How To Get Rid Of Beef Curtains Without Surgery ( 4 Simple Steps)

One of the queries we frequently receive is, “Is it possible to get rid of a beef curtain without surgery? How do you get rid of a long vulva without surgery?”

This article examines in detail the five non-surgical methods that are safe to use to remove beef curtains. We’ll also address some of the most frequently asked queries, such as: Do women really need to worry about the size of their vaginal lips? and Do men like small, protruding vaginal labia?

Kegels exercises

A loose vagina is due to a weak pelvic floor which you can solve by Kegel or pelvic floor exercise. Experts recommend this exercise because it helps strengthen the vagina muscles and solves problems related to beef curtains. Doing this exercise daily brings a feeling of vagina tightness during sex.

How Does the Society Perceive Big Curtains?

Many people mistakenly believe that only a woman’s sexual partner and she herself are interested in a woman’s labia size. Other people, like parents, are concerned about their daughter’s labia size, especially if they have been aware of it since she was a very young child. They may make the affected lady feel uneasy in her own skin in an effort to make them fit into society and gain acceptance from the other sex.

Some men have a predetermined notion of the ideal size of the labia, but when they encounter a woman whose part disagrees with their conclusion, it becomes a problem. Additionally, the affected woman might not be able to dress in the same way as her friends and peers, which could make her feel less like a member of the group.

The issue may also result from the belief that a woman’s vagina is where her strength lies. With this mindset, a woman with beef curtains feels that her strength is not present, and if it isn’t, where can she find it, so she chooses not to correct what she and some members of society view as abnormal.

Causes of Beef Curtains

Beef curtains are said to be caused by a host of things, chief among them being Childhood Asymmetrical Labium Majus Enlargement (CALME). Other causes may include sexual trauma or abuse at a young age, pregnancy and childbirth, and puberty. Although none of these causes are scientifically proven, except for CALME, there are plausible explanations as to why they can cause beef curtains.

Female children with childhood asymmetrical labium majus enlargement, which is characterized by excessive growth of one part of the labia relative to the other part. Two folds, one on either side of the vulva, make up the labia. It is known as Childhood Asymmetrical Labium Majus Enlargement when one of the folds grows to be larger than the other.

The cause is unknown but it is treatable through surgery.

It is well known that the female body experiences significant hormonal change during pregnancy and for a few weeks following childbirth. When giving birth, the vagina stretches considerably, which may traumatize the vulva. This may cause the labia majora’s sizes to be asymmetrical.

As a female child grows older, the labia majora can sometimes be seen to grow larger. In this instance, the growth of the labia may be attributed to hormonal changes.

Sexual Trauma or Abuse

It is thought that women with beef curtains may have experienced sexual abuse, leaving their labia traumatized. One of the folds may have more tissue than the other in an attempt to heal labia wounds, which leads to asymmetry.

Treatment for Beef Curtains Other than Surgery

The known treatment for beef curtain is surgery. By removing extra tissue from the larger labia, this type of surgery reconstructs the labia and attempts to make the two folds on each side as equal in size as possible. However, this procedure carries risks just like any other procedure. The wound might become infected, extending the patient’s suffering or, in a more severe case, spreading the infection to the vagina.

In addition, wearing clothing that touches the vulva after surgery can be uncomfortable.

However, a healthy diet and body positivity are better treatment options.

There is no such thing as a normal or abnormal labia size; the only normal labia are the ones you already have, which should be kept as healthy as possible. V-confidence, the idea that a woman’s power is located in her vagina, is untrue.

But if you’re worried about the size of your labia and your obstetrician advises surgery, go ahead and have it. But make sure you live healthily to support the success of your surgery.

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