How Much is a Turkey Leg at the State Fair? A Look at Food Prices in 2023 and 2024

DALLAS — The Texas State Fair is returning to the city, bringing with it a ton of culinary options, entertainment, and exhibits to pass the time with your loved ones.

The State Fair of Texas runs through Oct. 23, so you have some time to plan your trip.

While the fair is fun, it can come with a hefty price tag. There are a few different ways to arrange how you hope to spend (or not spend) your hard-earned money at the fair, depending on whether you want to go for the food, rides, exhibitions, or just the atmosphere.

As a first-time visitor to the State Fair of Texas and Digital Executive Producer for WFAA, I had been advised to budget accordingly for my attendance. A visit to Big Tex could end up costing you a pretty penny.

Thus, as someone who was interested in going to the fair for the food, I wanted to see how far $105 could go. Although each attends the fair with a different set of objectives, it’s important to note that this analysis concentrates on the amount of food that was new or noteworthy that was bought at the State Fair of Texas for less than $105 in total.

It’s also important to note that this breakdown applies to a single person; if you have children, or children in general, your experience may differ. Regardless, heres all that I did with $105 at the State Fair of Texas.

Depending on the day and time of day you visit, general admission tickets to the State Fair of Texas can cost anywhere from $15 to $25, if you were to take it at face value.

Prices may differ significantly because there are additional ways to obtain discounted tickets or by attending on a discounted day.

As for parking, those prices vary as well. Standard parking costs $20 per space, while premium parking costs $40. There are various lots around Fair Park that you could also choose from and all at different prices.

There are other ways to get to the Fair besides driving, such as using the Trinity Railway Express, Uber or Lyft, or the Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

When you’re at the fair, remember that the way you’ll pay for food and rides is with coupons. To play games on the Midway, you’ll need a different card, which you can get from booths and kiosks nearby.

The fairgrounds are home to a number of coupon kiosks and booths where you can purchase $1 coupons. Cash was not accepted at the kiosk where I bought my coupons; debit or credit were the only payment options. Additionally, the coupons were only sold in $15 increments, so I was unable to buy even $100, which is where the $105 comes from.

According to the Fair, if you have any coupons from past years, you can use them and they will be valued at the new $1 denotation.

It’s important to remember that the costs of food and rides vary depending on how many coupons you purchase. The State Fair of Texas stated that the proprietors or operators of the rides and concessions set their own prices, not the Fair’s officials.

The moment youve all been waiting for. the food. On the fair’s website, you can see a map of all the State Fair of Texas’s culinary favorites in addition to the winners and finalists of the Big Tex Choice Award.

You either love it or hate it. As a pickle fan, the flavor wasnt overpowering, but the pickle smell was if thats not your thing. Pickle pizza is a new item for 2022 and is available at Pizza by the Giant Slice and Pizza, Funnel Cakes in the Tower Building food court.

Big Tex memento cup: 10 coupons good for a single cup of juice or soda from the fountain, plus 3 coupons good for refills

This is for you if you want to feel a little bit judged by an inanimate object while you’re eating, or if you want to stare into tiny plastic Big Tex’s eyes while you drink. The cup can be refilled with soda or other fountain drinks at various refill stations across the fairgrounds. Refills are three coupons.

The Motherclucker is new for 2022. The Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich is offered in three spice levels: not spicy, mild and hot. I personally didnt want heartburn for the remainder of the day, so I went with mild. It still packed a mild punch, so keep that in mind if spicy isnt your thing. You can find the Motherclucker at Palmers Hot Chicken on the Midway near the Greenhouse.

This southern soul food-Asian fusion dish can be found at Dickels Smokehouse. Its an egg roll filled with chicken and combined with collard greens and mac n cheese.

This was by far my favorite new food for 2022 that I tried. The roll is infused with strawberry purée. The cream cheese icing and strawberry crunch was just the icing on top of a perfect sweet treat. You can find the roll at Gourmet Royale.

This refreshing drink was a Big Tex Choice Award 2022 finalist. It was so nice, I had to try it twice. The drink was created by Milton and Grace Whitely and is inspired by Texas bluebonnets. Its a sweet and tart treat worth checking out. You can find the La Bluebonnet at Miltons Turkey Legs.

Even though I’m not a fan of fair rides, would a trip to the State Fair of Texas be complete without a stop at the Texas Star? At 212 feet tall, the iconic structure offers breathtaking views of Fair Park and the Dallas skyline.

So, in total, I spent every coupon I purchased. Your day might look different, but the food options available are endless. Although $105 really did not cover a buffet, you could extend it longer than I did by ranking what you would like to try first.

The State Fair of Texas offers a plethora of other activities besides food, such as car shows, free live performances, petting zoos, and numerous exhibitions.

