How Is Ground Beef Made?

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One of the most popular beef types in America is ground beef. What exactly goes into ground beef? Ground beef is highly adaptable, and it’s simple to prepare, freezes well, and stores excellently in cooked dishes. But what exactly goes into ground beef?

However, what actually goes into ground beef? You may have previously asked this question and are now curious about the response. This blog post from Pre will cover everything you need to know about what beef parts are actually used to create ground beef.

What Beef Parts Go Into Ground Beef?

There’s a misconception that “ground beef” contains unwanted “variety meats” such as organs, ears, snouts, or other parts of the cow that are not usually sold in American and other western countries. But that’s not true. In fact, ground beef cannot be sold with organ meats, unless it’s specifically labeled as containing organ meat. The only exception to this is heart and tongue, which are allowed in ground beef under USDA guidance. But at Pre, we never use heart or tongue in our ground beef.

The butcher separates the meat into primals, sub-primals, and whole cuts to start butchering the cattle. It basically gets segmented into large chunks by the butcher, who then trims and cuts it into the familiar meat “cuts” like chuck roast, ribeye steak, skirt steak, filets, sirloin, and so forth.

There are always some “trimmings” that remain on the bone and cannot be sold separately, even though butchers are excellent at removing this meat and leaving the smallest amount of meat behind. These are wholesome and equally as good as any other cow part, consisting of both lean meat and fat.

Ground beef is a way to use these trimmings. We remove and seperate the leftover lean meat and fat. Then, we combine it in a specific ratio %E2%80%93 such as 80% lean meat and 20% fat %E2%80%93 and grind it into ground beef, which we sell to you for cooking at home

What’s The Difference Between Ground Beef, Ground Chuck, And Ground Sirloin?

As previously mentioned, meat from meat trimmings is referred to as “ground beef.” Any meat you purchase that is labelled “ground beef” was prepared utilizing the techniques we discussed.

What about meat referred to as “ground chuck” or “ground sirloin,” though? Simply grinding up that cut of beef results in this ground meat.

In other words, ground chuck is not from trimmings. It comes from grinding up a chuck roast after it has been loaded into a grinder. Same goes for ground sirloin, which is made by pulverizing a sirloin steak.

Complicating things even further, some stores sell “hamburger. ” This is distinct from ground beef. It uses the same trimmings as ground beef. But unlike “hamburgers,” which can have additional fat added from other sources, ground beef’s fat content can only come from trimmings. So, ground beef is higher quality over “hamburger meat. ”.

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How Ground Beef and Hamburgers are Made


What part of a cow is ground beef?

The various trimmings and cuts of ground meat used to make regular ground beef come from all over the cow’s body. There are several different kinds of ground beef, including ground sirloin, which comes from the loin of a cow near its hind legs, ground round, from the rump, ground brisket, from the chest, ground shank, from the legs, and so forth.

What are ground beef made out of?

A whole muscle, such as a chuck roast, can be ground to make ground beef, but to produce a product that resembles what we typically think of as ground beef, trimmings with higher levels of fat must typically be added.

How do butchers make ground beef?

Although seasonings are permitted, the Department of Agriculture mandates that food items labeled “ground beef” contain only ground beef. The maximum amount of fat allowed is 30%. According to the USDA, at least 40% of the taco meat filling must be beef.

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