How Much Are Beef Short Ribs?

How much do beef short ribs cost?

Short rib prices vary depending on where you buy them, the type of beef, and where you live. Plan to spend, on average, $4 to $7 per pound at your neighborhood grocery store. If you were to use a local butcher who uses a higher cut of meat, the price might be higher, frequently costing up to $10 per pound.

On this thread, a few members chimed in and said they were quoted $11 per pound, but most agreed the prices should be within the $5 to $7 per pound range at your local grocery store or wholesale club such as Costco.

For example, Costco sells short ribs by the pound. This warehouse chain provides the product in 70-pound cases and are considered USDA choice, with prices in the $4 to $6 per pound range. Sam’s Club offers cases that can range anywhere from 50 to 85 pounds, with prices averaging close to $4 to $6 per pound, depending on your location. had a few people talking about what they had paid for short ribs in their area. One member was able to score a $2.99 per pound deal at a local butcher since no one wanted the cuts, while another paid close to $7 per pound at their local Food Lion grocery store.

Beef short ribs overview

Most short ribs are marketed as beef chuck ribs at your neighborhood grocery store chains, but plate, choice, or prime short ribs can be found at some specialty shops, like an oriental market or butcher. While your local wholesale clubs will sell it by the case, frequently in 50 to 100-pound packages, most local butchers and stores will have smaller one to 10-pound packs.

Three ounces of beef short ribs contain about 70 calories, three grams of fat, 30 milligrams of cholesterol, 180 milligrams of sodium, and nine grams of protein. Beef short ribs are high in phosphorus, selenium, vitamins B6, B12, and niacin.

The short ribs, along with other well-liked cuts like brisket, come from the plate of the cow, also referred to as the chest area. Compared to traditional ribs, this area will be near the bottom and much shorter in length, typically two to four inches long. There will be more meat intact than the longer back ribs in the vicinity.

It can be kept in a refrigerator for up to five days after it has been defrosted.

Although short ribs can be purchased without the bone, those who have cooked them claim that this version will typically have less flavor and less connective tissue.

When making a physical purchase, pay close attention to the bones to check the layer of meat that has the least amount of fat. To increase the weight, some butchers frequently stuff the package with a few lean bones.

Prepare at least three to four meaty ribs per person as far as serving size is concerned. If you have a scale, six ounces should suffice.

How can I save money?

As you probably already know, grocery stores frequently hold sales in their meat department. Pay close attention to their advertisements, and if you can find a good deal, think about putting some money in a savings account.

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What is a good price for beef short ribs?

Short Ribs – $6.49/LB.

Is short rib expensive?

While short ribs are similar to steak, they are much less expensive. They come together quickly, and short ribs are incredibly difficult to mess up when cooking.

How much short ribs to buy?

You will require about 375 grams of bone-in short ribs per person.

How much is a pound of ribs?

They will usually be about $3. 50 per pound but might be as low as $1. 50 per pound, depending on where and whether you buy them in bulk. A rack of spare ribs contains 11 to 13 ribs on average.

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