Understanding the Impact of Inflation on Fair Food Prices

The allure of state fairs lies not only in the thrilling rides and captivating entertainment but also in the abundance of delectable fair food. However, in recent years, a phenomenon dubbed “fairflation” has emerged, causing a noticeable increase in food prices at these beloved events. This article delves into the price trends of turkey legs, a quintessential fair food item, at both the North Carolina State Fair and the State Fair of Texas, providing insights into the impact of inflation on fairgoers’ wallets.

North Carolina State Fair: Turkey Leg Prices Soar

At the 2023 North Carolina State Fair, turkey leg enthusiasts witnessed a significant price hike A colossal turkey leg, once obtainable for $12 in 2020, now commanded a hefty price tag of $18, representing a staggering 50% increase This surge aligns with the broader trend of “fun-flation,” where the cost of entertainment and leisure activities, including fair experiences, has risen considerably.

State Fair of Texas: Holding Steady on Turkey Leg Prices

While the North Carolina State Fair saw a substantial jump in turkey leg prices, the 2024 State Fair of Texas appears to be holding steady. The iconic Corny Dogs and turkey legs remain readily available throughout the fairgrounds, offering a comforting sense of familiarity amidst the ever-changing economic landscape.

Factors Contributing to Fairflation

Several factors contribute to the rising cost of fair food, including:

  • Inflation: The general increase in the cost of goods and services has inevitably impacted the price of food ingredients, leading vendors to adjust their prices accordingly.
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Global supply chain disruptions have caused shortages and increased costs for various products, including the ingredients used in fair food preparation.
  • Labor Costs: The rising cost of labor has also played a role, as vendors face higher wages and employee benefits, which are reflected in the final price of food items.

Strategies for Navigating Fairflation

Despite the rising prices, there are ways for fairgoers to manage their spending and still enjoy the culinary delights offered:

  • Plan and Budget: Determine your budget beforehand and stick to it. Researching menu prices online or through the fair’s app can help you make informed decisions.
  • Prioritize Your Must-Haves: Identify the food items you absolutely want to try and allocate your budget accordingly. Consider sharing larger portions with friends or family to save money.
  • Explore Alternative Options: Look for less expensive food options, such as smaller portions or food trucks offering more affordable fare.
  • Take Advantage of Discounts: Many fairs offer discounts on certain days or times. Look for promotions and deals to stretch your budget further.

While fairflation presents a challenge for budget-conscious fairgoers, it’s important to remember that the fair experience extends beyond just the food. The rides, entertainment, and overall atmosphere contribute to a memorable outing. By planning, prioritizing, and exploring alternative options, you can still enjoy the fair’s culinary offerings without breaking the bank.

How the turkey legs are made at the State Fair


How many tickets is a turkey leg at the Texas State Fair?

Tickets for food items this year are now one dollar per ticket (double what they were in past years). All the good food items are well over 15 tickets each. I think one turkey leg is like, 26 tickets.

How much does food cost at the NC State Fair?

Nearly every item, from gator bites to the hot dog and hamburger combo, costs around $20. Mike Cribbs from Johnston County said he feels like the cost of food has gone up “at least 20% overall.” WRAL News looked at how prices stacked up compared to previous years. In 2018, a two-foot-long hotdog combo cost $5.

How much does a corn dog cost at the Texas State Fair?

Also, unless it’s on your bucket list, skip the so called state fair tradition of having a Fletcher’s Corny Dog. They are salty and nothing more than a small regular hotdog dipped in corn batter and fried and now cost a ridiculous $5 !! Many better food choices and certainly many better values.

Are turkey legs from the fair healthy?

Cave-man Turkey Legs While you might be thinking that turkey sounds like a healthy option, this is not true at the fair. Cave-man turkey legs are fried and have about five times the amount of turkey that should be consumed in a meal. A cave-man turkey leg contains approximately 1400 calories and 46 grams of fat.

Are turkey legs sold at fairs or festivals?

Turkey legs sold at fairs or festivals are an intersection of spectacle and culinary tradition. Here’s the lowdown on how they get their unique taste, texture, and color. Published Nov. 22, 2023. When it comes to fair and festival food, few items match the popularity and novelty of the colossal turkey leg.

How much do Texas State Fair tickets cost?

If you were to take it at face value, ticket prices for the State Fair of Texas vary between $15 to $25 for general admission, depending on the day or time of day that you go. Beyond that, there are also several ways to get discounted tickets or you could attend on a discounted day, so prices could vary substantially.

How many smoked turkey legs are there at Fair Park?

Turkey Leg: one honking smoked turkey leg will be enough to hold you over for an entire Fair trip. There are booths located all over Fair Park, but you can’t miss the giant grills and plumes of smoke. As if there aren’t enough fried foods to go around, there are 33 new items to add to this year’s roster.

How much food was purchased at the Texas State Fair?

While everyone goes to the fair with different goals in mind, it’s worth noting that this breakdown focuses on how much of the State Fair of Texas’ new or noteworthy food was purchased within a $105 budget. Also worth a disclaimer: This breakdown was for one person, so if you have a child (or many), this may look different for you.

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