How Much Turkey Breast Should You Serve Per Person?

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Planning a Thanksgiving feast? Wondering how much turkey breast to buy?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This guide will help you figure out the perfect amount of turkey breast to serve your guests so you can avoid ending up with a mountain of leftovers (or worse, running out of food!).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Bone-in vs. Boneless: A bone-in turkey breast typically weighs 4-5 pounds, while a boneless breast weighs around 2-3 pounds.
  • Number of Guests: ‍ ‍ ‍ A good rule of thumb is to plan for 1/2 pound of cooked turkey breast per person. So, if you’re feeding 10 people, you’ll need a 5-pound bone-in breast or a 3-pound boneless breast.
  • Appetites and Sides: ️ Consider your guests’ appetites and the other dishes you’ll be serving. If you’re offering a lot of hearty sides, you might be able to get away with serving less turkey.
  • Leftovers: If you’re hoping for leftovers, you can always buy a slightly larger turkey breast. Just remember that leftovers can be frozen for later enjoyment.

Bonus Tip: When buying a turkey breast, be sure to check the packaging for the weight The weight listed is typically the purchase weight, which includes the weight of the bones, skin, and packaging. The actual weight of the turkey breast will be less than the purchase weight

Here’s an example:

  • You buy a 5-pound bone-in turkey breast.
  • After removing the bones, skin, and packaging, you’re left with about 3 pounds of cooked turkey breast.
  • This is enough to serve 6 people, assuming they each eat 1/2 pound of turkey.

Still not sure how much turkey breast to buy? No problem! Just use our handy turkey breast calculator below.

Turkey Breast Calculator:

  1. Enter the number of guests you’re serving.
  2. Select whether you’re using a bone-in or boneless turkey breast.
  3. Click “Calculate” to see how much turkey breast you need to buy.

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  • Turkey breast purchase weight vs. actual weight (Smoking Meat Forums)

Remember, the most important thing is to have a delicious and enjoyable Thanksgiving feast!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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Best Seasoning for Turkey

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How long does it take to cook an 8 pound turkey breast at 350?


How many will a 5 lb turkey breast feed?

LITTLE BIRD If you’re not cooking for a crowd, make a bone-in turkey breast. A 5- to 7-pound breast feeds about 4.

How much does a typical turkey breast weigh?

So, if you have a family of eight and want to serve a whole turkey or bone-in breasts, look for a turkey or breasts that weigh eight to 12 pounds. If you want to serve boneless breasts, buy about 4 pounds. If you want more leftovers, skew the number higher.

What is the yield of turkey breast?

My experience has been; that turkey breasts, if not over-cooked will yield about 70% after cooking. However if you purchased “enhanced” turkey breasts you can expect about a 65% yield.

How big is whole turkey breast?

Turkey breast is typically sold by the pound, with whole, bone-in breasts weighing between four and 12 pounds each.

How much does a turkey breast weigh?

You can expect to find turkey breasts weighing between 4 and 8 pounds when you buy them at the supermarket, although there may also be larger specimens available. On average, the breast portion of a turkey will weigh in between 4 and 8 pounds. You might be able to procure larger ones, but they’re unlikely to come much smaller.

How much does a turkey weigh?

The turkeys that are available for sale commercially will typically weigh in at anywhere between 7 and 30 pounds. A domestic turkey weighs about 20 pounds on average, whereas the wild birds are smaller—8 to 10 pounds for the hens and 18 pounds for the toms. As you can tell, even the turkeys on the lighter end of the spectrum aren’t exactly small.

How much turkey breast should I buy per person?

If you’re planning to serve turkey breast for a meal, it’s recommended to buy about 1-1/4 pounds of bone-in turkey breast per person, or 3/4 pound per person for boneless turkey breast. And if you want some delicious leftovers, go ahead and round up to 1-1/2 pounds per person for bone-in breast.

How much turkey breast do you need for a Thanksgiving dinner?

Plan on buying 1-1/4 pounds of bone-in turkey breast for each guest. The bone takes up some of this weight, and the meat will shrink down as it cooks. That should leave you with around 1/2 pound of cooked turkey for each guest, perhaps a bit more. With boneless turkey breast, you can round down to 3/4 pound per person.

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