Wild Turkey Single Rickhouse: A Deep Dive into Camp Nelson F and Beyond

The Single Rickhouse collection delves into the often-underappreciated effects that distinct barrel resting locations can have on the ultimate character of whiskey, drawing inspiration from the special circumstances of the renowned rickhouses at Wild Turkey Distilling Co. Every special edition whiskey in the yearly series comes from a single rickhouse, honoring the unique characteristics of every aging setting. By providing more details about the history and influences of their favorite bourbons, the collection aims to bring Russell’s fans closer to the brand and demonstrate that, when it comes to finely crafted whiskey, where can be just as important as how.

The 2023 Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse from Camp Nelson F, the second offering in the series, is a rare bourbon that is bottled from a small batch of barrels from the “center cut” floors 4 and 5. Bottled at a barrel proof of 117. 6, and non-chill filtered, this robust, long-lasting bourbon is meant to sip and savor.

Thick clove and white pepper flavors give way to sweet caramel, orange peel, and dark fruit notes.

A lasting finish with honey and baking spice that gives way to tobacco and mature oak.

Unveiling the Secrets of a Single Rickhouse

Wild Turkey’s Single Rickhouse series is a captivating journey into the world of bourbon, where the nuances of a single rickhouse’s environment shape the spirit’s character. Each limited-edition release offers a unique expression, showcasing the profound impact of “where” on the final whiskey.

Camp Nelson F: A Spicy and Oaky Delight

The second chapter in this series, Camp Nelson F, is a robust and long-lasting bourbon, bottled at a barrel proof of 117.6 and non-chill filtered. This rare offering, crafted from a small batch of barrels from the “center cut” floors 4 and 5, delivers a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate.

Aromatic Journey:

The aroma of Camp Nelson F is a captivating blend of oak, vanilla, and cinnamon, transitioning to enticing notes of cherry, raisins, and dates This complex and inviting aroma sets the stage for an unforgettable tasting experience

Flavorful Symphony:

The taste of Camp Nelson F is a captivating dance of robust flavors. Clove and white pepper take the lead followed by sweet notes of caramel orange peel, and dark fruits. This harmonious interplay of flavors creates a truly memorable experience.

Lingering Finish:

The finish of Camp Nelson F is a testament to its quality and complexity. Honey and baking spice linger on the palate, gradually giving way to tobacco and mature oak. This long-lasting finish leaves a lasting impression, inviting you to savor every sip.

Critical Acclaim:

Camp Nelson F has garnered praise from renowned publications and critics alike. Esquire Magazine’s Spirit Awards lauded it as “fantastic,” while VinePair described it as “easy to drink and thoroughly enjoyable.” This acclaim is a testament to the exceptional quality of this single rickhouse offering.

Exploring the Single Rickhouse Series:

The inaugural release of the Single Rickhouse series, Camp Nelson C, was a rich and decadent bourbon, bottled from a small batch of just 72 barrels. This expression, aged on the optimal center cut floors 3 and 4, captured the essence of its roots with a unique blend of flavors.

More to Discover:

Wild Turkey’s Single Rickhouse series is just one facet of their impressive bourbon portfolio. From their 10-Year-Old Bourbon to their Single Barrel Rye, each expression offers a distinct and memorable experience.

Unveiling the Secrets of a Single Rickhouse:

The Single Rickhouse series is a testament to Wild Turkey’s commitment to innovation and exploration. By focusing on the unique characteristics of a single rickhouse, they’ve created a series of bourbons that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Camp Nelson F: A Must-Try for Bourbon Enthusiasts:

If you’re a bourbon aficionado, Camp Nelson F is an absolute must-try. Its robust flavors, complex aroma, and long-lasting finish make it an unforgettable experience.

Join the Wild Turkey Journey:

Explore the world of Wild Turkey and discover the unique character of each single rickhouse offering. With each sip, you’ll embark on a journey of flavor and discovery.

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10 Year Old Bourbon

wild turkey single rickhouse


“fantastic…if you have the means to snag a bottle you won’t be disappointed”

– 2022 Esquire Magazine Spirit Awards

“easy to drink and thoroughly enjoyable — sure to be a hit”

wild turkey single rickhouse

Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse from Camp Nelson C, the collection’s first release, was bottled from a limited batch of just 72 barrels. Aged on the optimal center cut floors 3 and 4, bottled at 112. This rich and decadent bourbon, which is non-chill filtered and boasts a 4 barrel proof, embodies the essence and spirit of its roots with a rich and unexpected flavor blend. Because Camp Nelson C was dismantled before the bourbon was released, this first bottling in the series is genuinely unique.

wild turkey single rickhouse

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