Calories in Pork Boneless Top Loin Chop: Lean Only, Raw

Pork boneless top loin chop, lean only, raw, is a delectable cut of meat that offers a satisfying blend of lean protein and flavorful fat. Understanding the caloric content of this culinary delight is crucial for informed dietary choices.

Caloric Breakdown

Delving into the nutritional profile of pork boneless top loin chop, lean only, raw, we discover that a 4-ounce serving packs a punch of 132 calories. This caloric composition stems from the interplay of macronutrients:

  • Fat: The primary contributor to calories in pork loin chop is fat, accounting for a moderate 2.6 grams per serving. This fat content translates to 4% of the total calories.

  • Protein: Pork loin chop also boasts a respectable protein content of 25.3 grams per serving, providing 51% of the total calories.

  • Carbohydrates: Pork loin chop is virtually devoid of carbohydrates, with a negligible 0 grams per serving.

Nutritional Value

Beyond calories, pork boneless top loin chop, lean only, raw, offers a range of essential nutrients:

  • Potassium: A 4-ounce serving of pork loin chop provides 538 mg of potassium, fulfilling 12% of the recommended daily intake.

  • Iron: Pork loin chop is a good source of iron, with 1 mg per serving, meeting 6% of the daily requirement.

  • Vitamin A: Pork loin chop contains 0 mg of vitamin A per serving, contributing 0% of the daily recommended intake.

Calorie Burn Time

Burning off the calories consumed from pork loin chop requires varying durations of physical activity, depending on the intensity of the exercise:

  • Swimming: A leisurely swim for 11 minutes can effectively burn off the calories from a serving of pork loin chop.

  • Jogging: A brisk jog for 15 minutes provides an efficient way to shed the caloric load.

  • Cycling: Pedaling away for 20 minutes on a bicycle offers a calorie-torching workout.

  • Walking: A leisurely walk for 37 minutes serves as a moderate-intensity activity to burn off the calories.

USDA Nutrient Database

According to the USDA Nutrient Database, a 100-gram serving of pork boneless top loin chop, lean only, raw, provides the following nutritional information:

Nutrient Amount Unit
Energy 127 kcal
Protein 22.4 g
Total lipid (fat) 3.42 g

Pork boneless top loin chop, lean only, raw, offers a delectable and nutritious culinary experience, combining lean protein with essential nutrients. Understanding its caloric content and nutritional value empowers individuals to make informed dietary choices. Whether enjoyed as a standalone dish or incorporated into a balanced meal, pork boneless top loin chop, lean only, raw, provides a flavorful and satisfying option.

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How many calories are in raw pork top loin?

There are 132 calories in a 3 oz (85.000g) serving size of Pork, fresh, loin, top loin (chops), boneless, separable lean and fat, raw. The calorie breakdown is 40% fat, 0% carbs, and 56% protein.

How many calories are in a raw Pork Chop?

Calories (Cal)
Cholesterol (mg)
Sodium (mg)
Protein (g)
Potassium (mg)

How many calories in a pork loin chop without fat?

Pork chops, center loin, fresh, no visible fat eaten (3 ounce) contains 0g total carbs, 0g net carbs, 4.7g fat, 24g protein, and 145 calories.

How many calories are in 4 ounces of raw pork loin?

According to the USDA, a 4-ounce serving of pork tenderloin has 136 calories, 0 grams of carbs, 23.3 grams of protein and 3.99 grams of fat, of which 2.2 grams are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

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