How To Cook Beef Chuck Steak On Stove?

The hearty steaks are generously sprinkled with my flavorful steak seasoning, seared to golden perfection, then basted with butter to make these pan seared chuck steaks that are tender, juicy, ridiculously simple to prepare, and ready to serve in less than 20 minutes. You can prepare a steak dinner that is of restaurant quality any night of the week!

  1. Remove thawed steak from packaging and place on a cutting board.
  2. Drizzle with oil and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Heat oil in a pan over medium-high heat.
  4. Add garlic and herbs of your choice to the pan and cook until fragrant (30 seconds).
  5. Sear your steak about 2-3 minutes per side.
  6. Baste with juices.

5 Easy Steps To Cook Beef Chuck Steak On Stove Top:

Step 1: To make searing the surface much quicker and better, pat the steak dry with paper towels.

After that, liberally season it with salt and pepper on both sides.

Beginning with salting the meat enhances the flavor. Use salt before, not after, since salt is a chemical and the reaction happens at high heat.

Additionally, you can add some fresh or dried herbs like parsley, thyme, oregano, to the beef chuck steak for seasoning. Dry rubs, when used sparingly, can’t harm the steak.

To make chuck steak brown on the pan much more easily, remember to bring it to room temperature.

Step 2: Heat the skillet on high in the stovetop.

To make sure the skillet is sufficiently hot, I advise waiting until it begins to lightly smoke.

You may occasionally see celebrity chefs (hey Gordon!) adding cooking oil to the skillet. I don’t advise it because it’s a waste of oil and, first of all, why add extra calories?

Instead, I suggest applying a few drops directly to the chuck steak and gently massaging it to allow the oil to slightly absorb inside.

Drop the steak into the skillet when you’re ready to cook it; you should hear a sizzling sound as water quickly evaporates from the skillet’s surface.

Allow it to sear for 2 to 3 minutes to achieve a nice golden brown color. Heston Blumenthal uses a quick flipping technique, flipping both sides after 40 seconds to ensure even cooking on both sides.

Use tongs to flip the meat.

Step 3: Add a small amount of unsalted butter to the skillet (about 1/2 tablespoon). This will give your chuck steak a nice caramelized look.

To help the steak brown nicely and to make the meat tender, keep spooning melted butter on top of the steak.

Step 4: Employ a meat thermometer to check the steak’s internal temperature.

The ideal temperature for a medium-rare chuck steak is 55C/130F (medium: 60C/140F).

Keep in mind that the amount of time required to cook something depends on the cut, thickness, and utensils used. Additionally, it differs depending on whether the beef has bones or not!

For assistance, see this list of cooking times and techniques for determining when a steak is done.

Step 5: If you think the steak is done, remove it from the skillet and place it directly on a plate to prevent overcooking.

Let the steak rest for about 5 minutes. Then cut into slices.

The steak benefits from a rest by reabsorbing all the meat juices into the muscle fibers. By doing this, the juices won’t leak out when you cut the steak.

You can always prepare delicious sauce to go with your chuck steak if you think it looks a little sparse on its own. Things you will need:

  • ½ cup of shallots
  • 1 cup red wine
  • 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • 12 cup finely chopped fresh herbs (you can use parsley, oregano, or thyme!)
  • 2 crushed garlic cloves

Put the ingredients listed above on the previously used pan that was preheated for the steak.

Stir everything together, then pour the sauce onto the steak once it has slightly thickened.

Additionally, you could serve your beef chuck steak with roasted vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots and onions.

Maintaining moisture throughout the cooking process is the small trick to perfectly cook the chuck steak, keep it tender, and ensure that it cooks through. Braising it in a slow cooker is a fantastic method that you should also try.

Due to its tough texture, cooking chuck steak at home may turn off many people, but the procedure isn’t particularly challenging.

If you carefully follow the aforementioned instructions, you can be sure to produce a delectable dish that will bring honor to your kitchen and win the admiration of your loved ones.

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How long does it take to cook beef chuck steak on the stove?

Pan Seared Chuck SteaksCalories: 558kcal. Prep 5 minutes. Cooking 8 minutes. Resting Time 5 minutes. Total Time 18 minutes.

How is chuck steak best cooked?

Cooking chuck steak quickly, such as broiling or pan-frying it, or slowly, such as braising in the oven, yields the best results. You’ll quickly understand why chuck steak is a delectable and well-liked cut if you use a technique that suits your level of expertise.

Is chuck steak good for stove top?

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been wondering how to cook chuck steak on the stovetop using a pan or a skillet. Chuck steak can be fairly tender, depending on how close to the rib section it was cut (the closer to the rib, the tenderer it is), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cooked incorrectly.

Does chuck steak get tender the longer it cooks?

Chuck steak is a reasonably priced cut of meat to use for slow cooking or sous vide techniques. The additional time allows the chuck steak to cook more tenderly by allowing some of its tough fibers to break down.

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