Peloton Turkey Burn 2023: A Complete Guide to Thanksgiving Classes

Get ready to burn off those Thanksgiving calories with Peloton’s Turkey Burn classes! This year marks the 10th anniversary of this beloved tradition, offering a variety of workouts to help you move your body and celebrate the holiday.

What is Peloton Turkey Burn?

Peloton Turkey Burn is a series of special Thanksgiving-themed classes designed to help you work off your Thanksgiving feast. These classes are available in various modalities, including cycling, running, rowing, yoga, and strength training, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

2023 Peloton Turkey Burn Classes:

This year, Peloton offers 11 Turkey Burn classes, including:

  • 5-minute Gratitude Meditation: Start your Thanksgiving with a moment of mindfulness and reflection.
  • 10-minute Gratitude Meditation: Another opportunity to cultivate gratitude and set the tone for a positive holiday.
  • 30-minute Two for One Outdoor Turkey Trot: Enjoy a brisk walk or jog with Matty Maggiacomo and Olivia Amato.
  • 30-minute Fit Family with Special Guest: Join Jess Sims for a family-friendly workout with a special guest (to be announced).
  • 20-minute Turkey Burn Row: Get your heart rate up with a challenging rowing workout led by Matt Wilpers.
  • 10-minute Full Body Stretch: Relax and recover after your workout with a full-body stretch led by Ben Alldis.
  • 30-minute Turkey Burn Run: Hit the pavement with Alex Toussaint for a Thanksgiving Day run.
  • 10-minute Full Body Stretch: Another opportunity to stretch and unwind with Assal Arian.
  • 45-minute Turkey Burn Ride: Celebrate with a powerful ride led by Robin Arzón, marking her return to teaching after a break.
  • 10-minute Full Body Stretch: Finish your Thanksgiving workout with a final stretch led by Jermaine Johnson.
  • 30-minute Turkey Burn Yoga Flow: Flow into a relaxing and invigorating yoga practice with Denis Morton.

Booking and Availability:

Four of the classes (row, run, ride, and yoga flow) are open for booking and will be available on Thanksgiving Day. The Fit Family class will be available on November 23rd at 7:00 AM ET.

Special Turkey Burn Badge:

As in previous years, completing any of the Turkey Burn classes will likely earn you a special badge You can find a complete guide to all available badges on the Peloton Buddy website.

Past Turkey Burn Content:

If you’re looking for more Thanksgiving-themed workouts, you can explore classes from previous years. The Peloton Buddy website has a comprehensive list of Thanksgiving classes available.

Get Ready for Turkey Burn 2023!

Whether you’re a seasoned Peloton rider or just getting started, the Turkey Burn classes offer a fun and effective way to move your body and celebrate Thanksgiving. So, mark your calendars, book your classes, and get ready to burn off those holiday calories!

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Many Peloton users were unable to get into Thursday’s Thanksgiving ride, prompting the company’s CEO to apologize. At 10AM ET Peloton kicked off its 10th annual “Turkey Burn” event, with the goal of breaking the Guiness World Record for “largest live cycling class.” But the company struggled with the demand, and many users were unable to participate at all. “We let you down,” CEO Barry McCarthy said in a statement.

According to McCarthy, over 37,000 people were able to participate, while it’s unclear how many couldn’t get in. “The number of members trying to join the ride overwhelmed our technical infrastructure and we were unable to support all those attempting to participate in the class,” he said. The Peloton status page notes “elevated errors with live classes” for about an hour starting just a few minutes after the class kicked off, and resolving at 11:07AM ET. Some users who got into the event also noted technical issues while it was live. At the time of writing everything seems to be operational.

Peloton announced on its Instagram stories that the class is now accessible on demand for those who were unable to attend, and that an encore performance of the Turkey Burn will begin on Friday at 10 AM ET. Most PopularMost Popular.

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What time is Peloton turkey burn 2023?

Turkey Burn Ride | Date (11/23/2023) | Time (09:00 am ct) | 45m Turkey Burn Ride | Robin Arzon. Who’s up for some cardio Thursday morning? If you haven’t seen the press release, Peloton is attempting to set the world’s record for most live riders (and runners in the run) this year.

What was the problem with the Peloton turkey burn ride?

Peloton hit with issues during world-record ride attempt on Thanksgiving Day. Peloton’s annual 45-minute Turkey Burn Ride appeared to have crashed during the session. Some frustrated Peloton users said on social media they couldn’t join the live session. Peloton’s said the issue was resolved around 11 a.m. ET.

What is Peloton turkey burn?

Peloton has a tradition of helping people work off those Thanksgiving Day calories & turkey with “Turkey Burn” workouts & classes. This was originally a single ride on Thanksgiving Day, but has now grown to a 10+ collection of workouts each year spanning yoga, cycling, running, bootcamp, and more!

What is the Peloton turkey burn record?

Over 33,579 people during Robin Arzon 2023 Turkey Burn Ride setting the Guinness world record. The spokesperson also shared that the number they were needing to beat to earn the record was 23,000. This is not the first time Peloton has set or held a Guinness world record for largest cycling class.

What is peloton’s 2023 Turkey burn?

Peloton’s 2023 Turkey Burn promises an inclusive and varied lineup, featuring 11 classes to suit all preferences and fitness levels. The event commences with a focus on gratitude through meditation: Anna Greenberg hosts a 5-minute Gratitude meditation on November 20 at 11:00am ET.

What happened to peloton’s ‘Turkey burn’ event?

Andrew joined The Verge in 2012, writing over 4,000 stories. Many Peloton users were unable to get into Thursday’s Thanksgiving ride, prompting the company’s CEO to apologize. At 10AM ET Peloton kicked off its 10th annual “Turkey Burn” event, with the goal of breaking the Guiness World Record for “largest live cycling class.”

What is Turkey burn 2023?

As we approach Thanksgiving 2023, the excitement surrounding Peloton’s annual Turkey Burn event is palpable. It’s not just a workout; it’s a tradition that combines fitness, gratitude, and community.

Will peloton get a Turkey burn badge?

We recently shared that her annual Turkey Burn ride would be Robin’s first class back. Peloton is also sending gifts to some members in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Turkey Burn. Based on past years there will likely be a special Turkey Burn badge awarded for taking any of Peloton’s Turkey Burn classes.

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