How Long To Grill Beef Tenderloin Steaks?

Discover how to perfectly grill filet mignon in just ten minutes. You can prepare the best grilled filet mignon by following these straightforward step-by-step photo instructions.

A very special dish for any special occasion or as a daily surprise is grilled filet mignon. An exceptional beef cut that is naturally flavorful and tender

Grilling filets is simple with these easy step-by-step photo instructions. However, if you pan sear something briefly and finish it in the oven, you can achieve just as good results inside.

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How to Cook Filet Mignon on the Grill


How long do you grill a tenderloin steak?

Set up for cooking with direct heat on a medium-high heat setting on your grill. Place the tenderloin filets directly over the heat once the grill is hot, and cook for about 8 minutes. Cook the long sides for 2 minutes per side, and the short sides for 1 minute per side.

How long to grill 1-inch thick tenderloin steaks?

For a 1-inch steak, grill for 7-8 minutes; for a 112-inch steak, grill for 9-11 minutes; turn the steaks about 1 minute before the halfway mark. A meat thermometer should read 130°F. Prior to serving, let your steaks rest for 5 minutes while lightly covering them with foil.

How long to grill 2 inch tenderloin steak?

DOCUMENTS MIGNON 5″3 minutes EACH SIDE3. 5 minutes EACH SIDE1. 75″3. 5 minutes EACH SIDE4 minutes EACH SIDE2″4 minutes EACH SIDE4. 5 minutes EACH SIDE.

What temperature do you grill beef tenderloin steaks?

It should take 45 to 60 minutes to grill the meat until it is rosy pink and a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest section reads 130 degrees F (54 degrees C). Naturally, the precise cooking time will depend on the size of the tenderloin and the grill.

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