.

Despite these efforts, fresh provocations continually derail peace between the rap icons.

Impact on Hip Hop Culture

The Drake-West rivalry has significantly shaped hip hop discourse and culture:

  • Sets factions of their massive fanbases against each other.

  • Fuels debates around race, mental health, violence, and power dynamics in hip hop.

  • Distracts from their substantial musical contributions.

  • Establishes precedent of artists airing grievances on social media.

While feuds generate short-term publicity, prolonged negativity can irrevocably damage legacies and spirits.

Current Status of Kanye and Drake’s Relationship

In November 2022, the beef appears unresolved with recent provocations still simmering:

  • Drake alludes to Kanye as a “betrayer” on his new album.

  • Kanye stokes controversy by wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt publicly.

  • Drake is hesitant to get embroiled in Kanye’s latest issues.

The path forward remains murky. With tensions still raw, reconciliation seems unlikely in the immediate future unless one side extends an olive branch.

Could Kanye and Drake Settle Their Beef?

Given their interconnected histories and shared elite status, its possible Kanye and Drake may eventually mend fences through:

  • A private aired-out conversation addressing grievances respectfully.

  • Public acknowledgement of past errors and new commitment to positivity.

  • Collaborating musically or supporting each other’s projects.

  • Mediation by trusted mutual friends in the industry.

  • Stepping back from social media brinksmanship.

However, their equally massive egos and unresolved personal beef may prevent real resolution.


The complex feud between Kanye West and Drake underscores how even close collaborators and friends can become bitter rivals at the heights of superstardom. While the exact trigger for their fallout is uncertain, simmering jealousy, competition, and distrust boiled over publicly in the last few years.

For the sake of their creative legacies and hip hop culture, fans hope these two iconic artists can someday move past the drama. But for now, tensions remain raw as their communication breakdown continues.

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What happened between Drake and Kanye?

Once friendly collaborators, Kanye and Drake’s relationship soured as a result of several misunderstandings. Hints appeared in tweets, emojis, lyrics, and diss tracks in the late 2010s, especially in relation to Kanye’s close friend Pusha-T.

Was Drake with Kim Kardashian?

Many people also speculated if Kim was the ‘Kiki’ in question in Drake’s hit track ‘In My Feelings’ – however, later that year Kim responded to a video where DJ Akademiks suggested the pair had a fling. “Never happened. End of story,” she simply said, however, the rumours continued to reignite over the years.

Is Drake bigger than Kanye?

Drake dominates total streaming numbers but Kanye shows fantastic growth. Drake is so much bigger than Kanye West when it comes to Spotify followers with over 3 times the amount of followers than Kanye.

What happened with Pusha T and Drake?

Pusha T went on to reveal that Drake had a “secret” son named Adonis. The feud took a drastic turn when Pusha T released “The Story of Adidon,” a blistering diss track that exposed Drake’s most closely guarded secret.

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