Troubleshooting a Turkey Fryer That Won’t Stay Lit: A Comprehensive Guide

Problem: Your turkey fryer won’t stay lit, causing frustration and jeopardizing your Thanksgiving feast.

Solution: This guide will help you diagnose and fix the problem, ensuring a successful and safe turkey fry.

Possible Causes and Solutions:

1. Faulty Thermocouple:

  • Function: The thermocouple is a safety device that senses heat and keeps the gas valve open.
  • Symptoms: The burner lights but goes out shortly after.
  • Solutions:
    • Check the position: Ensure the thermocouple is properly positioned in the flame.
    • Replace the thermocouple: If it’s faulty, replace it with a new one.
    • Bypass the thermocouple (with caution): This is not recommended unless you are confident in your abilities and understand the risks involved.

2. Improper Gas Flow:

  • Symptoms: The flame is weak or yellow, indicating insufficient gas.
  • Solutions:
    • Check the regulator: Ensure it’s properly connected and adjusted.
    • Check the hose: Look for kinks or leaks that may restrict gas flow.
    • Replace the hose: If it’s damaged, replace it with a new one.

3. Clogged Burner:

  • Symptoms: The flame is uneven or flickers.
  • Solutions:
    • Clean the burner: Remove any debris or obstructions that may be blocking gas flow.
    • Check the burner holes: Ensure they are clear and unobstructed.

4. Wind:

  • Symptoms: The flame is easily extinguished by wind.
  • Solutions:
    • Use a windbreak: Create a barrier to protect the flame from wind.
    • Move the fryer to a sheltered location: Find a spot where it’s less exposed to wind.

5 Other Potential Issues:

  • Low propane level: Ensure the propane tank has sufficient fuel.
  • Incorrect regulator: Use the correct regulator for your fryer and propane tank.
  • Damaged gas valve: If the gas valve is faulty, it may need to be replaced.

Additional Tips:

  • Consult the fryer’s manual: Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific troubleshooting guidance.
  • Contact the manufacturer: If you’re unable to resolve the issue, contact the manufacturer for assistance.
  • Safety First: Always prioritize safety when dealing with propane and open flames.
  • Never leave the fryer unattended: Stay vigilant while the fryer is in operation.

By following these steps and addressing the potential causes, you can troubleshoot your turkey fryer and ensure a successful and safe Thanksgiving turkey fry. Remember, safety is paramount, so always prioritize proper handling and operation.

FIXED: Turkey Fryer won’t stay lit / Flame goes out


Why won t my deep fryer stay lit?

If the pilot still will not stay lit, then the thermopile is most likely the culprit. One end is attached to the pilot and the other is attached to the gas valve. Remove the thermopile from both places and replace. Light the pilot, and if it remains lit you are good to go.

How do I keep my turkey fryer lit?

Once the burner is lit, keep holding down the safety valve for 10-15 seconds. If you don’t hold it down for 10-15 seconds, the flame will extinguish. Allow the oil to heat until the thermometer reads 325 ºF (162 ºC), and never leave the fryer unattended during use.

Why does my fryer pilot light keep going out?

Dirty or Damaged Thermocouple Explains Why Pilot Light Keep Going Out. A faulty, misaligned, dirty, or damaged thermocouple is often the culprit behind your pilot light going out. The thermocouple is an automatic safety shutoff device that prevents the gas valve from opening if the pilot light is out.

Why is my fryer not lighting?

If your commercial fryer won’t ignite, there are a few possible causes. First, check to see if there is a flame. If not, the problem may be with the gas valve or the igniter. If there is a flame, but it’s not strong enough to heat the oil, the burner may be dirty or the gas pressure may be too low.

What to do if a turkey fryer won’t stay lit?

If Browning Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit You can simply solve this issue by moving the thermocouple next to the edge of your burner. Turn your adjustable regulator to the on position. Then, place the sensors close to the burner and your fryer will stay lit.

Why does my turkey fryer not stay lit?

Loose /Faulty Connections First, your Turkey fryer doesn’t stay lit during frying because of faulty connections with the cooking game. You may have a bad gas valve connecting. If it happens, it will not read the proper signal from the thermostat. As a result, the gas valve is stuck to open.

Why does my Brinkmann turkey fryer not stay lit?

One common problem is that the Brinkmann Turkey fryer won’t stay lit. If you are getting this same issue then going through this article should help you out. The Brinkmann Turkey fryer has a feature on it that will switch off the gas when it does not detect any heat. This is to prevent the gas from leaking in case of the fire going out.

What to do if Bass Pro turkey fryer won’t stay lit?

If Bass Pro Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit Inspect if the brass connector that connects the timer /over-temp sensor wires to the gas line is loose. If they lose, tighten them. Press that button on the timer box. Set a button around the timer so it runs all the time. You can use one on your cell phone to remind you that time is up.

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